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Monthly Rent From: $1,275 Timber Lake Dr. Sarasota, FL Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 2 2 bedroom / 2 bath plus den villa has a split bedroom plan. Master Bath with sliding...

The Hogan Bridge
The Hogan Bridge at Augusta National celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. In the last decade it seems to have become the unofficial "symbol" of the course. You see this picturesque s...

Tiger Woods: "I learned my lesson. I'm not going to say anything." If only the media would learn the same thing about golf's Grand Slam.

Tiger will win the Players by 7 shots
News at 7.

Most Boring Masters Ever?
That one sucked, even in HD. The modernization of Augusta National, in an attempt to tame the great players of today, has given us a course which no longer offers the Sunday excit...

Tiger has now finished 2nd in 3 of last 5 majors
Is that a champion? Yeah - a choke champion.

How Health is Affected by Racial Inequality How health is affected by racial inequality By Frederick J. Ferrer Article Launched: 04/11/2008 01:37:03 AM PDT ...

New Grand Slam odds for 2008
Tiger : 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 to 1. Trevor: about the same.

The Masters: "Building the Game"
For the first time, this year the Masters allowed children of badge holders free admittance to The Masters. This is all part of their new program to help build the game. I haven't yet figu...

Tigger Just Can't Make A Charge and Win
If he's not ahead, he's toast, not like Jack used to do at all. Must be his attitude or his temper or something. As the talking heads said today, 'after all his experience, he hasn't seemed ...

LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-Reign-A wins by 11 shots in Mexico
all hail the new queen of golf

Like I Said,
Tiger plays well, 1st place. He plays like shit, 2nd place.

Immelman Choking?
And Nantz and Company are creaming!

"Palestinians" = human garbage
Many "Palestinians" (if you can call them that, seeing as there is no such race nor was there ever a country called "Palestine") have tried in the past to get out of Gaza and into the West B...

Will Trevor ever win another?
he's got this one wrapped up

God bless all players at the Masters
God loves all. Not just the winner, but the whole field. And he loves the patrons too. And he loves you too! Ain't God great? Il mittente di questo messaggio|The sender addres...

LaREIGNa leading Corona championship by 9 shots
another blowout victory for the TRUE #1 of golf

Is there live streaming video of Masters?
I went to CBS website and the live video played a commercial and that was it. The screen was blank afterwards. Am i missing something? Any other sites that is showing it live? I don't have a...

Watching the 1978 MAster highlights....
One of the things I really like from back then was the split screen putting. These guys take a ton of time putting, (and rightly so), but I wouldn't mind seeing two at a time like they did...

I'm not predicting this, but...
Tiger has won 13 majors. In every instance, he has won from the front -- leading, or sharing the lead going into the final round. It is simply inconceivable to me that a player of h...

Top 10 Masters Meltdowns

"Thou shalt no commit adultery" means and has always meant do not mix
'Thou shalt not commit adultery.' has nothing to do with cheating on your spouse. It never has.There is another commandment that covers that - TEN: 'You shall not covet your neighbor's wife...

Well... Masters #5 for Tiger
I don't care that joker Immelfuck is 6 shots ahead of Tiger. It matters not. Tiger is guaranteed to take the title with 4 majorless jokers ahead of him. They will ALL choke badly and Tiger...

This "Professor" character
Interesting fellow, I must say. I'm riveted by this guy's television viewing habits! I am a bit concerned with his poor spelling and horrible grammar, but I guess the academic bar ...

Amen, Brandt!
I've really enjoyed the DirecTV coverage of Amen Corner. Probably the first time I've enjoyed watching US golf since the days of Chirkanian and Company. It was great to see the field play 3 ...

Field collapsing as usual, Tiger 3 behind
Phil's given up, Tiger should move into the lead while eating dinner

I'm proud to work with Exxon Mobile
Where's my bullshit detector?

hitting the pin
put some foam around the pins. problem helped signigicantly. duh. no offense.

Number 15 Sat....."DUMBASS" says the tigger boy
One more in a long line from the number 1 player in the world...a role model.....leader of The First Tee.....father and husband blows up and shows his true colors. No matter how many majors ...

Did Jim Nantz....
....just call Brandt Snedeker "effervescent"?!? If your friend described another guy as effervescent, would you: a) punch him out b) punch him out, then kick him in the teeth

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