Whitaker wins again
And he didn't even START the thread this time! 115 posts and climbing. Baker? Dead...SO dead! Schoenberg? Dead! Whitaker? Dead! Marmelarde? Dead! Niedermeyer? Dead! Miller? Out! ...

52% of Americans support military strike against Iran

What is it?
What is it about golf? Now that I have decided to get into it, I am finding lots of people I know who play, and when I meet new people, golf usually comes up soon after introductions.

This guy would have loved Match Play Madness
http://www.usga.org/playing/rules/source/Rule24-1_Harry_Bradshaw_hi.asx -- jvdp http://www.rsgcincinnati.com

Phil made $42 million in 2007

I bought a LONG putter today. One of those you use with one hand at chest level and the other at waist level. Input from users of said putters would be helpful. I will tak...

Boston celebrates after World Series win
Hundreds of Red Sox fans jammed Boston's streets on Monday to celebrate their team's second World Series victory in four years, some hurling rocks at police in riot gear, smashing windows an...

Chopra Credits annika1980 for Win
"It was Bret's ongoing confidence in me that led to my breakthrough", Chopra said. "While most others in RSG ridiculed my chances whenever I shot my way into the top 5 in a tourney, anni a...

Golflogix GPS Rangefinder
Has anyone used the above device and, if so, what did you think of it? Thanks. Peter

Turning truth on its head

Dedicated to like-minded folks who love "24." (last line is among the best) http://boortz.com/more/funny/jack_bauer_truths.html -Greg

Fry's Open Report
The Fry's Electronics Open was held at Grayhawk Golf Club Scottsdale Oct 18-21. I was planning to go, but the coupon for one FREE ticket that I found in the weekly Fry's ad sealed...

New Driver Report
I frequently troll the used sporting good stores looking for anything that might be interesting and a good price. I'm putting together a couple of extra sets for visiting friends/family, an...

It's CHOPRA's World and we're all just living in it!
Bow down and worship the Chopra.

Hey Annika II
Nice choking Chopra did yesterday. I guess he liked it so much he wanted to keep doing it on Monday. -- jvdp http://www.rsgcincinnati.com

RSG Kentucky Report 10/28/07
The temperature on my weather station read 38* when I walked out the door yesterday morning. I was on my way to meet Thor, johndagolfer, and dsc-ky (real names withheld to protect the guilt...

Hey Annika!
Who's that right above the Vols in the SEC standings? WOOF, WOOF! :-P -- bill-o Golf is played under a wide variety of conditions. Coping with the good or...

Larry Update !!!
http://www.mercurynews.com/news/ci_7291629 ==================== In the ultrawealthy suburb of Rancho Santa Fe, men in garbage trucks wore breathing masks as they drove past Larry ...

Miller Golf Bag
Yesterday, a friend of mine gave me a bag she won at a tournament. She scored a hole in one that day, too. The bag is a Miller, Pro series. It's blue and looks like leather. Still ...

whats does an average round cost you & where?
Our local cow pasture cost me $34 per person w/ cart (2 people, 18 ) or I can walk 9 for $12. The most expensive around Fishkill Ny is still less than $50. I would play less if it cost more...

Democrats always lose!

Suzann Pettersen
Has just won 3/4 events.

Golf shoes and glove
Well, I'm getting there. Yesterday, I got a set of clubs, and a friend gave me a brand new bag she won at a tournament. Got a bunch of nice Titleist balls at a church yard sale. I'm r...

At the close of the Smothers Brother's concert, Tommy dedicates this song to golfers (like himself)... To dream The Impossible dream FORE! +++++++++++++++++ ...

California Dreamin (on an Iraqi day)
From: http://op-for.com/2007/10/what_goes_around_comes_around.html FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE RELEASE No. 20071026-01 October 26, 2007 Iraqi Army at Besmaya Installati...

Will Bush really bomb Iran?

Ping G10 Clubs
Has anybody bought these clubs from Ping with the Cushin vibration damping shafts? I know they were available with the G5's, but they only show one steel shaft on their website. Can you st...

Good Short Game Schools
Can anyone recommend any golf schools that are good at teaching the short game? Bert

Golfcourse suggestion
Can anyone recommend a nice 18 holes golf course near San Francisco?

Leadbetter says he is scared for Wie's future
Michelle Wie's swing coach, David Leadbetter, said in the Toronto Globe and Mail that if Wie hadn't played with the men in 2006, she would have had her best season yet. He said, "It was abs...

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