Questions for Star Wars geeks
Okay, fools, I watched the movies again and here are some things I want to know. First of all how in the first movie C-3PO says he's not good at telling stories and th...

Tru Calling hasn't been canceled yet...
..<crossing fingers> "With this new digital technology, the suckiness comes through with great clarity." Mike MST3k

HHH's delusions explained scientifically...
...I wonder if Stephie looks slim to him? Brain Maps Perceptions, Not Reality Science Daily & Vanderbilt University ^ | 11-5-2003 Posted on 11/05/2003 11:12 AM PST by...

I did a GIS on my real name...
Zero results... :( I guess Stranger Q. Mysterious here isn't as popular as some folks...

Dear Yoda The Wrestling Jedi
At least the common sense have to make posts very Yoda-esque. Just mixing words up look you make like an idiot.

Go look through some of C's old posts from Google
When he was posting as Chris Hough. It's kinda funny....I remember marking for him around 98-99. Pretty good poster. He's been around RSPW since at least 1995.

Steph, Shane, Austin
I heard very good things about Matt Morgan and Nathan Jones' work at Smackdown this week. While I know it may be a shock where Jones is concerned, I have heard from a lot of people tha...

[GOOGLE] Here is a pic of "Chris Hough" better known as C THE SHOCKER
He's the first one on the third row: search&q=chris+hough or if you need the tiny url:

Store pulls ICP merchandise after music is proven to suck ass CHEYENNE, Wyo. - A music store temporarily pulled the music and other items produced by the shock rap and metal group Insane Clown Posse following the suic...

Stupid bitch on cellphone killed by hilarious irony An Abington, Massachusetts woman has died after crashing her car while driving and using a cell phone at the same time. In potentially

Real Evil Suspect Admits 48 Seattle-Area Killings By GENE JOHNSON, Asso...

I have a confession to make
My real name is NOT CrossfaceWalls. CrossfaceWalls=It is not. ****** "Growing up, my favorite uncle was Uncle Cave Man. We called him Uncle Cave Man, because he l...

Hypocracy quote of the day "Sometimes it's easier to lose with class than it is to win with class, and that was a glaring case of it Saturday night," Miami le...

[RSPW] Most Frequent Posters - September 2003 (A) Rank based on # of Posts (B) # of Posts made ...

Trish Is Delish
there's an ESPN Radio spot on Trish Stratus & the Babe of the Year Award. Here is the link.

Wow......C's name is Chris?
I thought it was Bill Eadie. ****** "Growing up, my favorite uncle was Uncle Cave Man. We called him Uncle Cave Man, because he lived in a cave, and every once in awhile, he'd eat...

Deer C the Shocker
You aren't so shocking to me now that I know your name is Chris.

Ric Flair DVD
World Wrestling Entertainment sent out the following press release touting the forthcoming "Ultimate Ric Flair Collection" 3 DVD set. The release is interesting because it is most like...

I have a Matrix Revolutions question after watching....
Wait, I'm confused about the movie. So the cops knew that internal affairs were setting them up?

Say goodbye to Skin
BOOMTOWN & SKIN Cancelled!! I am - Hercules!! They join "Coupling," "The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H.," and "Luis" among series on the early-season scrapheap, while the Rob Lowe le...

I don't see how Dean can beat Bush...
This little flap over Dean's comments about attracting "guys with confederate flags on their pick up trucks" shows that Dean has a lot of work to do shoring up his base for the general elect...

News Flash: Hollywood Makes Things Up! Rick Kushman: CBS runs from 'Reagans' By Rick Kushman -- Bee TV Columnist Published 2:15 a.m. PST Wednes...

Oiling up the draft machine?
Things be get mighty intreresting towards the end of the article. (get ready to run) Oiling up the draft machine? <...

X-Pac Sucks = Virgil 2003
X-Pac Sucks = Virgil 2003 ~~~~~ END COMMUNICATION

Matrix Revolutions with mediocre reviews
The local paper gave it 2** out of 4. Joel Seigel wasn't impressed either. Doubt it will stop it from pulling in hundreds of millions. Too many people I know got that glazed over look in ...

Another Digital Pain In The Butt,aid,113285,00.asp FCC Endorses Built-In Copy Controls PCs, TVs, recorders, and other gear must recognize broadcast 'flag' that bans <...

Clarence Carter! Clarence Carter! Clarence Carter!
OHHHHH SHIT! "Strokin'" is the single most important song of our generation.

LOL at John Cena
What's that cliche about 'shoot comments that aren't supposed to be shoot comments'? "Cena not quite politely declines, stating he wouldn't fit in on a team of sasquatches." ...

hey, I'm almost back!

Video games are addictive, say crack team of scientists!
In another earth-shattering discovery, the sky is BLUE! Excerpt: Heavy games players can play an average 17 to 26 hours a week. The online ...

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