Hack Thoughts: Raw
I was surprised King didn't make a smart-ass comment when JR said that Molly weighed twice as much as Terri. No comments about the brave cameraman who kept filming even as the par...

Hey JeffH! Try this next time!
http://www.askmen.com/love/player_60/95_love_games.html How To Pick Up A Stripper

Special SNL For Playa Haters!
http://www.newsday.com/news/local/wire/ny-bc-ny--sharpton-snl1104nov04,0,2564163.story?coll=ny-ap-regional-wire Al Sharpton to host Saturday Night Live on Dec. 6 November 4...

Smackdown 5--Pornogrpahy?!
-- There's currently some controversy in the UK over the new WWE game 'Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain' as reported by the Birmingham Evening Mail newspaper. -- A Midland MP and a ...

I just saw Matrix Revolutions (No Spoilers)
My special lady just so happens to work at the movie theatre, and the staff was given two screenings today and tomorrow. Don't worry, there's no spoilers. First of all, I do...

Are there *ANY* rumors about *ANY* upcoming wrestling game being online?
PC, Xbox, Cube, PS2...it doesn't matter...has anyone anywhere run across any rumors or stories of ANY of them potentially being online?

WWE Management Is On Crack!
I have heard that management was pleased with Horshu's work over the weekend at the Canadian house shows. They like his size and think he has a lot of potential. Speak...

Off Air Notes From RAW
just got back from Raw and it was nowhere near sellout. The entire nosebleed section was tarped off and there were empty seats here and there. It was very sad compared to the crowd WW...

Baghdad Bob on DVD...?!?
Saw this over at Best Buy earlier while feeding my geek side (DS9 season six on DVD)...it was only $8, so I might go back and grab it later. I missed most of his greatest hits when they ori...

Certainly can't do *this* with one of those shitty-ass Intel chips...
RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - A supercomputer made from 1,100 off-the-shelf Apple Macs at Virginia Tech now ranks third among the world's 500 fastest supercomputers, many of which handle with ease 1 ...

PPV Buyrates
WWE has updated their preliminary PPV buyrate numbers at their corporate website and the numbers tell an interesting, and downright scary, story. Last month's No...

Isnt Laurie Strode Dead?
Dark Horizons had a scoop on the next "Halloween" movie. "I was at the 25th anniversary Halloween convention and Moustapha Akkad (the producer of the "Halloween" movie franchise) himself has...

The Rock
If half these rumours were true, poor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson wouldn't be sleeping for the next ten years. According to a report on The Z Review website, the wrestler turned actor turned S...

Vince Should Replace Nathan Jones With Her...
http://wcbs880.com/water/watercooler_story_307141912.html Australian Woman Attacks Crocodile Nov 3, 2003 2:17 pm US/Eastern DARWIN, Australia (AP) A 10-foot salt...

Hey Otto~!
http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=816&ncid=816&e=2&u=/ap/20031104/ap_on_fe_st/zamboni_for_sale Want to Buy a Zamboni? ST. PAUL, Minn. - Who wants to buy a Za...

Does He Kiss His Mother With That Mouth?
http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=573&ncid=757&e=3&u=/nm/20031104/od_nm/belgium_fish_dc Man Saves Fish with Kiss of Life Tue Nov 4, 7:18 AM ET BR...

What Cali Is Doing As A Follow-Up To The Recall
http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=573&ncid=757&e=9&u=/nm/20031104/od_nm/politics_murderers_dc Two Murderers Running for President Tue Nov 4, 7:09 AM ET ...

Lawyer Behaving Badly
http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=573&ncid=757&e=1&u=/nm/20031104/od_nm/odd_canada_lawyer_dc Lawyer Gets Rapped for Singing Bob Marley Tune Tue Nov 4, 7:15 AM ET <...

Another Eminem Related Death
http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=573&ncid=757&e=2&u=/nm/20031104/od_nm/odd_turkey_eminem_dc Eminem T-Shirts Spark Deadly Fight Tue Nov 4, 7:16 AM ET Add Oddly Eno...

Paul McCartney's re-releasing "Let It Be" with all the Phil Spector stripped out?
...so now, with John safely tucked away in a casket someplace, Paul decides to "rework" it and strip out all of Phil Spector's producing? That's just wrong man.

Great raw
I felt tonight's Raw was very good again. For whatever it's worth, I think Vince McMahon finally looked at Raw and told the writers that they are easily replaced if they don't improve the sh...

How Old Is Heidenreich(sp.) ???
They sell him as being a youngster, but he doesn't look young to me. Anyone know? He doesn't interest me either. When he came out, he looked mad that people weren't standing for him and y...

Same old same old
I am still enjoying a number of Raw's storyline's and the fact that character's are finally being built, but the episode as a whole just felt "so two months ago." I will say this: The write...

How boring can one show get?
This show was absolutely boring! I only gave it a 5.5 for the follow-up with Chris Jericho and Trish, the final match, and the show ending. The matches had no spark to them and the crowd s...

Too much Austin
Hot starter with the tag match., but then we got the first of way too much Austin tonight. He showed up in eight of the show's eleven segments. The Batista squash on Maven was well done and ...

Batista Theme Song..
woohoo!! it's back!! i missed that song.. I thought it was dead for sure.. I am such a mark for that theme song. although I am amazed that such a song was never saved after Kane got u...

Bad news Crossface, CBS just pulled the Reagans movie
Now say something cliched about how free speech just died or something equally apocolyptic.

I smell TACOS!!!
ISRAEL!!!! I mean She-HAWK! Heh..........

(Gamespot) Don't you find..
....that when the reviewer's score is low, the readers give it a higher score and vice versa. It's almost as if the readers are either in denial that the game they bought sucks or that the ...

a question for clever people
How much money did WCW make in 1995,1996 and 1997?

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