New Hunting reality show
Have you heard about this new hunting reality TV show that's seeking participants? It's called "Hunting for Bambi" and it's like Fear Factor meets Girls Gone Wild. 6 guys get to hunt 12 nake...

Items For Sale - See link
Do to a heart attack and Dr's orders (ok so it really kicked my ass and this time I have to listen) I have to sit on the side lines for a while. I figure I will sell off one of my markers....

Tippmann Barrel?
I bought a Custom 98 last week and notice about every third shot acts like a curve ball (left to right). After thirty feet it is enough to miss a three foot square. Is this normal? ...

Tippmann barrels.
I bought a Custom 98 last week and notice about every third shot acts like a curve ball (left to right). After thirty feet it is enough to miss a three foot square. Is this normal? ...

2005 LE Bob Long Ripper Intimidator For Sale Black/Red
Ok guys here is an awesome opertunity to get your hands on this gun at a great price. (NEW PRICE ONLY 1,450 + SHipping)This gun was used for one game and only had a little over a case put th...

Crazed Paintball Blowout Sale
PROFILERS- $74.99 NEXED NX-PRO Pants - $49.99 FREESTYLE PACKS- $13.99 and up and much more savings!!! Crazed Paintball Products is having it's largest sale ever! We are ...

affiliate contact
I heard that there are super affiliates who partner with new affiliates to market their business/opportunity. I don't know how it works exactly so conatct me if you can fill me in.

Need alias grip frame
I am trying to find a grip frame for an Alias Timmy. Any help with web pages would be appreciated.

hi, I own a dragunfly and I think it is a great gun. I have had only two problems with my gun: my tank didn't fit on the gun (I have a phat drop forward now that looks much better anywa...

Regulator for a Bushmaster
Hey Guys I recently picked up a Bushmaster 2000, the regulator is stock and have been looking around for a new any suggestions on a good one to buy. Lee

HPA Tank
I am looking for an inexpensive but reliable way to play Paintball in the cold weather. Our Co2 is not working out for that. Is this a decent buy for under $100? PMI Pure Energ...

Kingman Spyder Imagine 2004 Parts Compatibility
Hi all, Someone should be able to answer these simple questions: 1. Does the Kingman Spyder Imagine 2004 use the same size & shape bolt as (is compatible with) the Kingman S...

Apparently the rumors are true; at least for the CFOA. -- Volt - TI2 007 All great truths begin as...

Opinions on the Q-loader, anyone use one?
So I'm looking into buying a Q-loader. The design and operation of it has me enamored and I like the fact that there isn't a 3-4 inch hopper waiting to get marked as I pop up for some sna...

holy crap my marker has a high muzzle velocity...
12,960,000 inches/hour

Best HPA tank
Ok, I'm ready to buy a HPA Tank for my A-5 and I want some opinions as to what would be the best tank. I think I'm going with a 450068 ci. Are there some that are lighter, smaller, or ...

Tippmann service.
I bought my first marker this weekend. A Tippmann Custom 98. When I got it home and tried to operate it the balls rolled out of the barrel unfettered. There was a part called the "Ball Latch...

Need alias grip frame
I am trying to find a grip frame for an Alias Timmy. Any help with web pages would be appreciated.

Skirmish Scenario Question
Hey has anyone ever played any scenario games at Skirmish in Jim Thorpe PA? I have never played any scenarios yet at all. I was considering playing the upcoming Stalingrad game on March 12t...

Springfield Missouri Paintball competition
This weekend is the Kick'n 2005 Paintball Tournament. Touted as the largest indoor 5-man competition in the U.S., 42 teams and a Young Guns 3-man competiton too. We'll have to go by and...

CP lightning drop
I was wondering if anyone knows where I can purchase a black custom products two inch lightning drop. I called cp and they do not stock them anymore. All the online stores only have the tw...

new shop !!
Brand new shop in Belgium 300sqm

Another Co2/HPA question
My kids play with Tippmann 98C markers. They saved up some cash and added Response Triggers and Ceramic Barrels for them. They are eager to get back out and play but the weather has been t...

re: aardvark marker below
The hebron I think, is what I'm talking about... Mitch The Big Habeeb

What happened to Aardvark's new gun? forget the name...
Whatever happened to the new marker Aardvark has been supposedly releasing since...shit..skyball 4 maybe? Mitch The Big Habeeb

Ideas for Scenario Games
Hi All I belong to a group of guys who play paintball fairly frequently on an open piece of land. We usually play skirmish type games or capture the flag type of games. The length...

which Markers?
hey, I'm pretty much new to paintball. I took my son and 9 of his friends to a paintball party at a complex in Texas. DAMN talk about fun. The house markers were Tippmann 98...

15 "Front Blocks" for Spyders
Who makes these other than Check It and NW? Before anyone asks, I've already tried ...

Dealings with Crosstown Sports & Recreation in Orlando
Has anyone had any dealings with Crosstown Sports & Recreation in Orlando? 4929 S Orange Avenue Orlando, FL 32806-6932 Might be putting in a PIA order for a few $$, so interested to kno...

My testicles are paintballs
The assorted colors are much better than my boring skin tone.

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