30 Aug 2006 00:52:29
PartyPoker.com Bonus Codes

The Site is www.50forme.com, it's basically a big advertisement for
Party Poker, but if you sign-up for partypoker.com using the bonus code
that's on his site, he transfers you $50. I know you're thinking "why
would anyone give me $50 for free" but here's how it works... for every
person that signs up for PartyPoker using his bonus code (50forme)
PartyPoker sends him $75, so he makes money for referring you,
PartyPoker does this because they see it as a way to get new people to
sign up for partypoker.com and then they make money off advertisements
on there web page and hope they get a good customer out of it. You
don't have to put down a credit card to get the $50 to play with, so
it's a good way to get started playing PartyPoker to see if you like
it. So go to www.50forme.com and read the instructions page. And if you
sign-up write "Mike Brown" under the "Referred By" section. Thanks!