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Piper to ROH?
Don't know if this ShockTV, but from Da Meltz: "Roddy Piper is scheduled for ROH's next show in Elizabeth, NJ on 3/13 as part of its planned big show the day before Wrestlemania to get a lot...

I Mark When Blood is Spilled... SD: HCTP. The whole screen flashes red as the wrestler makes impact, and then he's all groggy and dazed with blood coming down his face. --curious Loves to use He...

The SD Ref in SD: HCTP
Why does he look like a cross b/w a Bill Plimpton cartoon and Michael Cole with a really really bad sunburn? -curious It's very distracting

Deer Steve Spurrier
Why are you trying to get Patrick Ramsey killed? -- My name is: ____ _ / ___| | |

The unprofessional Teddy Hart...
... kicked out of ROH. --Teddy Hart is done with ROH after a spectacular match last night. Hart, against orders, kept doing flips off the platform after the match when the Backsea...

Vince hire Teddy Hart as "Droz 2: Puke 3000"
I like this guy If he can do puke while in mid moonsault then make vomitus land center on opponent before he fall on opponent I will mark Dragan

Top 10 Rejection Comeback Lines Top 10 rejection comeback lines By Tom Milnes Nothing in the dating game puts ...

wow. didnt take long for HAWK to get replaced!
Road Warrior Animal/Barbarian vs. Brutus Beefcake/Greg Valentine on 11/8 for AWA Wrestling at St. Stansilaus Hall in Nashua, NH. Also, Ted DiBiase will be appearing. (

Nice Hardcore Match on Alias tonight...
...too short though, but the chair shots were stiff between Syd and Alison. Nice RVD move by Syd also. "With this new digital technology, the suckiness comes through with great ...

Looking for ROH tapes
Hi, I'm looking for ROH tapes from the past year. I have tons of tapes to trade, but due to time constraints I'd rather trade newsletters instead. I've got newsletters from current all the...

Looking for old Stampede Wrestling tapes...
Anyone know of a good location for a good early to mid 80s Calgary comp tape? URL? Dealer? Specific Tape?

[WWE] New merchandise I am suggesting
a t-shirt with Rico making a kissy face on the front. On the back it would say "Rico Sucks" Stefan

Homer as Death was totally hilarious
...when I saw in two years ago on Family Guy.

My CAT'S BREATH smells like CAT-FOOD !!

Who is Vince McMoney?
Is he this old sucker making lousy matches?

HHH is leaving and Shitberg has failed.
Make their match at Survivor Series an overbooked clusterfuck (par for the course, really), hold up the belt, and then do a WM4 style one night tournament at the next RAW PPV which would pro...

Microsoft v Google??? Oh GOD NO!!!!!
Microsoft Goes After Google Software giant wants to acquire the search company, report says. Stacy Cowley, IDG News Service Friday, October 31, 2003 Microsoft has repo...

Steveo eating samon sperm and eggs
hahahahah "I am better then you and that makes you angry."

Viva La Bam and WildBoyz are the best shows on tv
MTv does something right for once "I am better then you and that makes you angry."

52 Weapons!!!

Dear NFL
Please to be ending your stupid games on time so that my VCR records all of the Simpsons. and not just for the 1st 13 minutes. Would Tivo fix this, or would it still record when the Si...

anyone use itunes?
if so, when you download the music, does it come in mp3 format or can you make into mp3 format?

My EX is feeding her kids CAT-FOOD !!
Her mother awakened this morning (Sunday) to the sound of clammering in the kitchen. Upon inspection she found her inebriated daughter making a 6 can Cat-Food Casserole in the oven!! Proclai...

Tv characters that always jobbed?
Captain Archer (Enterprise) that guy is ALWAYS getting his ass kicked. Cap'n Kirk watched his Starfleet files and said HELL NO! Matt Houston Matt got his ass kicked EVERY wee...

Pop singers that jobbed to fame?

Scary Movie 3 STILL top of the boxoffice
21.1 million this past week. Was the movie THAT funny? Laughed hard at the 1st one, chuckled some part 2. The High Priestess of OT posts. Lyin' on the floor watching...

HS kids expelled for making sex video
From Netscape News page: Students Expelled for Making Sex Video LOS ANGELES (AP) - Three high school students were expelled for making a sexually explicit video that was dis...

Random thoughts on WMXX
At this point, I think that WWE needs a major shakeup to make things interesting again. A totally different way of doing things. Anyway, here's what I'd do with Wrestlemania XX...

Deer St. Louis Rams:
I r00l j00 all. Signed, Tim Rattay ------------------------------------------- "We brocke dourt bar blaaaaaaaaaaaaaa BROCK LESNAR" -- HitMan333 "...

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