Who would you pimpslap for Kicks?

TeHawk Gayaphile?

Does TeHAwk WOrk?

What To Expect On RAW
The main-event will be Goldberg vs. Triple H for the title. While WWE will likely use the roulette to set up a match that would be stacked against Goldberg (although that's not confirmed), G...

OT Rare WWF,ECW, WCW Action Figures For Sale
Arnold Schwarzenegger Commando 16" Doll 1986 various WWF, WCW, ECW Figures from 80s to early 90's justice league aquaman and flash http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewSellersOther...

Nowkinski's Future
a.. Christopher Nowinski continues to see a headache specialist because of severe headaches believed to have been caused from all of the concussions that he has sustained before and during h...

Mark Jindrak
-Jindrak joins GIR and confirms that Steve Austin grilled both he and Garrison Cade on looking for nicknames. He actually assigned "homework" to the two young wrestlers, to come up with 10 ...

Boy sold as dog meat
Just when you thought you've heard it all....sick fucks! Boy Sold to Restaurant as Dog Meat HANOI (Reuters) - Vietnamese drug addicts kidnapped a mute teenager, bundled him ...

Zo finally calls it a career
http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/news?slug=ap-mourningretires&prov=ap&type=lgns Too bad for him, and too bad for the Nets fans who thought he was going to lead them back to the finals. ...

Mick Foley: Words To Live By
Meltzer has the following item in the 2003-11-24 WON: ...Foley has hinted about a potential match with HHH and/or Orton in some of his speeches of late, as he's been touring c...

Quick one computer geeks
13320 cyl 15 heads 63 sectors Maxtor Is this worth keeping? VTY, Johnny Carwash johnnycarwash411@aol.com N...

To opponents of gay marriage
For those of you that oppose gay marriage, I've got some good news and some bad news for you. In traditional fashion, I'll give you the bad news first. Bad news (from your perspe...

Jackson's Camera Man Dies!
x-no-archive:yes http://www.nzherald.co.nz/storydisplay.cfm?storyID=3535595&thesection=news&thesubsection=world Cameraman collapses, dies covering Jackson arrest 2.10pm LOS ...

(ot) I'm pulling a PUNK'D on a friend, need suggestions!
Scenario: My friend is an outspoken atheist who trolls and starts flamewars on certain Christian message boards. I've told him to be careful about who you piss off because he coul...

Hart Foundation formation
One of the best dramatic moments in wrestling for me was the reformation of Hart Foundation--this time with Brett, Owen, Davey Boy Smith, and Jim Neidhart. It centered around a speech Brett ...

PING Site Critics
Site's serving pages again. Take a look at http://www.lowgenius.com/3_1test.asp and let me know what you think. It's still sort of preliminary; I haven't done the menu w...

(War) Holy crap! EDC was right!
There really are battle donkeys: Life Worsens for Donkeys Under Suspicion Nov 24, 10:08 am ET By Michael Georgy BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Since guerrillas used do...

More On Muhammed's Death Sentence
http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=519&e=1&u=/ap/20031124/ap_on_re_us/sniper_shootings_trials Sniper Mastermind Receives Death Sentence By MATTHEW BARAKAT, As...

[AWARDS] Official Ballot -- 2003 R.s.p-w Year-End Awards
PLEASE follow these very simple rules, or else I reject your ballot! It's that simple! Fill in the spaces AFTER the colons! DON'T do any funny formatting! HTML, MIME and M...

[AWARDS] 2nd Call for Votes, 2003 Rec.Sport.Pro-Wrestling Year-End Awards
This is the FINAL call for votes for the 2003 R.s.p-w Year-End Achievement Awards. The R.s.p-w (rec.sport.pro-wrestling) Year-End Achievement Awards are an Internet tradition dat...

[ICW] [VIDEO REVIEW] The Rap Sheet - Streaming Videos #16
The Rap Sheet - from the Crimefighter Special Streaming Video Edition #16 11/24/2003 And the year is beginning to wind down. Last time I did a look at some matches from www....

[MEMPHIS] This is your life, Jerry Lawler
-----Original Message----- From: Gregory White <gregrageous@startrek.net> To: Mempho@yahoogroups.com <Mempho@yahoogroups.com> Date: Sunday, November 23, 2003 1:24 PM <...

[MEMPHIS] Memphis wrestling Nov 22 2003
Memphis Wrestling >> >Home of Rhythm & Bruise >> >written by Gregory White Gregrageous@startrek.net >>November 22 2003 >> >UPN studios Memphis TN <...

Newsgroups where the talk is around Michael Jackson
Newsgroups where the talk is around Michael Jackson _______________________________________________ [1] alt.music.michael-jackson [2] alt.gossip.celebritie...

Species 3
The direct to video sequel trend continues, with FilmJerk now bringing to light further details about the recently mooted "Species 3". The film's been pushed back till February, when it will...

Dark Angel
Does James Cameron want to take his short-lived TV Series, "Dark Angel", and put it on the big screen? A'la "Firelfy". Jessica Alba said he does, well at one point he did. "Jim talked to me ...

I'm Batman
Apparently the plan for the next "Batman" film was for it to be a series restart, and not have any links to the previous movies. How things quickly change. A scooper for Batman On Film tells...

Idaho Women's Group Boycotts WWE Event
University wrestles with campus WWE SmackDown Brandon Beckham News Reporter November 24, 2003 An emergency meeting of the Boise State Women's Center Advisory Boar...

Flair DVD
I don't think this would be news, but maybe a goof on WWE's part. On the Ric Flair DVD, his match with Terry Funk at Clash of the Champions IX in Troy, NY was dated 11/15/89. That same match...

Matt Foley > Mick Foley > Jack Foley
chris farley is truly one of the greats. i miss that guy --- JD864~ SNL was Farley

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