Survivor Series Promo
I marked for the ending of the "football" SS promo. Perhaps Vince has got a sense of humour and irony after all! -- Using M2, Opera's revolutionary e-mail client: http://www.oper...

I.B. Blaqman..........
I got yer back. As the only other person of color here. If they don't like ya...............fuck 'em. That's my motto. FLAME ON!

[Gimmick Idea] Titney Spears
Have some chick named Britney that is really, really hot come out to some song called "Stronger". Keep her naked 24/7 and allow her to "explore" herself by giving her a lesbian match with Tr...

I apologise for feeding the troll
Should have plonked the tard a long time ago

[OT] I was a witness to a hit and run earlier today!
It was funniest fucking thing I ever saw... I'm crusing down the I and some asswipe behind me decides to pass me. I was in the right lane (slow lane) doing 65 in a 55. He guns his engi...

What was the name of Russian guy that didn't like 007, but grudgingly helped him? What actors played him, and which movie did he finally die in?

Hey Kurgan...........
If you stuck your head up your ass what would that make you? ???????

Ric Flair
His name draws universal awe and admiration. He is the 16-time Heavyweight Champion of the world. He has held the World Championship more times than any competitor in the history of sports-e...

What's the difference between Pepsi and Jessica Lynch's captors?
Pepsi doesn't come in white cans. Little topical humour for ya there. Try the fish.

Greedy bitches sue over bowl of hot man chowder Four women sued an Irvine restaurant after one of them said she found a condom in her clam chowder when they dined there last year.

My thoughts on Crash.....
My name is Alan, and I'm an alcoholic. Please don't think I am preaching at you. Instead, I just want to put out my thoughts... When I first heard about Crash's death, I was saddened...

Hey Krusty!!
Cro Cop lost.

All Aboard! With only 10 days to go until Survivor Series, it was announced that Faarooq would be lost for Survivor Series, thanks to an attack...

WWE RAW PREVIEW - Nov. 10, 2003
RAW's last stop before Survivor Series is this Monday, live at the FleetCenter in Boston, airing at 9/8 CT live on Spike TV. All of the RAW Superstars who will be going toe to toe at Survivo...

Sunday Night HEAT preview for Nov. 9, 2003 Don't miss this week when the Hurricane faces Rene Dupree of La Resistance, while Rosey the Superhero in Training squares off with Ro...

Zach Gowen
The word going around the Michigan indy scene is that Zach Gowen told some friends that if WWE fires him before his lengthy contract is up, he plans to slap a discrimination suit on them. Th...

Lance Storm Injured
WWE offered to give Steven Richards the weekend off as well as RAW tonight due to the loss of his good friend Mike Lockwood (Crash), but he opted to work anyways in memory of Crash. He worke...

Stevie Richards Gay
The reason behind some of the recent references on WWE programming, where it's been implied that Steven Richards is gay, are supposedly to set up roots for a storyline that would involve Ste...

White Slavery In Germany Mark van Pelt A Fan "That's not right. That's not even wrong!"-Wolfgang Pa...

god *dammit*...I can't believe I missed it!
I'm not reading the group anymore today. I know as soon as I post that I missed Pride this weekend because of a fucking BRAIN HEMORRHAGE or something, you mooks are going to post the complet...

(Kazaa) Does an anonymizer program..
..solve any of the problems with downloading/RIAA?. - "If I were me, I'd start me" Auburn's 3rd team JUCO Tailback-Brandon Jacobs "With this new digital technology, the suckines...

Steve Austin
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin The Voice of Wrestling Friday, November 7th, 2003 By Steve Manktelow To Listen to the Interview: As Austi...

Springfield, MA House Show Results: RAW
Here are the house show results for the 11-08-03 show in Springfield, MA. Match #1: -------------- 3 Man Elimination Tag Team-Val Venus and Lance Storm vs. Tomko and Fertig vs...

[NITRO] So who(no) was punking out the Magnificent 7 towards the end of Nitro?
I heard they were going to bring in MarcAsh.

X-Men 3
Rumours may be circulating that Halle and Hugh mightn't be back, but one person who's definitely back on board for "X-Men 3"- and not surprisingly - is young James Marsden, reprising his rol...

The Sandlot 2
Filmmaker David Mickey Evans, who recently announced he's considering doing a sequel to the hit film "The Sandlot", reveals he'd also like to do a follow-up to the little seen but unanimousl...

Last week there were rumours that Morgan Freeman was in the running to be Batman's next foe, now, according to Batman-On-Film, Wrestler 'The Edge' [aka Adam Copeland] has been the subject of...

We're all human
Its odd what gets you thinking about wrestling sometimes. At the same time, its funny how wrestling can change your thinking about certain things. Take this for example; for ...

Whoa...picture of the Tiger that attacked Roy Horn...
They should put that fucker down...

[WWW] Bret Hart column - Hawk's Gone Hawk's gone By BRET HART -- For SLAM! Wrestling Wrestling brotherhood loses another member Soldier of fortune He's a...

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