25 Apr 2008 21:52:09
prevention and recovery of paralysis

Hands or legs indicate blood flow to the parts is not optimal.
Nevertheless, the main cause is not certainly same.
=95 In numb hands, the cases are mostly found as follows;
=95 As a result of scapula case, disturbance of over lactic acid
=95 Obstruction of blood track surrounding armpits and elbows.
=95 Obstruction of blood tract in the parts of wrist and fingers.
=95 Cholesterol is excessive and obstructs the parts.

What needs avoiding from not getting the case of being numb?
=95 When writing or typing without, you don=92t lean on. Give a rest for
your hand each 15 minutes, and then move your scapula and shoulders
=95 Avoid leaning on the engraved chair.
=95 Avoid too cold water when washing clothes or vegetable in the
=95 If your hand is already warm, don=92t directly contact it with cold or
hot water. The drastic change of temperature can affect blood track
=95 Avoid massaging, stepping legs or wearing too tight trousers.

What needs doing if getting the case of being numb?
=95 Avoid unserious ways of massaging in order that it is getting harder
=95 Avoid using too cold water
=95 Do light exercises regularly for warming up and stretching. The hard
or heavy exercise is really not advised because it can make it worse.

Hopefully the sufferers of this illness will get well soon.
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