(Playboy) Girls of Homelessness
Do it.

Spanky/London vs. Dragon/Walters
Solid match but way too short. Leave it to the WEEEEE to give 3 of the top indy guys of the past decade 4 minutes for a match.

[Pete's Geocities Site] Latest Update
Hey everyone, the other members of the Geocities Site team requested that I make this update post due to all the inquiries we're getting, and also to pimp the site and make it seem like the...

POLL: top retail "girls of" Playboy series you think best
not including Hooter or other obvious place like that which girl of retail store here you want to see? My picks that have potential: 1. Girls of Starbucks: several hot ones 2. G...

OT: [Playboy] Girls of Waffle House
Now if they could somehow pull this off, I would be impressed enough to purchase a lifetime subscription. Combing the Wal-Marts is tough, but trying to pull enough for a couple of pages from...

So what will the major swerve this year be???
I think Cena turning on his team is not 'major' enough. -- Majiin - version²°°³

Survivor Series memories
i remember being at home, smelling the turkey baking in the over, diping my fingers in the pumpkin pie, and watching bret take one somebody for some strap. it wasnt so much the matches, but ...

Bill DeMoot =
Jiggs from "Bringing Up Father."

how about a midget cage match in a big dog kennel?
that would rule

[RSPW.Net] Updates and Changes; Wrestlepedia Released; "Poll" poll, and more!
Probably no secret by now that your humble webmaster has woken up and is back to work on the recently-lagging RSPW.Net. Here's what's up these days: - I've decided to go ahead ...

11.14.03 BACKYARD WRESTLING UPDATE Thanks to everyone who bum rushed retail the first few weeks of BYW being on the shelves and made it the #1 wrestling game in the UNITED STATES. To ...

There is no force on earth that can stop the NY Rangers from sucking.
That' s a shoot.

The Big Show & Subway
Did I miss something here? I'm trying to figure out the crowd's chant of "Subway" whenever the Big Show wrestles. I know their motto is "Eat Fresh". Is it because ...

Vince's "Higher Power"?
Vince has done a pretty good job of making himself look like the Devil, down on one knee with the red lights shining on his face and his face's chiseled features. Woul...

Anyone see "PAPI" guy on Cops tonight?
They guy smoke crack in hallway of someone house. He keep calling officer PAPI. Cop say "stop call me Papi" and he keep doing this. I think that preview was good yesterday and this be let...

Kane's Push Ends At The Rumble
According to SLAM! Wrestling, the plan for RAW right now is for Goldberg to triumph over Triple H tomorrow then set up Goldberg verses Kane at the Royal Rumble.

Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle was the most recent guest on the Voice of Wrestling and it's FM show aired on 92.7, KASR in Conway, Arkansas. He speaks about many things, from Survivor Series to Chris Beno...

What would life be like in a post911 world if Gore won?
I somehow do not think we would be in Iraq and Fox News would talk about how gore can not find Bin laden all the time.

[OT] Hell froze over yesterday, and the Devil opened up a ski resort on the River Styx.
Roger Waters reunited with Pink Floyd (David Gilmour, Nick Mason, and Rick Wright) and played two songs at the funeral of former Floyd manager Steve O'Rourke, who died on October 30th. ...

(Simpsons)Would Millhouse no-sell a Goldberg spear?
He sold getting run over by a truck with just a broken arm. (Nice, doggie)

Update On The Lord Of The Rings....
Frodo Lives! -- Brian "Demolition Man" Little

(Wrestling) Update On Raven
Raven was last spotted still at the TNA Asylum waiting for Jeff Jarret to come back out so he can steal the World Title away once again..... More updates as they come in.

(Wrestling) The next update on Dusty Rhoads
Today he was spotted at a Old Country Buffet pigging out on everything in sight. And he smelled like horse shit too. :( -- Brian "Demolition Man" Little

Do any wrestling video games have this feature?
A battlebowl/wild card thing that picks random teams. Im a big mark for battlebowl and i even liked the wild card match at survior series 95.

Why are Vince and Undertaker fighting?
What's the story here? I don't get it. Vince pushed Undertaker off the turnbuckle at No Mercy and... what that's it? That's the reason for Buried Alive? That's thin storytelling, in my view....

When will Vince sign Big Arms Guy?
That guy made Hogan's pythons look like twig snakes.

Purdue vs Ohio State great game
Better book than WWE crap

Classic WWF and RSPW moment # 3456
Kane gimmick start. Report of he getting special scary mask from Hollywood makeup artist that SO INCREDIBLY SCARY!!!! LOL RSPW think this going to be crazy scary mask but when he show up he ...

Bring back midget wrestlers
I want to see puroresu midget wrestler with good workrate.

Way to solve Iraq crisis
Iraq people only know one way of goverment: FEAR. They used to being tell what to do with risk of death if dont do it. Saddam was daddy of them (papi). Now we trying to be their best buddy...

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