Mad Mikey screwed Mad Mikey
Re post of Mike Lockwood daughter. Maybe Mr Lockwood should have think of HIS daugther before he condone party lifestyle. Maybe Mr Lockwood should have been with HIS daughter instead...

WWE Gimmick Idea: "The Tasteless Humor Guy"
When other wrestler wear black armband or facepaint when wrestler die to commenorate him, Tasteless Humor guy make tasteless joke about wrestler death. Other wrestler get angry with him and...

(Demolition?)Now I know were the name Dragan Pietrovich is from...
He was a Kurdish cameraman who(Fuck you) filmed the BBC reporter being bombed in Iraq. -- Fat Harris "That's what freedom sounds like" lol

Matrix Revolutions Opening Box Office Down Relative To Reloaded Posted on Sun, Nov. 09, 2003 'Matrix' Sequel Opening Off 45 Percent DAVID GERMAIN Associated Pres...

Anyone read the Steve Austin book yet?
If yes, any thoughts on it?

(Gimmick Idea) Asian Guy
Basically, this guy would be from Japan. He wouldn't speak English, but he would know martial arts, because everyone from Japan knows martial arts. He would be a huge superstar in his home...

(Gimmick Idea) Masked guy
Basically,,he would wear a mask to the ring and wrestle in it. The fans would all wonder who is under the mask, and the announcers could play up this mystery.

Early Betting On Worst Film of 2004
Can a topless Christina Ricci save this film? For Author of Prozac Nation, Delayed Film Is a Downer November 9, 2003 By THOMAS VINCIGUERRA (copyright The New York Times)

(Gimmick Idea) Black Guy
Basically, he will be just like a white wrestler, except he will be black. This would really allow wrestling to reach out to a minority fanbase. Zodiac69 the future of RSPW 8...

any word on Dustin?
I haven't seen Goldust on TV in quite a while, and I haven't read anything about him being hurt. Is he still on a WWE roster? -- - Adam Waltemire - www.ruintherai...

(Gimmick Idea) Strong, Muscular Guy
Basically, he's a guy with a lot of muscle definition. Also, he can lift a lot, and looks physically imposing. I think I'm on to something here.

Anybody meet Ric Flair Saturday in Boston?
Just wondering what the turn out was like at the auto show for The Man!

Open letter to all of today's musicians
Cheer up. Write more songs about a girl that you're sweet on or a new dance craze.

Okay, Who (NO!) Here Was Getting These? Human body parts found in leaking package by Missouri FedEx worker...

My gimmick idea: EVIL GERMAN DOCTOR
When somebody gets hurt, they will have the doctor come out to check on him instead of the trainer or whatever. Like in the old days, when wrestling was good. But thi...

The Miami Dolphins
...should just surrender at the end of the 1st quarter. Save their strength for next week. VERY BAD TEAM.

What drugs do to you
make your skin darker. just ask jeff. ********************** No hablo espanol.

Anybody watch AVERAGE JOE on NBC?
1. which 16 of you made it to the first episode? 2. tell me it has to be a work. 3. will the sequel be average hoe? ********************** ...

Miranda rights
what if the cop asks me if i understand them and i say no? ********************** No hablo espanol.

When two friends greet, why shake hands?
so long as it is not man on man, shake pecs! ********************** No hablo espanol.

[Gimmick Idea] THOMAS PAIN
dresses in colonial garb, gives reasons why he will win in ye olde english, finisher is common sense, morton in peril segment is called as an american crisis by jim ross, and tars/feathers b...

Why TITANIC went down
it was gay. ********************** No hablo espanol.

VH1's 'True Spin'-Under The Bridge by RHCP
Was there ANY doubt that the song was about drug addiction??? About homelessness? About the Rodney King incident??! The High Priestess of OT posts. Lyin' on the floo...

What if the lawsuits RIAA...
filed was just a bunch of scare tatics and never really happened? Think about it. What proof is out there (unless you know someone) that someone got sued? They got millions scared and deleti...

favreau in elf is almost as big
as favreau in RUDY get back into swingers condition dude

Little Johnny
It was recently reported that Little Johnny was just said to be a split personality of John Heidenreich. While that still is the plan, the WO Newsletter reports a new rumor that there's cons...

Eric Bischoff
Eric Bischoff reportedly still generally keeps to himself backstage and has no role in creative. Many say that the reason that he's not that social backstage is that he probably feels uncomf...

Fox using Master and Commander for NFL video package..
....Bucs/Panthers...that was pretty cool. Makes me think of how all the WWE angles and feuds seem dramatic a week later when dramatic music and snappy editing is done to give it a film quali...

Hey Krusty~!
Hi. Just wanted to know what saying that felt like. I can now die a happy man. ------------------------------------------- "We brocke dourt bar blaaaaaaaaaa...

Where Are They Now? Former wrestling icons try to adjust to life outside the ring The Associated Press - ATLANTA Just a few ...

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