Bob Barnett needs Viagara
just to jerk off

Bob Barnett is 74 years old
and very senile

Bob Barnett fears RF Video
RF Video has driven that disbarred lawyer out of the tape selling business, Rumor has it that Mr. Bobby Barnett is going to open a porn web site featuring strictly gay queers and sissy faggo...

Bob Barnett is Melrose Larry Green PROOF!!!!
This link proves it 100%..Look have queer Bob/Larry look!!!

Rob Feinstein Reported Bob Barnett to the FBI
For copyright infringement for selling Howard Stern video tapes on FBI has stepped in and forced Rbbby Barnett to stop selling Stern tapes..He is also facing a heavy fin...

favorite moves combo
airplane spin - off the ropes clothesline - top turnbuckle elbow drop - pin - shoulder up - picks up guy by hair - power bomb - pin - win

I'd vote Paris Hilton for president
. ******************** This bird you cannot change.

Do you like your women aged like your wine?
? ******************** This bird you cannot change.

Will the Kornheiser sitcom with Jason Alexander succeed..
..or fail? Malcom Jamal Warner is playing Wilbon and PTI will be in the show along with the home life of Kornheiser. - "If I were me, I'd start me" Auburn's 3rd team JUCO T...

16th November 2003 - NMW/CWX 'I'm Detective John Kimble'
Budva Jr def. Homeless Joe Jesus Jr def. Vaseline Man Homeless Bifkin def. B-Man and Wreckless Danny Dreamer def. Storm Hawk def. Burch

Poll - Freedom Tower
do you like? the buildings alone are ok, but around all its friends it looks horrible.

[WWE] Question about THE ROCK...
Is ROCK a RAW or SMACKDOWN talent?? Cuz' last I saw, his tail was doing cameos on RAW...... but yet his last known affiliation was SD! (being that he lost to Block Resnar).....

The legendary, Kevin Von Erich takes your calls this Saturday 12/20
This Saturday December 20 I am back with a two hour edition of Pro Wrestling Radio. The legendary, Kevin Von Erich returns and will take your calls for the entire hour first on the show. Cal...

"Escape The Rules" that exciting new ad campaign starting soon? ****** "Where's MY book?!" -Molly Holly Proud member of the B.O.B.

Overnight Smackdown Rating
According to 1bob, the overnight Smackdown rating was a 4.3 with a 6 share, which seems amazingly high for such a crappy show. The final rating will be out later today. -Beans...

Smackdown! Report
by Sean K. Robb Updated: 12/19/2003 11:50:08 AM 'Twas the week before Christmas And all 'cross the land The marks were all cursing <...

OT - Ever donated something and gotten tax money back...
Easy process or not? I think I'm going to do that with my car if it means I save time bullshitting with customers, and money from low-offers by dealers or junk yards. I figure at ...

[ME] I'll be taking a break...
...for the next few weeks. I've just got too much stuff on my plate right now that I'm trying to get done, and something's gotta give. Since Usenet is my least productive endeavor at the...

[OT] 12 Days Of Christmas
Worst Christmas song ever involving repetitive gifts!! How many Partridge In A Pear Tree's can a man own? I certainly don't want 12 of those ckufers. I don't want 22 turtle doves either. ...

Best & Worst WWE Feuds - Late 90's Version (1997-1999)
Best & Worst WWE Feuds - Late 90s Version (1997-1999) This is the last edition of the Best and Worst WWE Feuds as I'm preparing the special edition for next week. Make sure you return ...

The NB stands for New Blood...
you figure out the rest!!!

My love is like a truck...

Matt Morgan And The Cat
Many superstars on the Smackdown-Brand are not happy with the fact that both Matt Morgan & Ernest "The Cat" Miller are receiving fairly decent pushes right now. While Morgan is liked behind ...

Reasoning Behind Evolution Sweep At Armaggeddon
Many of you might be wondering what the WWE was thinking when it put ever single championship on Raw (with the exception of the Women's Championship) onto Evolution. WWE officials apparently...

Tru Calling made me forget SD! was on..
....seriously. - "If I were me, I'd start me" Auburn's 3rd team JUCO Tailback-Brandon Jacobs "With this new digital technology, the suckiness comes through with great ...

Exclusive Torch Talk w/Survivor's Jonny Fairplay Jonny Fairplay Gives His Only "Shoot" Interview To The Torch This special edition of the Torch Newsletter features part o...

Ira Zimmerman arrested by Orange County Sheriffs
Numerous times Always with boys Ira Zimmerman 31512 Calle La Purisima San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675-2549 949 661 2215

(OT) I love hanging up the ornaments...
...or at least would this way: LG (and his diversions) -- Quarterfinalist - 2003 Aero-Saxist K...

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