Ricky Steamboat
http://sports.ign.com/articles/440/440595p1.html Ricky Steamboat discusses a number of topics on IGN.com in an interview promoting the latest Legends of Wrestling video game. Among the...

New Book Celebrates The Crap In Wrestling
Oz. The Shockmaster. The Chamber of Horrors. Midgets wearing eye patches and shark fins trying to blow up boats. We've all seen our share of really horrible things in professional wres...

McMahon Discussses WWE's Financial Numbers, Plans For The Future
http://www.1wrestling.com/news/newsline.asp?news=16409 WWE hosted a stockholders conference call to discuss the second quarter numbers (which you can read by clicking here) and their o...

Survivor Series Notes
Speaking of WWE and finances, the company announced a four cents a share dividend to stockholders last week. On my hotline, I talked about what that was worth to Vince McMahon. Bill Taylor s...

Huge Payday For Vinnie Mac
WWE released their financial numbers today for the second quarter, which ended on October 24. As I have said many times in the past, I am no financial expert, and I want to make that clear u...

Fire up Ol' Sparky. VTY, Johnny Carwash johnnycarwash411@aol.com "I really don't know clouds at all" "You cannot ma...

John Mohammed Guilty On All Counts
http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=519&e=1&u=/ap/20031117/ap_on_re_us/sniper_shootings_trials Jury Reaches Verdict in Muhammad Trial By MATTHEW BARAKAT, Assoc...

(FAQ) How To Post To Usenet
How To Post To Newsgroups _Post a message asking how to post messages. _Lead a tireless crusade for the creation of newsgroups with silly names like alt.my.butt.is.hairy. <...

[AWARDS] Official Ballot -- 2003 R.s.p-w Year-End Awards
PLEASE follow these very simple rules, or else I reject your ballot! It's that simple! Fill in the spaces AFTER the colons! DON'T do any funny formatting! HTML, MIME and M...

The BCS is wack
THE Ohio State University is expected to jump over U$C in this week's BCS rankings, although the Trojans demolished their opponant and tOSU barely squeaked by theirs. Yes, Purdue is a better...

[AWARDS] 2nd Call for Votes, 2003 Rec.Sport.Pro-Wrestling Year-End Awards
This is the second call for votes for the 2003 R.s.p-w Year-End Achievement Awards. The R.s.p-w (rec.sport.pro-wrestling) Year-End Achievement Awards are an Internet tradition da...

For those of you interested in getting matches, cards, etc off the binary group...
I just got turned on to these guys and their deal is pretty amazing. If you're looking to get matches, PPVs, etc off the binary groups, Astraweb is only charging $10 a month for TWENTY FIVE ...

the cashout curse...lets rename it..the cashout fraud...
also, noticed its not just an all out curse, it roams and ranges in its cripling..

Demi Moore
I don't know how much credability People mag has, but just saw this piece on a potential third Charlies Angels movie with Demi Moore! She stole the show from them in "Charlies Angels :...

Smack Your TV
$2 Million Multimedia 'Smack Your TV' Initiative over Next 4 Months Designed to Attract New Viewers World Wrestling Entertainment Launches New Ad Campaign for WWE SmackDown!; $2 M...

WWE Releases Financial Information: Paints Positive Outlook For The Future
World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., Reports Q2 Results, Profitability Up, Expectations Raised STAMFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--11/17/2003--World Wrestling Entertainment, I...

Anyone think edge will return as a heel?
I mean, the SD! roster already has enough faces as is. Edge would just get lost in the shuffle as the uber-babyface he once was. Make him a more sadistic version of his 2000 reeking with awe...

[WWE] [PPV] Survivor Series - Hack-Thoughts - 2003/11/16
Here's my review of the latest outing from WWE, based on "how much money was this match worth?" At the end, I add it all up and see if the PPV as a whole was worth the sum of its matches. <...

WrestleMania XX - My Markout Card
Here is the card I am hoping they can put together for Mania XX. I'm not saying these would be the GREATEST matches, but I want to mark HARD for this event... and the only way i'm going to ...

Wrestlemania XX - HHH Question
Okay, I know mostly everyone believes HHH has unlimited creative control in the back, and would never shy down from putting himself over, especially at the times it suits him best. <...

Kane In Buried Alive Match
Wouldn't it have been interesting if Michael Cole and Tazz would have acted like they weren't sure who Kane was due to the roster split. Or at least made it uncertain for a few moments.

attention [AGB] whistler's mother!
hey bro.. CWF Needs you.. Mike told me he needs you for something and wonders why you did not mail him back

Kane Helps Undertaker
"Hi, I live in Dallas, Tx. and this is what I saw at Survivor Series tonight. After Kane interfered with the "Buried Alive " match, I kept watching over in that direction when I n...

Kurt Angle, Steve Austin's Pyshical Status
As we know Kurt Angle will undergo surgery today and it is expected to go well, what with the experience of Dr. Jho. Last week Angle said he would be taking things on a week-to-week basis, b...

Lesnar-Holly Title Match
At last Tuesday's SmackDown taping, prior to Survivor Series, they added a bonus match for fans in attendance. Brock Lesnar challenged Hardcore Holly to a title match. Holly won the match bu...

Nowinski In Serious Condition
Chris Nowinski has been cleared to continue with training after being sidelined for about five months with post-concussion syndrome, which ended Bret Hart's career. Nowinski has been battlin...

Origin Of John Cena Angle
In a recent interview with XXL Magazine, John Cena said that the creative team got the idea from his gimmick after they heard him goofing around with Rikishi and Rey Mysterio backstage durin...

Experimental House Show Backfires
Last week we reported that WWE has been experimenting at house shows giving no intermissions during the show to make it seem more like a TV taping. This really took a toll on merchandise sal...

New Talent
Kenzo Suzuki recently told reporters that he had signed a three year contract with WWE and would be starting in the SmackDown brand in December. Last we reported, he and WWE only had a verba...

official theme song of the 2003 Survivor Series
"Build a Bridge" by Limp Bizkit

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