Workrate hypocrite read this
workrate rip on steroid wrestler because they harming body with artificial roid. But workrate wrestler harming own body too see how many neck surgery they need and dynamite kid sh...

Vince McMahon cares
He dont support stupid cruiserweight wrestler because he dont want to see young wrestler get injured so much and need to take soma and other pain med and become junky. He looking out ...

Goodbye Goldust, You Were Truly a Joke
See you in another few years when you are offered a job as a wrestling transvestite. Jimbo Jones -Most respected RSPW poster (99-current)

If the rumor is true that Sammy Hagar is back in Van Halen..
....would a new album sell or bomb? - "If I were me, I'd start me" Auburn's 3rd team JUCO Tailback-Brandon Jacobs "With this new digital technology, the suckiness com...

Any superfat RSPW persons here?
Anyone here weigh over 300? We need more fat wrestler WREStLING SCHOOL RIPOFFS Dragan

What wrestling need now
More voodoo wrestlers Dragan

Reason people unfairly attacking Michael Jackson
homophobes! If he was boink little girls you will make him your hero and mark for him. R KELLy = BONY MARONI STUD PLAYER KING OF POP = VICTIM OF GAY BASHING ...

England lucky
They lucky they dont make Bush too angry with effigy fall and thing like that. They lucky that Bush have compassionate conversatism because if not he will nuke them like we did to Vietnam! ...

Where is Tony Sciavone?
And wouldn't it be great to see him reunite with Jim Ross to call wrestlemania at some point? You had to think Tony's over-the-to promoting and talking about everything else rather than the...

WWE need to incorporate hunting into show
maybe get kabelas as sponsor and part of show will include hunting contest with wrestler like stone cold shooting bear in middle of show I guarantee this will get big pop. Dragan ...

Britney's album projected to sell 600k copies... its first week. Thats more than I thought..I was figuring she would have a dramatic drop off the cliff sales wise. Still less than her last one though. - "If I were m...

Sonny Ohno to manage Yakuza
Ohno was japanese badass He need to ride in with tats on arms and big Honda Motorcycle Dragan

This will shake your monitor

Michael Jackson situation
It make you have more respect for Kobe Bryant for his action with 1) woman and 2) POA woman and 3) barely legal woman. Kobe = all around class act and good guy for going for quality ...

I marked for Miami police
They did great job. I wish they maim more people to prove point that either you with us or against us. Protest against this great country is unamerican and need rapid beatdown by awesome sho...

Tazz starts his own wrestling fed Oh wait, it might just be his family reunion website

Tank Abbott lose again
He belong in WWE he will be star. i want see him do ground and pound on other wrestler and his partner big gay al as security. Dragan

RSPW Hegemony or Survival
RSPW imperialistic in try take over other newsgroup like alt.horror and apww despite risk of flood attack. I have been written disseration on this topic that I to present at RSPW convention...

Dark Secret Of Michael Jackson's Bedroom Lair Dark secret of his bedroom lair Fri Nov 21, 7:08 AM ET

Goldust petition
Someone sent me a link to the Keep Dustin Runnels Petition, so I thought I'd pass it along. I signed it. What can it hurt, ya know. ...

Please RSPW No Bald jokes
it offensive to me and my minority becos most us have male pattern baldness even my frend he like early 20's and look like George Castanza.

Console online gaming? Who's got it? Post your info here...
PS2? Xbox Live? What games do you have that are online enabled for PS2? Do you have Xbox Live? If so, what games and what's your nick? We really need to start hooking ...

If you COULD pimpslap some famous who would it be?
and why?

Will Teddy Long comment on the Michael Jackson case on Raw?
Of course he will. He'll say either : 1. This is just another example of whitey trying to put a black man down! Beliedat! or 2. Michael Jackson is a reverse racis...

Stupid Thing Aboot Ric Flair DVD Packaging
Was it really necessary for them to use the stupid "security strip" on a PAPER case? I went to peel it off, and I noticed that it was going to peel off some of the image with it and make the...

PAB award goes to John Henry.
The monthly PAB (punk ass bitch) goes to John Henry for his lies on killfiling posters. Johny boy claims to killfile a poster who kicked his ass but, yet he REPLIES? That vile action g...

ps2 as DVD player
does the PS2 play DVDs well, or do i need a DVD player and a ps2?

my political compass deal

FunkyM just has two questions:
Why are there so many songs about rainbows and what's on the other side? C'MON, BABY!!

What the WWE needs right now:
"applause" and "jeers" signs for the crowd! FunkyM: waiting for the day Vince tells the crowd YOU'RE FIIIIIIIIIRED!!! C'MON, BABY!!

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