So Tigger Woods won't be playing that course again, the one he said was so easy?
I think he protests too much. He should have stayed home, and taken care of business there. for my Italian friends in the audience Cos=EC i legno di Tigger non giocheranno ...

Club championship final
I finished second. I shot well (I would have had probably around a 77 or so counting scratch), he shot better. Maybe next year. Highlight of the round - 513 yard par 5 (#13...

Woods' aura builds
Maginnes: As years go by, Woods' aura builds Sep. 16, 2007 By John Maginnes Contributor ATLANTA -- At 10:45 Sunday morning, a cameraman was stationed ...

Tiger throws a Bone.
In response to Post 1 Tiger was looking out for woody and strick financially when he went to bat for both of them by saying that he knew woody didnt cheat, and stricks bene...

Things I Learned/Misc Thoughts from RSG Ohio 2007
In no particular order………… (Items that need 'splaining can be found below…………..) 1. Thor hates Sunday. 2. It's not "Racho" Bob Patterson anymore. It's "Fancy Pants"...

RSG Ohio 2007 Pictures
I have uploaded some pictures taken at RSG Ohio. You can find them at: It was, as usual, a fantastic event. Th...

IAEA Chief Warns Against Striking Iran,,-6928765,00.html

Iran convinced West will not attack

Talking Tiger
Apparently, during his FedEx cup interview that he feels he's not yet reached his peek... is this another Tigerism or do you think he believes this? P

Blackwater banned from Iraq
Professional private mercenary firm Blackwater USA has been banned from operations in Iraq after killing eight Iraqi civilians in a firefight.,2933,...

OMG, the Juice no longer loose!
Soda is bad for you, but OJ will kill you:

Thanks, Thor!!!!!!!!!!
Thor, Thanks for all your efforts putting together RSG Ohio 2007!!! I had a blast (again) and can't wait until next year. It was another exciting finish to Match Play Madne...

Woods All on his own
By winning the FedEx Cup, Tiger makes it clear he is the best, now and forever By Mike Purkey Special to Updated: Sep16, 2007, 11:33 PM EDT ...

Fedex cup: Where did the money come from?
So, I think I heard that the Fedex cup money was a total of $35M. OK, so it's not a cash payout, and the golfers don't get it until they retire, and even then it is not a lump sum,

Tiger whiffed a drive?
I'm not sure I caught the TV broadcast of Tiger teeing off at the 17th hole. Did he whiff his first attempt at a drive? If so, how often do pros do that? Even if it is a rare thi...

Was that Calcavecchia or John Daly playing with Tiger on sunday.?
Calc has turned into another fat freak like Daly and is an embarrassment to golf. Another thing i've always noticed is Calc has really short arms. Makes him look weird. Ray Floyd is lik...

God fucken christ shit
how come Tigger wons all the freakign time

Did she really say what I heard?
I spent the afternoon attending an official's clinic for the upcoming swimming season. I tried checking NFL scores on my phone while there but I wasn't getting any reception in that buildin...

What a Difference 9 Years Makes
The Oldest Member and I went to the first Tour Championship at East Lake in 1998. It was a thrill watching Prince Hal Sutton defeat Vijay Singh in a playoff. But what I also ...

Do you have your own Internet address yet?
Do you have your own Internet address yet? If not, you should check this out right away. I was blown away by what I saw and I'm sure you will be too. There's a good chance you can ...

Phil's expensive soccer game
After week 2 Phil Mickelson is in the thick of the Fedex cup race. He decides to take the week off for his kids' soccer games. He shows up on week 4 swinging like a rusty gate and unable to ...

Tiger doesn't kiss the Fedex cup
Tiger was prodded to kiss the Fedex cup when awarded it. He did not. I think it was intentional. Fedex wanted that shot for their ad campaign but they do not sponsor T...

Q: The next Tiger Woods?
A: Tiger Woods. Too bad it's the end of the season, he's playing the best golf of his life it seems. Had he played this well all year long, he'd have all four w/ relative ease. ...

Explain to me how Fedex Cup works?
Does Tiger get 10 million for winning this tournament or the Tour Championship? I thought it was only a 7 million $ purse? How does all this fit in?

This Internet company is giving away money worldwide
This Internet company is giving away money worldwide Hi, Do you have your own Internet address yet? If not, you should check this out right away. I was blown away by w...

world matchplay proporsitions
Ive tried to find the actual description of how the world matchplay championship is put together (how people are paired round by round etc.) also if anyone has any experience in setti...

This is supposed to be a premier event and that means 70 should be a great score. Tour Championshi...

Bush setting America up for war with Iran

Was Israeli raid a dry run for attack on Iran?,,2170188,00.html

WEHT Michelle Wie?
I thought she was going to beat all the men and the women? Now she has fallen off the face of the earth. How long until Hef calls her and makes an offer?

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