Michael Moore on Simpsons Tonight!
The ultimate measure of fame! http://www.simpsonschannel.com/ Michael Moore Animated November 13 Posted By Adam Source: UPI Documentary filmmaker and ...

ELF tops Master and Commander!!!!!

Reagans Get The Treatment They Deserve
Frank Rich: Angels, Reagan and AIDS in America November 16, 2003 (copyright The New York Times) Tonight is the night when Americans might have tuned into Part 1 of "Th...

Con Rep Taps Out In LA
http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=511&ncid=718&e=3&u=/ap/20031116/ap_on_el_gu/louisiana_governor La. Taps Democrat As First Woman Governor By MELINDA DESLATT...

PPV Predictions...
As a mark I used to love Survivor Series. Not only did I find it a intriguing concept, but it also allowed wrestlers to team up that never wrestled before and fight guys that they didn't fi...

Big Kevin Nash/WWE News, Spoilers, TNA/Hogan/WWE
There is some talk that TNA may hold off using Hogan until after WrestleMania XX, while hoping Hogan can get picked up by WWE for the big night. TNA would then use the fuel from Hogan's WWE ...

Thoughts on survivor series
Molly Holly (c) vs. Lita - World Woman's Title: I haven't gotten the chance to watch Raw lately (my school doesn't get TNN), but I haven't been hearing great things via the net about Lita in...

Worst British band of the moment?
I say The Darkness.

Survivor Series Predictions
MATCH ONE: For the WWE Cruiserweight Title Tajiri versus Jaime Noble Prediction: I don't see how this match warrants being on the card. Noble is a good talent but was thrown int...

Bad Beatles' Cover Versions
The other morning I was looking for soemthing different to listen to so I downloaded some cover versions od Beatles' songs. I was curious to see who did them well and who's were bad. So my q...

Anybody have a Chi Chi's in their town?
I remember I used to eat there as a kid and really liked it. Then I heard about this outbreak of hepatitis in their restaurants and got all nostalgic. <...

Dragan = overexposed
I used to think *I* posted too much, until Dragan showed up. -Poot

Huge News On HHH vs. Goldberg
The original plan in place was for Goldberg & HHH to have their return match at The Royal Rumble, but with Kevin Nash having neck surgery, an angle was scrapped that would have had the two f...

My favorite Survivor Series Match
from 1988, it's Big Bossman and Akeem's Team against Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage's Team! Why is this my favorite 5-on-5 Survivor Series match ever? It may have not featured the be...

(Poll) Darkest Fetish you've ever heard of...
Gotta be Vomit or SCAT. I bet Vince McMahon, owner of wWe, partakes in all dark fetishes.

Survivor Series Spoilers
The word I'm getting is that Goldberg was slated to win the title match at tonight's PPV earlier this week. However, and as ironic as it seems, the title matches are often the least definite...

Saru means "Monkey" in Japanese.
Perhaps the scene cut from ROTK was him going to kill Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimili, but Fred Williamson steps in front of him and says, "Hey monkey man! You got a problem with them, say it t...

(Gimmick) The Gay MMA Striker
Ahhh, the gimmick has run it's course, so now I don't feel like a mee-tooer The guy does "killer" promos ala Tyson (Beating someone to death, eating children, etc.), and shows his fis...

Remember when Val Venis boned Mrs. Yamaguchi?
That be stautory RAPE. Giving 16-year old foreign nationals that hardly know English a protein injection makes you worse than R.Kelly in my book. Speaking of which, why is THAT pervert not ...

HWF Looking For Fake Roleplayers
Hi! I'm helping a friend of mine recruit members in his fed. The fed is called Hellcore Wrestling Federation: Version XE - Xtreme Entity, and it's brand new. The "CEO" of HWF is seriously...

U.S. Eyes Plan to End Occupation in Iraq
U.S. Eyes Plan to End Occupation in Iraq WASHINGTON (AP) - In the face of continuing violence and a mounting death toll of American troops, the Bush administration says the...

(beasts) the new PWI anyone see it? take a peak if u get a chance
kane on the cover, has like 6 pages of the beastliet looking wrestlers of all time... seen the sweedish angel before, now that guy looked like a true brute.. bull curry look...

the new steroid policy in baseball..lmao, u see this?
5 chances?

damn world wildlife fund
Just got the new Ric Flair DVD, and the classic interviews he gave in 91 were totally ruined due to the fact that they can't say WWF anymore...they had to edit it out every time...I'm so pis...

OT: An Invitation
Dear readers, I invite you to read the holy book of the Muslims, the Quran. You can read it online at :- http://quran.al-islam.com/Targama/dispTargam.asp?nType=1&nSeg=0&l=en...

Bischoff has run it's course.
The Rock says you should fire him, Vince.

RSPW to many us like Richard Gere in Officer Gentleman
You have enough MAY-YO??? THIS IS ALL I GOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS ALL I GOT!!!!!!!!!! RSPW all we have. No poon, no nice car, no physique, lot of acne. WE GoT KAZAA, ...

(Exclusive) Reason Austin and Bischoff feuding
This many seem like yet other fake wrestling feud. But this have deeper storyline. Apparently when Austin was WCW wrestler and Bischoff boss, Austin fired ON THE TELEPHONE by Bischoff. Not ...

Stephanie Hearst Helmsley
My friend work for Connecticut Secretary of State office and say that her driver ID have this name on it (see title). Dragan

Remember when RSPW think Tazz to be big star in WWE
Oh yeah Tazz was come to WWF to be huge star cause he get major heat in ECW and he is "legit shooter". Pro wrestler is legit shooter like guy that know tai chi is karate expert. ...

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