German Shepherd on Golf Course
German Shepherd on Golf Course A golf pro was helping this attractive young woman with her swing when his zipper got caught in the rhinestones on the back of her skirt. Needless t...

Kooler Klub
I'm an avid golfer and I admit it, I enjoy a refreshing beverage while playing :) About a month ago, I came across this item from a company called Hedonics. It is disguised as a golf club ...

PGATour web page
Lately, I have found has been messing up with both Firefox and Opera. Sometimes I can't even find someone in Firefox because the line he's ...

Morning or afternoon?
Do you play in the morning or afternoon (or some other time)? For as long as I can remember I've always played golf in the morning - except today that is. Shot a decent 40/44...

TGW labor day sale Good time to restock your golf supplies. Labor Day sale. You won't see the actual price until you put it in your cart. Hth. ...

front-back balance
I'm a beginner whose swing is starting to get decent, but I seem to have a hard time maintaining my front-back balance. I end up leaning either a little forward and chunking it, or a litt...

Renton Laidlaw is back
I just noticed TGC's European Tour's Johnie Walker Tournament has Renton Laidlaw announcing this weekend. He makes the broadcast much more enjoyable IMHO. Henry

C'mon October!
Played the "Suicide Special" at TPC Scottsdale yesterday. 36 holes and lunch for $100. Hit 112 starting the back nine on the second round, with dew point in the high 60's. Brutal. And addin...

Bush Puts Iran in Crosshairs

Behind Bush's Latest Anti-Iranian Threats

Play more and pay less
look : regards

a disturbing conversation
This is a bit disturbing. Where is the US going to? I don=B4t think a conversation like this could happen in Europe.

Speaking of golf & Alice Cooper
I caught his show tonight -- last saw him in about 1972 -- he still brings down the house -- we were waving golf tees instead of lighters..... Yes we had several Irish brews before we...

Deutsche Bank Championship - no Tiger?
I looked @ Tigers web site and it has him listed but looking @ tee times I see no Tiger? Did I miss it?

Pete Dye Courses
What do the members of the group think about Pete Dye courses? I played the Irish Course and the Blackwolf Run River Course Monday Tuesday and found them too tough to really enjoy them...

Pat Buchanan: Democrats will fall in line with 'popular' war on Iran

Has Tiger Woods killed golf?
Seriously, with him destroying all the records, who will be motivated to pursue a pro career when they will all be out of reach. No one will be able to win 10 majors, much less 22-23 that ...

Urgently Needed: Golf Course Shaper/Supervisor
Golf Course Shaper and Supervisor is needed for the consturction of a new golf course in Phuket, Thailand. Accommodation is provided.


Bush warns Iran over insurgents

Who's Killing American Soldiers in Iraq?

Losing to your friends at poker ?
Learn how to beat them at

Toe tapping?!?!?
Toe tapping is gay?!?!?:

Becoming a tournament golfer
I'm probably going to be told to get "Golf for Dummies", but until I do I'm gonna give it a try here. :-) Last Sunday I was at the finals of the KLM Open at the Kennemer in ...

American Role Models - Miss Teen USA 2007 - South Carolina
Miss Teen USA 2007 - South Carolina answers a question OR Miss Teen Sout...

The Best of Panama City!
You can now find whatever you want to do, buy and need in Panama. This is an informational website that promotes and deals with a wide variety of businesses that provide excellent services y...

Help for beginner
I keep whiffing the ball with my iron. What am I doing wrong?

Gay Senator Larry Craig from Idaho plead guilty after airport bathroom sex incident Senator pleaded guilty, reportedly after bathroom stall incident (CNN) -- A Republican senator pleaded guilty earl...

How to get out of Iraq
Easy. Say to the American people and all of the NATO and other nations that we are going to pull out, but will be glad to substitute other Nations troops or UN troops, to stop a genocid...

Sarkozy talks of bombing if Iran gets nuclear arms

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