WWE RAW Brand House Show Results From Tocama Washington: Tacoma Dome
Here are the results from this evening's awesome RAW brand house show, WWE Unleashed from the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, WA. The Coach came out and announced that he would be t...

WWE Smackdown House Show In Los Angeles: Staples Center
I just got back from WWE Up Close & Uncensored (Smackdown House Show) at Staples Center here in Los Angeles. It was a nice sized crowd and I was happy to be in the third row where you could ...

bad cybersex

The black kid in Charlie's Angels 2 was my son.
"Don't touch the Blaqman's do!" He's a great kid.

H.W.C. re-visited.
Heard this song the other day on Yahoooooooooooooooooo! radio. Not bad. But I wonder if there's a video.... (cue lvubun) -- Tsar Andy Atkinson Card-c...

Dead Wrestler Biography: Renegade
Gained small noteriety by impersonating a former male prostitute. His girlfriend called him a loser and walked out. He took a lead tylenol painkiller. No one missed him. Not even his dog....

Deer Dragan
Yakov Smirnov called. He's coming for his gimmick.

D-Chance's favorite Irish singer...

(OT) Winamp 5
Thumbs up. <EOM>

Do you remember that angle(n.K)with Jimmy Valiant and Pez Whatley?
Pez attacks Jimmy for saying something racially sensitive, but Pez is booked as the heel! You have to love Georgia mentality.

You know what would be cool?
Footage of farts captured on infra-red camera. That would be cool. -- Rockboy I think my life is passing me by

Anyone want to try and classify this fetish?
http://www.ampland.com/humor/03/1003.jpg Not safe for work. Not really safe for anyone.

Bring in Wendell from TE3.
...and have him keep his gimmick of being a conceited asshole who thinks he is better than everyone else, but when the chips are down he fucks everything up: he blows up just walking to the ...

(SMACKDOWN! YOUR VOTE) Who's better, me or C The Shocker?
Other than Neidhart. I'll go first: NADZILLA. He's the best, and he'll post Photoshopped nude pictures of the Olsen twins if you vote for him. -A (loves democracy)

My Weekend in Wrestling
Friday I had a meeting with a local promoter. He wants me to book, I want to wrestle. We'll see what ends up happening. MLW looks to be back in business and Chasyn will be wrestling on all t...

His skill to make funny sign was uncanny and make him funnier than Lagana or Herwitz. Other guy his partner Lenny Lane was idiot never impressed me. Dragan

Dead Wrestler Biography: Dino Bravo
Was star in WWF man from Canada. Was worlds strongest man until Ted Arcidi. Died tragically in rumored justifiable homicide by bounty hunter New Jack. Dragan

Dead Wrestler Biography: Brian Pillman
From Ohio. Played football was star at Miami Ohio despite small size. Was on Bengals but not success then CFL. Wrestler with Stu Hart Dungeon. Very crazy. Marry penthouse playmate Melanie. S...

Dead Wrestler Biography: Art Barr
His father famous promoter in Oregon. He became star in Oregon then WCW but star crashed after he diddle underage girl (he probably get major respect from boys in the back for this action h...

Dead Wrestler Biography: Yokozuna
He was big star in sumo wrestling. Then he come to WWF and very big presence. Heenan have many story of him but I don't remember them now. Anyway Yoko get title because Hogan dont want to ...

RSPW Dead Wrestler Biography
I ask each person on RSPW to pick Dead Wrestler and do biography of this person. Can do as short or long as want post to RSPW asap so we can collect and make milliions by selling "Tributes ...

Bring back Midnight Express
For intro music alone they need come back. I will mark to seel m.e. back with Condrey and Eaton version manage by Cornette they old and flabby but music make fans mark. They can do supernat...

American wrestlers harder worker than japan wrestlers
Our boys work harder to learn proper cycling of steroid and how to make body look better and cut promos. Stupid jap wrestler only know how to jump around ring like gymnast (very gay). ...

Who (maybe) does RSPW hate more?
HHH Shane Vince Steph Russo Bischoff Zenk ???

OT: I markout for this tournament
Comment: lol lol lol. http://espn.go.com/page2/s/overrated/bracket/finalfour.html -- Majiin - version²°°³

Farting Frank Sinatra

[POLL] Which Tenchi girl would you want to fall in love with you?
Haven't seen this poll in a while so... which Tenchi girl would you want to spend the rest of her life worshipping you? a) Ryoko b) Ayeka c) Washu d) Mihoshi e) Sa...

State of Emergency in Georgia: Gov't Overthrow
This probably have to do with confederate flag. F'n hillbillies they will not do this if WCW was still there. Dragan

People that dont like gimmick ideas
In 5 year you will still be posting to RSPW while I be head writer for WWE (Raw or Smackdown not sure which). Dragan

WWE need to do outdoor show in -5 degree weather
copy NHL idea it will get big publicity. Have show in Calgary since those canada people love cold weather. Make them freeze butt off as they watch funaki vs jamie noble. Dragan

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