OT for us guys
send it to someone you love ;-) Hoping that I will not be evicted from the female gender by writing this, I must reveal the shame that the Western woman carries with herself daily as <...

is this the dead group ? no paintball shit to talk about ? well how fast can a paintball be shot... 3 guesses and the first 2 don't count !! lets change this to a car group OK ? sh...

tippman = airsoft???
i just heard that tippman is about to release some new "airsoft" products (i use the airsoft name for lack of the tippman one). supposedly, they have made their own versions of the airsoft g...

BT-4 Assault upgrades
Does anybody know if you can add things like a response trigger to a BT-4? I know the barrel is compatible with the A5, so I was wondering if the grip frame was compatible with the tippman ...

oldest marker/gun here?
i have an old stingray and of course my old pro-lite but nothing that goes back further than that (1992). does anyone here have a marker older than that? and do you still take it out to...

4 h day.
yesterday the field was reserved for a 4 h group from a local school. i was under the assumption that it would be a bunch of young farm boys coming out to play rough and tumle. i was wrong. ...


low pressure on a tippman
my brother has my old 98 custom. he has added a cyclone feed and a responce trigger (along with a ton of other stuff). also a remote to his Co2 tank. he wants to use HPA but i told him it wo...

PSI Guage
If this makes any sense, would it be possible to put a psi guage on a regular 20 oz co2 tank. Kind of a way to get an idea of how much co2 is left. Thanks for your time.

New Video online
I have placed the video trailer from the DVD of the MXS 26-hour Scenario Paintball Game "The Circle of Ossus" online at www.ragtopvideo.com/me/2006ossus.wmv -- Th...

I'm selling a bunch of stuff
I have way too much paintball stuff. I am auctioning a bunch of it off. There are some really good deals. Check it out. http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZoverlord65QQhtZ-1 <...

Posting & Threads (Ongoing conversations)
I am just taking a pole here for opinions; Does anyone else in addition to me believe that threads should in fact be threads or that each post should be individualized? I feel that a ...

woods ballers
do you have structures built out on your play areas? we are still adding to ours. right now we have log cabin forts and fox holes surrounded with sand bags. blinds and sniper pits. coming so...

bloody red paintballs
i just bought yesterday some nelsplat balls that were red fill. when they hit they look alot like blood. but i was told by the owner of the pro shop that these were basically the last of the...

having a prob with my pro-lite
i totally stripped it down saturday night and cleaned/polished it. yesterday, i had a tiny air leak around the gas ine nut that connect under the gun body. i figured it's a tiny leak so what...

yesterdays games
a small group showed up yesterday but all good folks. the day was kinda weird. everyone (except 2 guys) had major paint problems. balls were breaking in every gun. it was strange. a few gun ...

Compressed Air Tank
I'm looking to buy a Pure Energy 72 ci/ 3000 psi tank and I've gotten a little confused reading everyone elses topics. So I was wondering (may be a stupid question) would a 175 psi diesel ai...

post to ............................................

did anybody play yesterday ? well it was boring huh ? maybe some of you are still camping hehehe....well nothing to post i guess...what a noob group this is !! no paintball talk here...well ...

Best deals
Hi Friends, Had a great experience at a web site and thought others might be interested. I have bought a lot of Vegas items online over the years and most have hidden fees or serv...

more news
this is where paintball is heading.... http://www.68caliber.com/news/tournament/story041534.php

this is not a NEWS group anymore its like a bunch of 12 year olds or old ladies

tippman effect is out...too bad they are a good team.Texas tourny x-ball

Building a Paintball Silencer
I have a phantom stock class marker and thought of building a silencer for it. Is building a silencer for a gun worth the trouble and if so, could anyone tell me were I could find a good pl...

Un-Safe air tanks An announcement was made August 12th 2005 by the Department of Transportation (DOT) notifying the public of a safety advisory. In summary the DOT and ...

story true
found on pbvids.com http://www.pbvids.com/forum/general-...13338-sad.html from pball talk a paintballer from the UK, chris. A loving man always cared about others ...

brass eagle



my shocker for sale
hey whats goin on, i havent posted in forever and though i might now first of all i have a super sweet all black shocker for sale, its mostly stock, it has -blk/clr dye sticky 3's ...

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