Jesse Ventura's Show Goes On Hiatus
USA Today reported today that Ventura's talk show on MSNBC has gone on an "indefinite hiatus" and is not expected to return at his time. The newspaper cites an internal memo sent...

Bah humfuck
My dad just drove up in my xmas present, a BMW Z4 2.5i. I asked for the Mercedes SL600. I hate xmas.

Mall idiots.
I actually saw two people who thought a "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen" magnet was funny. -- Rockboy I think my life is passing me by ...

re:Rikishi & Scotty Upset With Cat
Oops. My bad. That last one was supposed to go under a new post 'WHY IS RIKISHI SO FAT' - Posted via the free RSPW web gateway at

I want a Bob Ryder BB gun for Christmas
I do. Zodiaca69 the future of RSPW 864's most promising blue chipper

(OT) (NEWS) Why Hockey Fans Rule tmpl=story&u=/ap/20031224/ap_on_sp_ba_ne/hkn_islanders_santa_melee_1 Santas Turn Bad at Islanders Game Wed Dec 24, 3:36 AM ET UNIONDAL...

Merry Hulkmas RSPW
I hate Xmas so I have decided to Move Hulkmas to the 25th of December. This year everyone will get red and yellow wrapping paper. WHATYAGONNADO *Mark Darrah*

Chic-Fil-A behind Mad Cow scare
Eat more chicken, muthafukkers! Zodiac69 the future of RSPW 864's most promising blue chipper

(Cure to MadCow!) How do we make them happy?
If we make the cow happy then nobody dies... "I am better then you and that makes you angry." STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON

Christmas is just another day
but new years eve, that's the true holiday "I am better then you and that makes you angry." STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON

Billy Kidman Website ©Nena I noticed that this site was built today - Posted via the free RSPW web gateway at

Well, it's Dec. 24
I'm off to do my Christmas shopping. -- Rockboy I think my life is passing me by

Bradshaw likes Al frankens book
"I just read Al Franken’s new book, which I enjoyed. I don’t agree with Al on most points, in fact nearly all of his points, but he is a very funny man that did a good job with the book....

I am leaving RSPW (y. not leaving RSPW)
I am going on Christmas break. (Yes, CHRISTMAS break. Not "winter" or "holiday" break.)

Led Zepplin
Okay, I've been a big fan of theirs since '71. And we all know what a great song Stairway To Heaven is. Let me ask this question, what is this song supposed to be about? Like McArthur Par...

Why is PETA happy?
Aren't all the cows already dead? And if they're not, but they're suspected to be infected, won't they be dead soon anyway?

I am no-selling Mad Cow
I will continue to eat red meat 2-3 times per week as usual.

(poll) Which celebrity will die this Christmas?
There's always at least one.

Complete list of WWE employees that are upset
Brock Lesnar Rey Mysterio Rikishi Scotty Too Hotty Goldberg Ax

French Cancel Flights To Los Angeles Due To Terror Threat
France-US flights halted in alert The French Government has ordered the cancellation of several Air France flights to Los Angeles following a security alert. The can...

Prediction? Pain! Completely NWS! -A (and merry christmas!)

Mad Cow Disease in the States...
I'm lovin' it! (tm)

Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty are upset too....
----- Original Message ----- From: "Smart Ape" <> Newsgroups: Sent: Wednesday, December 24, 2003 10:32 AM Subject: Rikishi and Scotty 2...

Brock Lesnar To Possibly Hold The Title For Years
Brock Lesnar To Possibly Hold The Title For Years Story By: Amish Patel December 24, 2003 In the newest issue of Smackdown! Magazine, in the ''Smacktalk'' section they talk a...

HBK/HHH Writing RAW? Austin's Return, Foley Ending, Wrestlemania Legends
a.. Steve Austin is currently not set to work a match at WrestleMania. While Austin vs. McMahon is still a possibility, it's not currently on the card. Austin has expressed some interest in ...

What's with the references to Demolition?
I get the "who" jokes, but I don't get this.

PETA having a field day over Mad Cow...
They're spooging vegan spooge...whatever that is...

WWE Explains Why Brand Extension Took Place
by Jason Head Updated: 12/24/2003 1:25:46 PM Thanks to Jason Head for the following: On their corporate website, WWE posted a PDF on the investors pa...

Mad Cow Disease is a liberal conspiracy...
"Christmas Surprise" You didn't think Bush would get to celebrate that whole "capturing saddam" thing without a caveat, did you? We planned it well...just in time for the Ch...

Funny, I think Jim is do-able. NOT!
Recently I wrote.... > Jim will give redemption > > I heard it in a Jewel (WBTW is very do-able) song...."Who will save your soul" > > Mr. Banting ...

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