Who (?) wants Stephanie to return?
I do. ------------------------------------- "STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN IS THE TOUGHEST SON OF A BITCH I EVER SAW!!!"- Jim Ross

Hey C the Shocker
You need to update your blog more often. I marked hard for that Christmas post. -- Burnside <burnside@descension.org> - http://www.c0llision.org/ "No matter what they...

I marked out for Coach today
That shit he told "S.H.I.T" and then that dismissive "ha ha ha" laugh afterwards. lmao -- Majiin - version

Matt Hardy dumped Lita for Shannon Moore...
I guess he wanted a blonde.

Unpredictable Raw
Wow! I've been watching Raw every week since 1997. Tonight wasn't the best Raw ever but it was the best Raw I've seen in over a year. It was unpredictable, it had more than six matches (whic...

Solid RAW
Solid Raw tonight to follow up an excellent PPV. Raw is really rolling and the main reason why is the way they're finally building their World Champion, Bill Goldberg. I don't know if I'm th...

RAW thoughts
Well. I was expecting Stone Cold to be back already, but no signs pointing in that direction. Could he actually be taking some serious time off, possibly to make a big comeback for Wrest...


How big are your tvs?
i didnt see a nipple on my 25" screen.

RAW roulette:Salt Lake City
What (nAnR) changes from last year's RAW roulette will be on the wheel???? Here's last years matches: WWE RAW Roulette Bra & Panties Match TLC Match Bl...

I Would Have Marked Oot...
If when Kane came out at the end of Goldberg's beatdown by Evolution we heard: Lawler: "It's Kane! It's KANE~! What is he doing here?!? My God, who's booking this crap!"...

Miss Jackie Popped Out!!!
Did anyone else notice Miss Jackie pop-out tonight??? It was after she was grabbing Val's leg and he knocked her down, she got up and Lance Storm was standing right behind her. Her right nip...

HHH Did the "Right" Thing, All Right
Jobbing to Goldberg was "right" in the sense that he did the job 1st so that he could come back this evening and regain the heat he thinks he has, only tenfold. -curious Mayb...

WWE Armageddon
The following is the current card for WWE Armageddon: WWE IC Title: Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Randy Orton --Rumored: World Heavyweight Title: Goldberg (c) vs...

HHH - Lay Off the Cheeseburgers
Where's that six-pack? He's letting himself go now that he's married to the billion-dollar heifer. I can only imagine what she looks like now.

This was a Horrible Raw
All Bitchoff, all the time. The stuff that wasn't Bitchoff-related was DUDS-Test/Steiner, Rico-Val and Evolution-Goldberg. Jason Kreitzer with Ivory Libraries gave...

is this an angle or has austin called it quits?

[RAW] HGH Pins Goldberg
Goldberg was singlehandedly destroying Evolution when ONE RKO and ONE Dog Food Drop suddenly becomes enough to put Goldberg away. What bullshit. Evolution then ganged up on Goldberg and HG...

Big RAW Storyline For Next Week, Kane To SmackdowN!
As announced on RAW, the RAW Roulette returns on next week's live telecast. Reviews to the all RAW Roulette show from a while back were pretty good, so this could be interesting. ...

Lucky Bastard!

I missed the nipple.
No nipples for me.

Cuban's hair
1.0 on the Keith scale. ------------------------------------- The carpet crawlers heed their callers: "We've got to get in to get out."

WWF On Jeopardy
There was a question on Jeopardy tonight pertaining to Chyna wanting the part of the girl in Terminator 3. They referred to the fed as the WWF. Thought this was kinda funny.

Peek a Boo Miss Jackie
Peek a Boo miss jackie, they want out.. they're trying to tell her something. ---------------- I rip through rhymes like a bullet in the breeze - uncle kracker http://members.car...

Lita will kill what's left of Christian's heat
Say goodbye to your peeps you creepy little bastard.

[RAW] Val Venis vs. Rico
Ladies and Gentlemen, THIS IS WRESTLECRAP! You've got the wrestling porn star backed by The Boring Guy from Canada Who Is Trying To Be Cool by Acting Like The Godfather vs. The Las Veg...

Matt Hardy is cool again
All is right with the world (Except for all the bad stuff)

[RAW] Matt Hardy Turns Heel
YEAARRRGGGHHHHH! THIS FUCKING SUCKS!!!!! I guess the new rule is that being a face is illegal on Raw. Expect everyone else on the roster to be heels who suck up to B...

Hey does Matt Hardy know he's proposing to a dog?
Open your frickin eyes Matt, you've gotten better poontang.

Original RSPW Trolls?
Pope of my Pants got people really mad, as RSPW was very on-topic when he began his postings.

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