People with one job sicken me
You're lazy. "I am better then you and that makes you angry." STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON

I hate rich girls
THEY'RE NOT EVEN HOT RICH GIRLS! get some hot ones and maybe i'll stick around to wax a few ooot but hey that's just me "I am better then you and that makes you angry."

MTV never shows those Viva La Bam reruns but they show that damn
Rich Girls show all fuckin day! fuck them rich snobby cunts is what I say! I wanna see Don Vito! JeffH missed the last 2 epiosdes "I am better then you and that makes ...

The thing I hate the most about cold weather
waking up and it's too cold to take a shower. "I am better then you and that makes you angry." STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON

Saddam doing something about the beard? ....

Who (nn) has the best superkick?
Stevie Richards Shawn Michaels Haku (why did he switch to the tongan death grip?)

Favorite office toy
Being a bank VP, I have to sit in a very nice office and look nice for people to come to the bank and do business with me. Because we're trying to have a very professional image (and be...

How Government Aids Business To Evade Regulation
SCIENCE VOL 302 19 DECEMBER 2003 SCIENCE AND GOVERNMENT: Disclosure in Regulatory Science David Michaels and Wendy Wagner* There is substantial divergence between the s...

Hey Barnett
I would like to join in on the, "Barnett Has........" posting and would like some advice on what to post ?

Kirstey Alley is fat...
She's huge in those Pier-One commercials. She won't do Frasier or a Cheers reunion, but she can embarass herself in those horrid commercials. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. She's fatter tha...

Snoop Dogg is coming to town!!!
This will be the greatest event to happen to this podunk town since.....well, ever! I cannot wait for Snoop to wave at me! -- Tsar Andy Atkinson - will HitMan333 be there? ...

Gimmick Idea: Evil Cock...
... Terry Taylor's Revenge.

Mick Foley Video Tribute Song
Hi, Does anybody know the name of the song in the Mick Foley Video Tribute seen on raw?

[OT - oddballs] 'Cause there's nothing better to do on a cold Winnipeg day...

Return of the King
is beautiful -- Rockboy I think my life is passing me by

LOL, that girls of RSPW thread...
I KNEW Steve D Perk would reply talking about Katie P hahahaha he's obsessed with her -- "BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! BROCK LESNAR!!!!!" - Brock Lesnar BROCK (BRAW...

Bret Hart rules
krust, Stefan, Steve Perk,and all you haters are just torllling. -- "BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! BROCK LESNAR!!!!!" - Brock Lesnar BROCK (BRAWK): (1) Noun. The next big ...

wherte's my wanksta JeffH tongt?
Probably getting igh/drunk and trying to get with strippers named WIlllllllllllllllllllllma. hahahahha I bet Austin is drunk and Road Rogg is high right now :D -- ...

[ME[ I'm posting RSOw
beacuse yoy guys ruke! so does wrestling do does Dragaon`~~ -- "BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! BROCK LESNAR!!!!!" - Brock Lesnar BROCK (BRAWK): (1) Noun. The next...

What's happenign wth Benoit???
I haven't watchd Smackdown in 2 weeks. Is the Lesnar/Benot feud over? I eard it was prolly lesnar/Holly at RR,. L( :( :( Who's Bejot feuding wht now? -- "BLAAAAAAAAAA...

Attn: Stoneco!
ur nick may be "with gail kim" but she'll be WITH ME wonce she meetsme. Statistics don't lie dude, sorry -- "BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! BROCK LESNAR!!!!!" - Brock Lesn...

I (heart) double fisting booze
Like Stone Cold does!!!! -- "BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! BROCK LESNAR!!!!!" - Brock Lesnar BROCK (BRAWK): (1) Noun. The next big thing: BROCK is the WWE Undisputed cham...

I have more to say
But I dunn hiw to relate it to WRESTLING~ -- "BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! BROCK LESNAR!!!!!" - Brock Lesnar BROCK (BRAWK): (1) Noun. The next big thing: BROCK is the WW...

is ok butreal life is better~ althoug Y2J/Trish has potential~ -- "BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! BROCK LESNAR!!!!!" - Brock Lesnar BROCK (BRAWK): (1) Noun. The ...

Shopping w/girls
Can be co9ol depending on what it leads to. I bet Y2J and Trish could smooth things over if they went shopping together :D -- "BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! BROCK LESNAR!!...

F**ck friends rule!!!
Well this is...different. Jericho and Trish should have this kind of relationship~! -- "BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! BROCK LESNAR!!!!!" - Brock Lesnar BROCK (BRAWK):

Conan just shot on Bill O'Reilly
Bill was on and conan talked about bill saying that his show is used by the DEMONCRATS in Hollywood. and Conan made him his Bitch.

(Just Got Back from Miami) is it just me or...
... does Miami look exactly like Vice City? I'm serious... before the boat left I was at this outdoor mall to buy some provisions, and I was all "HOLY SHIT! I've gone on a killing spree......

Attention JEWS
Happy H. (You cheapsk...

Chad Bryant returns to IRC last night
<chad_bryant> Your master has returned <Compton_Ass_JeffH> zzzzz <chad_bryant> neverwas <Compton_Ass_JeffH> bigot <chad_bryant> DPD <KurganC...

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