no paintball this weekend
this blasted storm is due to make landfall in about an hour from now. ernesto isn't all that big of a storm but, it's pushing alot of water in front of it and ALOT of rain is coming down. li...

ro off topic of cancer uyk yuk
HOW TO INSTALL A HOME SECURITY SYSTEM Go to a second-hand store and buy a pair of men's used size 14-16 work boots. Place them on your front porch, along with several empty ...

Whats wrong with this ebay subject: ANGEL ONE - BRAND NEW/USED TWICE - FOR SALE
People, let me explain something to you. Used twice is not the same as brand new. Brand new means never used, brand spanking effing factory new, possibly still in the box, sealed, with ...

Free plug for Doc.
Just because I've grown addicted to the Tinker's Guild and just about everything associated with it. Thought you guys might enjoy it too. H...

what is ramping!?
Oh and please spare me the "smartass" answers. Thanx everyone

Rainmaker a-hole on ebay - by Habeeb
So I was browsing, thinking I might pick up an RM to cut apart and basically destroy (my dremel has been dormant for quite some time)...and I come across this item:

I am having trouble with my gun... uh oh!
Yeah I just went to paintball, but my gun is freaking out on me. I mean I fire 4 shots out of my tippmann and I have to recock. It's never done this to me before so I am completely lost on w...

Re: Barrel Length
I have a N*Game 3" barrel. I bought it for room to room combat. It is accurate enough but very loud. It also increases air consumption but I don't really understand why. I almost never ...

fish fry at hardtimes
hey guys i think HT is having a fishfry and unforgiven is doing the damm cooking...what the hell does he know about fish...maybe its poontang lol well we are all invited just ask for your c...

Sofgel Paintball machine.
Hi, I'm from the good ol Republic of South Africa. Paintball has really grown here and so because of the fact that there are no paintball manufacturers here in the Replublic, we've decided...

SMG-60... not! For anyone looking to collect, think...

Barrel Length Ok, so, I know I'm not "up" on the latest...

Want an f/x VM?
Nice for you guys that collect older stuff (Gosselin, this one might be for you)

TIPPY 98 custom pro issue
Hi i have this thing happening to my tippy 98 custom pro. Sometimes it just starts acting like a fully automatic it once and it "shoots" 6 or seven time at once. Since it ...

is sheridan the only one?
i've seen the sheridan paint rifle. wish i could find one to buy :-) and i really like it because it looked like a "real" rifle (to an extent). reminds me of an old 22 i had as a kid squirre...

Death in service. Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was since his birth records wer...

movie question
i just watched BLADE TRINITY again. but as i watched this time, i noticed that some of the characters ("familiars" security gaurds) were wearing what looked like paintball masks. i don't kno...

OT: Inside a terrist's mind

see the title..bad 4 soccor mom's

the flat line barrel on the a-5 is pretty good. i used one for a while on a borrowed a-5 and got used to it and thought it was the best. then i put a flat line on a 98c and it totally sucked...

must b tourny guys ???

1.. My wife and I divorced over religious differences. she thought she was God and I didn't. 2.. I Work Hard Because Millions On Welfare Depend on Me! 3.. Some people are alive onl...

Tactical Paintball VEST for sale on eBay Retails for $94


Light Ion
Me and my son had a look at a Ion the other day and noticed how light it was, Ideal for a light weight player, and feed neck fits his TSA very snug. The bad side is that it's ve...

Just had a look on US eBay, and I'm surprised at the prices of old pumps against the new semi's, there's quite a market going on.. -- Nobby Never let the bastards gri...


Looking for the guy interested in an Air compressor
Sorry for losing the name of whoever was asking me about a high pressure compressor and having to post here. I lost my old email in a crash and only know that it was for paintball. ...

Would you like to sell paintball equipment?
Sorry for the repost. After reading the initial comments to my first posting (which weren't all that positive) I wanted to rewrite it somewhat. See below for the abridged version:...

OT by Habeeb...again...Dodge Charger
Someone tell me...HOW DO THEY NOT MAKE IT WITH AN AVAILABLE STICK SHIFT? They have a model with 450hp, but no stick. WHY IN THE HELL IS THERE NO STICK???? Big Habeeb (a.k.a. Mitc...

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