Since no else has mentioned it....
Hey, Eddie Guererro's on the cover of Low Rider magazine with his US belt and everything. He's on the cover of the new Smackdown maggie too. I'll only worry about overexposure if he ap...

[new years eve] I'm gonna murder my neighboring fratboys
As of right now, they've been lighting firecrackers for 4 solid hours. the Bede /:-)> opening the can o' whoopass

!!3 Stooges all night on AMC!!

I hate you guys!
I mean I really, really hate you guys. And screw going out tonight. I'm just going to sit here at home tonight and watch Seinfeld reruns and eat tostada's.

[WWW] Slam 12.30.03 DiBiase's money bought a young RVD DiBiase's money bought a young RVD By GREG OLIVER -- Co-Producer, SLAM! Wrestling [ DiBiase signs an autogr...

[VIDEO REVIEW] The Rap Sheet Streaming Video Edition #20 - Crash Holly
The Rap Sheet - from the Crimefighter Special Streaming Video Edition #20 12/29/2K3 - Crash Holly Tribute This rap sheet is posted on as well as the <...

(WWE) 2004 Predictions
It will suck... H.H. -- Guaran-DAMN-tees it ;)

Goldberg In Looney Tunes Movie!!!
I took my 6 year old son and my 5 year old niece to go see "Looney Tunes: Back In Action" at the movies today, and I was surprised to see that Goldberg was in the movie. Goldberg isn't a ma...

hey barnett, or mma guys..pride results..giant silva
vs hearing...was that a work?

2004 Predictions...
-Jericho will cheat on his wife with Trish in real life, and both agree that is only a one time thing and promise not to reveal this to anyone. -Cripple H's biker western saga will make it t...

(OT) Full House finale is on now~
Watch Michelle lose her memory, then watch me convince her that she has to pose nude when she turns 18~! ------------------------------------------- "We brocke dourt bar bla...

How to tell if you're a loser
If it's still Wednesday night, and you're reading this, you're a loser. If it's between 12:01 AM and 8:00 AM Thursday morning, you're a HUGE loser. I guess y...

Your wrestling markout thread...
Just name a few memories or little things that you've marked for. Can be past or present. (And for the sake of Keeping It Simple, Stupid, let's keep it just in WWF/E, WCW, NWA, and ECW stu...

Molly Holly is the #1 Diva
Molly Holly is the #1 Diva and not Victoria Although Victoria aint ba - Posted via the free RSPW web gateway at

(WWE) 2004 Predictions
Champions @ the end of the year Raw: Triple H Smackdown: John Cena Breakout Wrestler: John Cena (Probably will end up winning the belt) Randy Orton (Will get a main even...

When I get dusted
I like to spread the blunt like mustard.

[P0|_|_] Things that are overused in the WWE
I'll start: -Unintentional ref bumps - they should limit these to like 2-3 a month, per brand -2 counts - does every single fall that isn't a pin have to be a 2 count? If there wer...

[POLL] Do you any new year's resolutions?
Do they involve wrestling? -- "BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! BROCK LESNAR!!!!!" - Brock Lesnar BROCK (BRAWK): (1) Noun. The next big thing: BROCK is the WWE Undispu...

What signs should I bring to SD! in DC?
Like I've mentioned before, its Jan. 27, the SmackDown after the Rumble. Now (besides "BLAAAAAAA BROCK LESNAR" which I'm bringing), what signs should I bring? --------...

(kinda off-topic for some newsgroups) Match Ideas fro
Here are some good matches for 1.) Xena v. Princess Rosella (King's Quest) 2.) Sarah (The Crow) v. Penny (Inspector Gadget) 3.) Power Rangers v. ...

(OT) How much fruitcake can you eat?
Finnaly a contest bulimics can win Woman Wins N.Y. Fruitcake-Eating Contest

I wish MMA was this big in the US One day MMA will be big in the US but it's still a long way off.

This week's Wrestling Observer Live with Ole Anderson... If you can find it, fucking GRAB it. Ole puts Tom Zenk to fucking shame in terms of bitter ex-wrestlers. I honestly thought Meltzer and Ole were gonna c...

Who's watching wrestling on New Year's Eve?
I am. At 10:27, I'm going to watch the 93 minute CM Punk vs. Chris Hero match. -- Mister Saint Laurent

ANTiSEEN vs. Mr Pogo
ANTiSEEN: The Great Pogo Hits features the wrestling songs Babyface Killer Sabu Funk U Cactus Jack ordering info at ...

My Ideas for Heat/Velocity
The WWE should make Heat/Velocity useful by making them a niche wrestling show. They should have Heat be a weekly women's show and Velocity be the weekly crusierwieght show. As it is right...

If a nuke was about to kick your ass what would you do?
Seeing that you're going to die. Chose from these: 1. Fuck the 1st chick that you see. (the last piece of ass before you become dust) 2. Light up a cigarette and say fu...

What would you be doing if nuclear strike happened?
Myself: make a cool pose. So my shadow would permanent.

Have any pictures of Inoki surfaced?
From Fujinami's retirement ceremony? Sounds like a funny outfit... Also...Fujinami vs Inoki on 1/4? hooooo daddy....

Man oh Man...what a fucking *great* day to be a MMA/Wrestling fan...
It's like fucking Christmas. So many sites, so many results. Great matches, great results, great discussions on message boards. It's almost overwhelming how great the last couple of days hav...

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