I love this T-shirt.

Remember when Tommy Dreamer was on your TV?
... and not jobbing?

"Real World" In Real Trouble?
NBCSandiego.com 'Real World' San Diego House Site Of Sexual Assault? Police Confirm Investigation Is Under Way POSTED: 11:06 a.m. PST November 25, 2003 UPDATED: 11:14 a.m. PS...

Tommy Dreamer Upset Mark Henry Ate His Sandwich
After their match at the November 22nd Raw-Brand house show, Tommy Dreamer & Mark Henry were very upset with one another and had words about something that occured during their match. This i...

John Cena
WWE.com has an interview up with John Cena. Cena notes that he has finished work on his debut CD, which will feature Matt Hardy on one of the songs. Cena also discusses his recent switch to ...

Thanksgiving edition of Smackdown
Food fight? Gravy bowl match? What holiday-themed stuff will we get this year? SPAMguard: add a dash between "Hack" and "Man" to send me email -- ...

Questions that should be answered
Let's face it.can any game of roulette lead to the greatest night of your life? Were those Vegas-type showgirls really representative of Las Vegas showgirls? Judging by...

WWE writers threatened by entertainment advisor
He's looking over their shoulder. ****** "Where's MY book?!" -Molly Holly Proud member of the B.O.B.

WWE gets outside help
ENOUGH ALLFUCKINGREADY ABOUT THE HOLLYWOOD ADVISOR DAMNIT!!! ****** "Where's MY book?!" -Molly Holly Proud member of the B.O.B.

WWE brings in Hollywood advisors
He's going to work closely with Stephanie McMahon. ****** "Where's MY book?!" -Molly Holly Proud member of the B.O.B.

WWE has hired a creative consultant
His name is Steve Borden(n. Sting) ****** "Where's MY book?!" -Molly Holly Proud member of the B.O.B.

Happy Happy Joy Joy
WWE had much better houses last weekend than they lows that they experienced a few weeks ago. The 11/21 Raw show in Detroit did about 3,100 paid for about $100,000. The next night in T...

Tajiri Working Sick
Tajiri worked the house shows with the flu and a high fever, well into the 100s. From what I heard, he still insisted that he wrestle, even though he probably should have been in bed. ...

Backstage Notes From RAW
Management was said to be very happy with what they saw of Christian working as a babyface with Lita at the house shows this weekend. I don't know where they are going with the angle b...

Are Observer reviewers Feminists?
I mean really.

Hey Hog Huckster...you know that dream you have...about WWE going out of business?
From WON: "Even though there is no sign that there is a turnaround in interest in the product, World Wrestling Entertainment as a business, had its most profitable quarter in year...

Rey Rey
If you´re 5 feet 4 inches tall and 165 pounds, you probably wouldn´t seek a career where men 100 pounds heavier and 2 feet taller than you try to hit you over the head with a folding chair. ...

WWE Makes Mistake, New Armaggeddon Matches, Flair Messes up
a.. The bell was not supposed to ring last night during the Triple H vs. Goldberg match on RAW upon Randy Orton's interference. This is why after Triple H gave Goldberg the pedigree the refe...

Little Johnny Kills Stevie Richards
A note on Stevie Richards from Raw last night. When Heidenreich dropped him, he didn't really get him extended, and Stevie landed on his neck, rather than back. The ref immediately put...

Out of the ordinary
Well, this week's show proved to be something out of the ordinary, but that's not always a good thing. Given that ''ordinary'' in this case would be the last two week's great shows, it hurts...

Off Air Notes From RAW
attended last night's Raw in Salt Lake City and it was just a great show. The crowd was off the hook all night and it seemed like the wrestlers appreciated that. Here is the off air r...

Lots Of News On WWE Creative Process
Lots of problems backstage with WWE's creative teams... As reported earlier, WWE has hired two "creative consultants" from Hollywood. These two will not provide input on actual storyli...

Bischoff is great as a solo act
Not as good as the original Raw Roulette, but that would be hard to top (remember the tables, ladders, chairs?) Nice to see another Buried Alive matchup, so soon after Survivor Series, as Bo...

RAW's problems
Tonight was a good Raw with three problems. The first one wasn't that big of a deal and that was the miscommunication for the World Title match. The second was how they handled Hurricane and...

Good show
really liked tonight's show as every match clicked and every match seem to have a purpose. The Goldberg-Triple H match was really good and I thought it was the best match on the show becaus...

Raw thoughts
All around, a good and electric show, but I can't but help feel some let down as I was there live at ringside last week in Beaumont. The ladies (Lita vs. Victoria) pulled off a decent cage m...

Best blog ever:
www.tardblog.com -- "Let's just say that fame was like a drug, but what was even more like a drug was the drugs." -Homer Simpson

Cartoon Network newseseses
4Kids has announced that the first 40 episodes on the new TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES animated series have been licensed out to Cartoon Network, to begin airing in the spring. Cartoon Netwo...

George Lucus is an idiot
http://www.mediasharx.com/article.php?sid=10233&mode=thread&order=0 We've heard from a number of interesting (and we believe reliable) inside sources that Lucsafilm is currently making...

What You Didnt See On RAW: Flair Injury Update
Just got back from Raw in SLC, and it was smoking hot! WWE made many errors, but we're cool. Here's all what happened when you all were not watching. Pre-Raw Night started off wit...

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