good singer, crappy backing band?
My votes: ANY band jeff scott soto fronts The singer from strapping young lad

Best Prices for the Ric Flair DVD

How come they didn't ask The Rock to be involved in this crap?
A couple of weeks back it was rumoured that Vin Diesel might be returning to the "Fast and the Furious". Now, whilst talking to Coming Soon, co-star Paul Walker confirms that there is talk. ...

Finally, after years or rumours and speculation, the fifth "Child's Play" movie has been given the greenlight. Creator Don Mancini will be writing and directing "Seed of Chucky" for Focus Fe...

Goonies 2
What did we tell you? There is some movement on "The Goonies' sequel. And Today, something even better than whispers, rumours and potential sightings of crew members in Astoria. MTV Talked t...

TLC, home of Trading Spaces, launching a Tough Enough Knock-Off
UPW in California announced today that TLC (The Learning Channel), home to hit series "Trading Spacing," is producing a reality TV show similar to Tough Enough. Four new wrestlers...

DVD Releases
12/16 - WWE Survivor Series 01/20 - WWE Armageddon 02/10 - The Best of Mick Foley 02/10 - Best of Confidential Vol. II 02/10 - History of the Monday Night Wars 02/24 - WWE Roy...

WWE Website
WWE has redesigned most of its Web site, including its commentary section, which is now being called the "Backdoor". Recent updates to's "Backdoor"

Stevie Richards and Vicky
a.. It looks like a face turn might be in the works for Steven Richards & Victoria. The pair will be working as faces on some upcoming house shows against Rico & Jackie Gayda in a try-out to...

Haas and Benjamin Turning Face
a.. A face turn could be in the works for The World's Greatest Tag Team. Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin are slated to work against The Basham Brothers on several upcoming Smackdown-Brand ho...

Ric Flair, Trish The Dish, Foley, Pedro Morales
For those of you excited about the Ultimate Ric Flair Collection on DVD (which I reviewed on the site today), you'll be happy to know that Mick Foley's Greatest Hits and Misses: A Lif...

Mick Foley At The University Of Alabama
I'm a student at the University of Alabama, and I was in the audience to listen to Mick Foley's speech on Wednesday(11/12/03). He alluded to appearing at Wrestlemania XX on more than one occ...

Four Horseman Biography
Ole Anderson, a founding member of the original Four Horsemen, has written a biography titled, "Inside Out: How Corporate America Destroyed Professional Wrestling. The book will be rel...

Bad Santa=funny?
What's the verdict (based on the as, of course) ;) The High Priestess of OT posts. Lyin' on the floor watching a bug crawl by It walked up my face and head straight fo...

Vince+Priest segment
Yea, I know, it's just acting. But c'mon... The High Priestess of OT posts. Lyin' on the floor watching a bug crawl by It walked up my face and head straight for my e...

Somebody help me!
I've only bought one PPV in the last seven years, so I've done my part to tell Vince I'm not happy with what's being force-fed us. Yet, there must be SOMEONE out there who is buying this gar...

Eddy Gurerro's wife gets more sympathy than Crash Holly
WWE doesnt treat their circus animals very well, IMO.

Wynonna Judd, drunk driver
Singer Wynonna charged with drunken driving in Tenn. NASHVILLE, Tenn (Reuters) - Country music star Wynonna Judd was charged early Thursday with drunken driving after being stopp...

Today's stupid quote...
...comes to you courtesy of the VP of CSX Corporation, which is planning to cut 1,000 jobs and then buy a million dollars worth of Super Bowl tickets: > "I can understand those...

Eddy will buy juji fruits before going to the hospital
Or will he steal them.

Vince went through all that made up dream gaga...
just to ask Sable to poop on his chest? How the mighty have fallen.

Nathan Jones on Smackdown
Not even Kurt Angle can make this klutz watchable. What the hell was Jim Ross thinking we he signed this no-talent? _ I personally believe that everything I've stood for when I got int...

At Least 10 More Paris Hilton Sex Tapes
CBS News was just reporting. But they said not all have the same guy in them. They did say that there was at least 10, if not more tapes with Paris.

U have gay friends?
How do you feel about them compared to your straight friends? BabyJane

Ole Anderson's Biography
For the past two-and-a-half years, Ole Anderson and Scott Teal have been working on Ole's autobiography. It is now at the printer and should be ready to ship in three weeks (sometime aroun...

[Inside Information] About Casa Bonita....
It's a hell of a cool place. I was there about 4 months ago and they have some killer mexican food. It's not very expensive and is worth every dime. I actually have family that owns a video ...

Have it your way? Yeah right!
I'l have a Whopper without piss, large fries & a medium coke. I-90 Burger King sued: Urine in food By Gary Craig Staff writer (November 1...

Funshite FORUMS!!!
-Come join the Funshite Forums today! We have an e-fed on the boards which is searching for a few members but of course for all you wrestling fans we have many other forums such as WWE wrest...

Ad for December 14 PPV
There's one in our local paper today, part of a contest where you can win a trip to Orlando to see it live. And oh what a surprise.....the art for the ad is an Iron Cross with Triple ...

WWE's Unscripted book
is ranked at #688 on Amazon's Sales Rank list. SPAMguard: add a dash between "Hack" and "Man" to send me email -- RSPW's most long-lasting poster

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