30 Nov 2003 18:49:03
Da Meltz does a house show report...

WWE house show report from last night at the Cow Palace in San Francisco.

I didn't get the attendance figure but looked to be in the 4,000 range. Good
show overall. No super matches, but it had no down time and the people who
were there liked most of the show. Coach handled ring announcing but no Eric
Bischoff tonight. Coach does a good job with the show and was involved in
the most memorable incident, when he invited a young fan (6-7 years old)
into the ring and the kid had this look on his face like he was mad, and he
started throwing crazy punches and kicks at Coach. Coach never came close to
getting hit and the kid blew up fast and actually told Coach he liked him.
Fans were chanting "Cody" like crazy when they found out his name and
nothing on the show got as big a reaction.

1. Val Venis & Lance Storm b Rene Dupree & Rob Conway. Short match. The USA
chants were funny if you think about it. They used the old Hart Attack
finish on Conway for the pin. Storm now waves his hands at the crowd after
winning, and a lot of people, even though it's not over from TV, waved back.
I think we may have a new gimmick here.

2. John Heidenreich b Nick Dinsmore. The idea of this match was to try out
Heidenreich as a heel because nobody had sympathy for Big Bad John against
Dinsmore selling in Vegas. Crowd hated the match and gave it no chance, with
boring chants starting within the first minute. It fell apart as well.
Heidenreich won with a spinning side slam, like the Abyss black hole slam.

3. Lita & Trish Stratus b Molly Holly & Jazz when Lita pinned Holly with a
sick looking DDT on the top of her head. This match had the most heat of
anything on the show when Stratus played face in peril. Stratus and Molly
were very good.

4. Spike Dudley b Test with the Dudley dog after distraction from Stacy
Keibler. Test was much better at working the audience than I've seen him and
both did well. Short match, with the big man beating up little man until the
fluke pin deal. Test beat on Spike after the match until Garrison Cade &
Mark Jindrak made the save. They talked about how Spike is the toughest guy
in the company, and then, of course, turned on him, establishing themselves
as heels.

5. Dudleys b Jindrak & Cade to retain the tag titles with the 3-D on
Jindrak. Shorter match then the Dudleys usually do at house shows. Cade has
made some noticeable strides and was good in there with them. Probably the
second most heat on the show and maybe the best match.

6. Hurricane b Matt Hardy when Lita came out and gave Hardy a flying
huracanrana and Hurricane won with the final cut deal. Crowd was getting
tired at this point. Hardy also spent a lot of time working he left arm
trying to tell a story but people weren't buying it and no crowd reaction
until the big pop for the finish. The Lita move looked great.

7. Rico b Steven Richards with a spin kick after Richards turned around
after kissing Jackie. Considering how little both are pushed, the crowd was
into this a good deal. Entertaining for what it was and Rico was tremendous.
The women did their part as well.

8. Randy Orton & Batista b Booker T & Maven when Batista pinned Maven when
he met him coming off the top with a sick clothesline, and then used the sit
out power bomb. Orton has improved greatly when it comes to mannerisms and
carrying himself as a star. Maven played the face in peril. There were rough
spots with Batista. Only match on the show to go 10:00.

9. RVD won a three-way to keep IC title over Chris Jericho and Christian.
Jericho was entertaining but crowd only popped for the trademark RVD stuff.
Finish saw him kick a chair into Jericho's face and then do the five star on
Christian. Last minute or so was good but RVD was off a lot in the first

10. Bill Goldberg b Kane via DQ in the main event. What they did was hard
hitting, probably more than anything on the show. But crowd wasn't into
Goldberg selling much at all. Even though they've done angles on TV, it felt
like a cold match. Of course, they went nuts for all the spears at the end.
Solid execution but not a good main event. Orton & Batista ran in and both
got spears. Kane choke slammed Goldberg and everyone left but Goldberg,
which is a weird ending. The post-match was a lot more over than anything in
the match and neither guy got the reaction you'd expect coming out.

Credit: Da Meltz, himself.

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