Actors you would like to see in WWE for...
...a four or five week story arc...just for the absurdity of it. Off the top of my head I think John Malkovich, Jack Black, Edward Norton and Jeff Bridges would do some interesting pro...

Anyone else try Final Fantasy X-2 yet?
I picked this up yesterday, have only played for about an hour and a half, so I haven't gotten hooked yet. Um, it sure is girly. Stacy Keibler would like it. ------------- ...

Poll: Would You Let Jacko Molest You For 1 Million?
I'd let him fondle my hairy sack. Jimbo Jones -Most Respected RPSW Poster (99-current)

questoin 4 conservatives
do u guys consider mentally handicap 2 be beneath you because we are minorities? I'm not looking 4 argument just want to know your opinion. Your Pal, HandicapAndProud

RSPW copied term "Brah" from mentally handicap
yeah tha'ts right my nizzle, Remember Cody from step by step his character was mentally handicap and he popularised word "brah" and now everyone in rspw say it. i'm not put forth my age...

Gimmick idea
Why WWE not do idea of mentally handicap wresler make it big and become world champion good positive story Zack Gowen doe'snt count becos he not brain imbalanced just 1 leg. like cactus jack...

Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle underwent surgery early this week to remove a bone spur in his neck. Needless to say, in light of Kurt's previous major neck surgeries, there is a lot of worry among wrestling fan...

John Cena=Ratings
Smackdown drew a 3.6 Neilsen Media Research rating last night, down from the 3.7 the week before and the same as the rating two weeks ago. The show opened with a 3.6 rating and bounced...

Goldust Future Plans
Dustin "Goldust" Runnels will not be re-signed by the promotion when his contract expires in Mid-January. The move had been expected for some time and was met with great joy overseas as ZERO...

Police Report Details On Crash Holly's Death
Bill Gamblin, Jr. , a journalist for local newspapers in Santa Rosa County, Florida sent me the following article: Michael 'Crash Holly' Lockwood Nov. 20, 2003 By Bill ...

The Hoss Report
Jim Ross, executive vice president for talent relations, updated this afternoon on several injured Superstars: Edge returns to see Dr. Lloyd Youngblood in mid-January, at which...

Ratings, Austin Book, Flair DVD, ROH, Hardy, Trish
-The Nielsen basic cable network ratings for the week of November 10-16t were released yesterday. "WWE Raw Zone" finished at #4 (3.1) and "WWE Raw" came in at #6 (2.9). The top show for the ...

Injury Updates also listed a number of injury updates on performers. Kevin Nash will report to Dr. Hae-Dong Jho (who did the surgery on Kurt Angle earlier this week) in December to evaluate his nec...

Goldust...YOU'RE FIRED!! announced that the contract of Dustin "Goldust" Runnels will not be renewed when it expires in January 2004. The complete statement read as follows, "WWE has elected not to offer a n...

Video Game Bosses
Who is the toughest video game villan to defeat? (i.e., Bowser? Dr. Wiley? Gannon? Mike Tyson?)

Japanese invent fembot
Article here: Japanese language homepage here: <...

I got an interview for a job in TOKYO!
No more freezing my ass off in Sapporo. This black man is going back to fucking civilization!

(OT) Bush may have bottomed out ...
New York – If the 2004 Presidential election was held today, registered voters surveyed for TIME/CNN would choose President George W. Bush over any of the declared Democratic candidates. <...

I got four words for Michael Jacko
Ee hee owww, shamone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(OT) I would have chucked a brick or rock at
Michael Jackson's SUV when he was tooling around Las Vegas.

Ethnicity wrestling has not depicted?
? ********************** No hablo espanol.

Who was more talented, marty or shawn?
Which member of the rockers had more talent?

? Undertaker
How long will he be out?

ECW - Path of Destruction
Anyone else have this? It just arrived via Netflix. I think I'll try to watch it tonight.Any opinions on it?

The Survivor Chat room on the website... I logged in as "JonRules" Let the mayhem begin....

If Undertaker returns as the deadman....
... will paul bearer return with the white makeup and the urn? --- JD864~ but... hes not a wrestler!

Gimmick Idea: Bill Brasky
need i say more? ********************** No hablo espanol.

RVD Speaks Out On Contracts, NWA:TNA, WMXX Match, Comics, more
Show: The Interactive Interview (Courtesy of Guest: Rob Van Dam Date: 21st November 2003 One Of A Kind… Rob Van Dam is our special guest on this week‘s show.

(ER) RIP Dr. Robert "Rocket" Romano
Spolier Alert S P O I L E R S P A C E You were my favorit...

My Political That places me almost dead on top of Ghandi, and in the same neighborhood as Nels...

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