Brian Henderson of 12 Maple Lane
why do you torment me? you know i prefer corona you bastard. ******************** This bird you cannot change.

No McMahons Wrestling At WM 20, Triple H vs. Edge At Wrestlemania?
No McMahons wrestling at WM 20, Triple H vs. Edge at Wrestlemania? Submitted by Matthew Tremley on Sunday, December 28, 2003 at 4:35 PM EST a.. As of right now, there are n...

WWE Diva that would make best hooker?
If you are pimp which diva do you think has best earning potential? This not based just on hottest diva but also ability of her to get clients with mic skills, provide good customer service...

Question for stock market experts
Where is Kurt Warner's stock at now?

Anyone see CNN special of East Europe Pedofiles?
Dirty Old Guy from England (name Tommy?) that claim to be biggest slut in Bucharest would make great WWE heel. Dragan

(NEWS) Miami to extend Wannstedt's contract
Hilarious. Do they even WANT to win anymore?

Women and children dont belong at sporting events
These are people that after whistle blown for foul and player shoot basket that go in they cheer as if this going to count! Idiots. RASSLIN FANS WITH TEETH Dragan

Silver Surfer
Wizard Magazine - via Superhero Hype - talked to Marvel Studios Vice President Kevin Feige, who said to look out for a "Silver Surfer" film in the near future. "You're going to start hearing...

(POLL) Hot Sauce vs Sik With It
The Professor Dragan

Rock will never be big movie star
He is simply Vince McMahons house nword. Rock need to return back to wrestling and cut great promo or at least host award show like MTV ones. His movie suck big time and taht a straig...

Best part of Mad Cow spread
Easy to get reservations at top steak houses in city. Big Steak Nasty Paul Wight Dragan

WWE Gimmick Idea: Smelly Farts Announcer
WWE need to hire announcer like Josh Matthews type that do backstage interview. He often cut SBD's of nuclear proportions. This put wrestler in conundrum because he want to either run away, ...

(OT) Free Message Boards?
Brahs, I'm looking for a free message board like ezboard to host a message board for me... something with the different subjects like ezboard is. I have an ezboard, but it says i...

Not enough wrestler deaths recently
That why I gone for so long. No new material to work with. Dragan

I am addicted to coffee
Now I know how wrestlers feel addict to pain killers steroid and other drugs to get by. Dragan

Enough news coverage of Viva la Bam Iran earthquake
Americans dont care about this and dumb Iran people. We want see more about Laci Peterson and kid left home alone for Christmas stories. Dragan

Smack wrestlers cutting kiss ass promos to troops
SO pathetic to see this grown men using lot of steroids talk like little putas marking out for troops. Dragan

Biggest chocha in wrestling
Rey Mysterio whine about doing job to world champ because it in San Diegay. Dragan

John Cena kissing up to troops rap on Smack
what a pussy Dragan

Punkd/Viva/Boyz on MTV tonight?
I hope they dont have stupid movie with jap guys that talk black again WRESTLING DADA Dragan

Kevin Nash contract set to expire soon Dragan

Fun Easygoing Giant stupid
They try this after SNL and it fail miserably. This is why RSPW not allow to book wrestling. Maybe if they name him "Big Paul Studd" and he go around hit on women about big phallu...

Classic RSPW mark out moment #1212 reeactment
"NASH JUST SAY "RIGHT BACK AT YA HBK!". Did anyone else see that? Oh man last week Shawn did clicke sign on WWF. Now Nash say this on Nitro! WOW!" Dragan

Favorite Ashton Kutcher Punk'd moment
When Aston punk Bret Hart and told him his father die before WCW PPV. Dragan

(BEEP) New plan location?
(BEEP) San Diego.

[NEWS] Dustin Runnels gets Sprint phone deal
Seven!!!!!! Seven!!!!!!!!! ******************** This bird you cannot change.

Open letter to people that live on my street
Garbage day is Monday, not Sunday. I understand that most people take the garbage out on Sunday night, but that doesn't make it okay to drag your garbage to the curb first ...

Dirty Dick
--Dick Slater, a major pro wrestling star of the 70s and early 80s, was arrested in Largo, FL, on charges of attempted murder yesterday because police alleged he stabbed his ex-girlfriend th...

This may be Brock and Rey...
... but RSPW popularity contests have jumped the shark. People are burned out on them, so it's mostly mid-carders and curtain-jerking rookies participating. Please stop creating the...

Are You Going To Make Any New Year's Resolutions...
Or have you come to the realization that there's no point in doing so? Mark van Pelt A Fan "That's not right. That's not even wrong!"-Wolfgang Pauli

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