Big Survivor Series Errors
If you saw Survivor Series or read our report, you know that Mark Cuban took part in an angle with Eric Bischoff, and ended up getting an RKO from Orton. WWE set this up as a way to not only...

Was HBK's Hardway Cut 1.0 Muta?
That had to be. -curious The other wrestlers had more of HBK's blood on them than HBK had in his own body.

HHH is the GAME!
And that game is Hungry Hungry Hippos. -A TRIPS IS FAT

Survivor Series was good.
Given the card heading into it, it far surpassed my exceptions. Sure, no five-star matches, but sometimes, angles can be just as compelling in a markworthy way. Now I *want*...

I Thought Y2Stinger
Was a fat-burner ??????

WWE Survivor Series Results 11/16/03
WWE Survivor Series Results Location: Dallas, TX WWE Survivor Series Opener: The show opened up with a video package, hyping up tonight's event and this is a RAW and ...

Triple H vs. Goldberg
my god...Trips is fat !!!! He is jiggling...reminds me of the Austin from the Austin returns - Bischoff match lay off the wife and back to the gym for HHH I think...More Y2J stin...

HHH Puts Over Goldberg Again
Are you HHH naysayers satisfied!!???

Survivor Series - World Championship Goldberg Vs HHH
They fight it out and the bell hasn't rung yet and Goldberg spears HHH while the referee is distracted by Ric flair, who then gets his butt kicked out of the ring by Goldberg. Goldberg ...

has JR said screwed at all tonight?

Did Goldberg Just Tell Ric Flair He'd Fuck Him?
That's what it sounded like to me.

Survivor Series - The Undertaker Vs Vince Mcmahon - Buried Alive Match
Winner has to bury the loser in a hole. McMahon goes to the corner to pray before the match starts and then smiles at UT. Doesn't help as UT pops him and busts him open early on. U...

Hey 1997 is calling for Taker and Kane
How Original! Shut Up, Shut the Hell Up!

Survivor Series - So How Long Before Austin Comes Back In The Ring
and takes on Baptista? -- Tehawk 2003 The Cerebral Assassin ICQ #4610826 The Inverse Law ...

Britney Spears Guide to Semiconductor Physics

Deer Doug Flutie
You can stand up now. ****** "Growing up, my favorite uncle was Uncle Cave Man. We called him Uncle Cave Man, because he lived in a cave, and every once in awhile, he'...

Survivor Series - Bisoff Team Vs Austin Team
Brisoff arrives with his team, Chris Jericho, Christian, Scott Steiner, mark Henry and Randy Orton Then Austin arrives with his team made up of Booker T, the Dudley Boyz, Rob Van Damn a...

Survivor Series - WWE Tag Team Championship Basham Brothers Vs Los Guerreros
The Bashams come in wearing some leather outfits that looked like it come from an S&M shop. Los Guerreros come in their red pickup and they hit the ring fighting. They knock the Bashams...

Show after PPV..
Ok, so I have tickets to the Smackdown House Show down here in Hidalgo, TX tomorrow night, but I can't help but I going to see a rematch of Survivor Series matches? From what I...

Survivor Series - Brock Meets Goldberg
Brock is being interviewed, where he claims he never tapped out and suddenly he looks to the side and yells "what the hell are you doing here"? Goldberg introduces himself with a big gr...

WWE has sunked to a new low
Bitchoff vs. the Dallas Mavericks owner...What a slobberknocker!!! Shut Up, Shut the Hell Up!

Survivor Series - Kane Vs Shane McMahon - Ambulance Match
To one, one person to put his opponent into the ambulance and close the door. Shane does a crossbody on Kane and over the ropes they go, and the match starts with anything being used fo...

DEER Minnesota Vikings
You stink. Daunte sucks. -- Brian "Demolition Man" Little

Lita vs. Molly Holly
Lita vs. Molly Holly WWE Women's Title Lita starts of fast, but Molly takes control locking in a sleeper hold. Lita eventually powers out, but Molly retains control, leading to th...

OT:Who likes Country Gravy?
I love it! My favorite is from Church's Chicken.

Survivor Series - Woman's Championship Molly Holly Vs Lita
This one goes quickly outside with Lita being the aggressor, then back in the ring. A reverse whip to the top rope by Lita, but she gets caught and thrown out. Back in the ring Mol...

Team Angle vs. Team Lesnar
Benoit comes in and goes to work on Lesnar. Lesnar quickly gets advantage, and goes for an F-5. Benoit counters, however, and sets up a crossface, but to no avail. He gets another...

Team Angle vs. Team Lesnar
Team Angle vs. Team Lesnar They're starting the PPV with the Smackdown Main Event, oh wait, that' s apparently McMahon/Taker. Hardcore Holly punks Lesnar, running him down ...

Team Angle vs. Team Lesnar
The Smackdown Survivor Series match is opening. John Cena in his rap even said the card is ass backwards. Cena's rap did not get the reaction you'd hope for. Wow, Angle and Lesnar are in the...

Survivor Series - Final Elimination
It's Benoit against Brock and Benoit gets the cross face in and Brock taps out, leaving it the Show against Cena and Benoit. Benoit tags in Cena, but the show doesn't see it and slams Benoit...

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