Survivor Series 1987 is on the binary group...
haha...I had forgotten how awesome this PPV used to be. Remember? Back when there were angles and shit? Check out this card: ------------ "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat...

King Predictions required for SURVIVOR SERIES
SURVIVOR SERIES is upon us. Hi Predictors, The form is now updated and ready for your predictions in this months round of King Predictor. The Survivor Series form is at www....

Princess Stephanie
WWE has brought in consultants to critique the WWE creative process. I have a little more information on the topic. The group is headed by a man named Steve Borden (no, not Sting). The...

Kurt Angle!
Kurt Angle has been feeling pain in his surgically repaired neck recently. He had an MRI last week and the results came back yesterday. He has a bone chip in his neck and a source clos...

Chris Jericho
Chris discussed the numerous nicknames that he has been labeled with throughout his career. He has become more driven to succeed in the business with the birth of his son. This year ma...

Master and Commander 8 mill Friday but ELF... just behind it. ELF could theoretically stay ahead of M&C in Elf's second week which would be quite surprising. Will Ferrell just got A listed. - "If I were me, I'd s...

Programming question for John Henry, the Low genius
John, you have posted on-and-off for about the last year your updates about your new database or SQL server or what not for your various polls on that no one answers. ...

Remember when Hulk went all MMA style on Bret Hart on Nitro?
He did that armbar into a somersault into a cross-arm breaker. Then he partied like it's 1959 with the spinning toe hold. Awesome. Shoulda decaptitated the Kanadien with the Axe Bomber. ...

Male fans of Britney Spears
Not that there's anything wrong with that, is all I'll say on the topic.

Remember when Hogan called DDP "Dee Dee Little Pee Pee?"
That ruled. It ruled even more when Hogan busted out the belly to back suplex on the concrete on that piece of white trash. I would've orgasmed though, if Terry had whipped out the s...

Anyone think Stevie Richards mourned Crash over a bottle of Somas washed down with a
shot of JD, with a cocaine chaser? Like Dragen said, the faux-mourning is silly.

HWF Looking For Good Roleplayers
Hi! I'm helping a friend of mine recruit members in his fed. The fed is called Hellcore Wrestling Federation: Version XE - Xtreme Entity, and it's brand new. The "CEO" of HWF is seriously...

Whoa another bombshell MEMO..
..whats up with all these memos going around? SADDAM-OSAMA LINK ---- NY Post Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein gave terror lord Osama bin Laden's thugs financial and logistical ...

When someone is decapitated....
i wonder if their head looks back and goes, "OH SHIT!" ********************** No hablo espanol.

Kurt Angle also has intestinal injuries
has a fart jammed in there sideways... ********************** No hablo espanol.

My dog loves chocolate
you should give yours some. ********************** No hablo espanol.

Watched Wrestling With Shadows again.....
...first time in a long time...and Vince looks like he has aged 20 years in the last 5. Also the HHH/HBK/Chyna stuff sure doesn't age well does it? And I can't help but think that if Eric B...

Survivor Series Eve Predictions
Women's Championship Lita vs. Molly Holly: Lita overcomes 13 months of neck whatever and becomes the new champine. Her book sales remain stagnant. Five on Five Elimination Bisch...

give a leg to be a wwe wrestler?
hows this for a gimmick? a regular guy purposely has a leg amputated becasue he is not as acrobatic as rey rey, and not as genetically huge like most other wrestlers,. Some people would pay...

In what pocket are your keys?
any lefts? ********************** No hablo espanol.

The Official Marty Jannety website.. oh dear god.
I present the Official Marty Jannety website: No, it's not my website but it's so god-awful that I had to share. :)

The secret discovered!!
Dpiet1985 is Dragan Pietrovich's mongoloid lover.

Roger Roger!
I mark for battle droids...

Fuck you whitey....rap is not crap.
Now if you white boys started doing the ART first, then gee-golly it's GREAT, right?! Punk,metal, that shit is CRAP. Even the band members are crap. metallica: fuck 'em the bitches caused ...

FA:Apartment House Wrestling Mags
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0008_01C3AB39.16A4F1E0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

What does LOH stand for?
I always assumed that it stood for 'Laughing Out Hogan', but that really doesn't make any sense and is stupid.

Are the MMA Fans the New Puro Snobs?
Just wondering. -curious And I say "snobs" with love and butter

That "My United States of Whatever" Song
I'm only thinking aboot it b/c the Tony Hawk Underground commercial uses it. But...did I miss RSPW jumping on its bandwagon? It seems like the kind of song that this place would r...

Rachel on VH1....
...annoying or cool chick to hang with....I can't decide. - "If I were me, I'd start me" Auburn's 3rd team JUCO Tailback-Brandon Jacobs "With this new digital technol...

No need to be afraid of the Primorts...
They be mythical.

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