Mako Storm Spyder Trigger Frame
Hey guys, I bought one of those mako storm trigger frames last year, and somewhere along the way I pulled the battery connector out of the 6-pin plug that connects to the board. Does...

Bill Wing
Trying to get in contact with Bill Wing of the Ironmen.

Does anyone know where to buy netting?
I hope to get a response from someone who either sells netting or knows where to buy it from. I am in Canada but willing to order from the US if the price is right. Please reply to : pa...

Phantom marker
I am considering buying a Phantom Stock Class, and I wanted input from anyone who has used one. Thanks in advance for the help.

Low pressure kit for Spyder Fenix ACS?
Hey. I'm a newb and just got a Fenix ACS. I like it but I like the idea of low pressure and would maybe like to upgrade it if I could. Does anybody make a LP kit for this gun?...

WTB~10'x300'+ Netting
Wanted to Buy New Brunswick, Canada I am in need of netting. If you have any to sell, left over to get rid of, or can supply me; please contact me at the following address: padi@nb...

paintball: 4 Millions Domains data with Category
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FS: DM4 w/ Tadao - $900+shipping Recently reversed the feedneck colors (neck is now blue with collar being black) but otherwise it's identical. Tadao chip is include...

slide check valves
I've read some reviews on slide check valves and a couple guys said that they leak and don't ever work right. Does anyone use one and if you do, what experience do you have with them? Ok...

If you have ENTREPRENEURIAL BENT OF MIND, then SKY IS THE LIMIT, you can SELL this FBI agents' NOC LIST and MAKE MILLIONS of dollars like Tom Cruise (Ethan) did in the movie MISSION IMPOSSIB...

What size/gauge of O ring for Freak back...
I have an impulse freak back, and am missing one of the O-rings that holds the insert in place. I'd like to replace both o-rings with new ones, but don't know what size and guage to look ...

For the old school cocker experts
I've been working my way around the 99 STO I just traded for, and have a couple questions. First, the pneumatics reg has a small hole in the side, I'm wondering whether it's there for ext...
Armotech's official website:

good pump guns
I'm thinking of buying a used paintball pump gun on eBay, preferably for under $150. What do you recommend?

Foam on Dye Invision mask
Does Dye make a replacement foam for the foam around the gogles on an invision mask?

Shooting with marshmellows is the best ! ! !
You can eat them and they taste great.And if the weapons and clothes are edible, too, it's even better. Especially when you play with some horny men...

Y-frame on a 'Cocker
Anyone know of such a beast for the 'Cocker? I'd be amazed if it doesn't exist, it's amazingly comfortable on my 'Mag...

Red Sox fan killed by Pepperball to the face
"Emerson College student Victoria Snelgrove, 21, died Thursday, hours after being hit in the eye with what was designed to be a non-lethal projectile that would douse the target with a peppe...

Interesting on ebay - Big Habeeb
Item # 7107976172 A paintball game that includes wiping. Lovely. Mitch The Big Habeeb

Macroline on a 'Mag
I know Microline tends to starve the gun, so I shifted to macroline. My own unscientific tests (ie, blowing through the hose and braided hose) seems to indicate that macroline has a larger d...

Jack Frost Paintball
My 13 year old nephew are planning to meet for a day at Jack Frost in PA. Is this a good field for noobs? Any thoughts would be appreciated. -Tony -- Reliable, Unix...

paintball engineer or manufacturer.
Hi, can anyone give me an address or URL to a company or person that I can contact about designing/manufacture of a paintgun Idea or two of mine? Thank You. Sincerely, Kurt...

F/S 14" Dye Xcel Barrel NEW! Cheap :) thankyou

Spyder E99 Avant
How long is the barrel of the Kingman Spyder E99 Avant? Thanks

Checking In - It's been a long time
Hey There! Just dropping a line from Houston. Haven't been around for a while. Hope everyone is still having fun playing. Hey are TIP patches still available? I traded my last few...

Reno Paintball?
My brother just moved to Reno NV, and I am trying to push him into some competitve paintball. Anybody have any leads or ideas. Just knowing the country I can't believe there is not some gr...

Picnic supplies
Get them here: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

New paintball site starting
I would like to welcome all to visit a new paintball site that has just opened up. this will be a heavily moderated site that will not put up with the constant ...

OT but interesting
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2004 21:05:45 -0700 > >The university professor challenged his students with this question. > >"Did God create everything that exists?" > ...

Hello, Is the 32 degrees Icon-E a decent gun? I play a couple times a month. Just whatever random thoughts or experience you have will work. Thanks.

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