Why is Gary Player in the masters this year?
This article by jason sobel picks him to come in 85th. I know he's a past winner but i thought augusta said a few years back that they weren't gonna invite the really old guys anymore...

Why wasn't Michelle invited to the masters??
They invite a bunch of amateurs and guys in their 50s with no chance to win and shelly is better than them and MUCH bigger box office. Did they invite her and she said no???

Went to the Masters Practice Round Today
The wife and I took our dog to vet today. On the way we noticed a guy standing on the corner of I-20 and Washington Road selling practice round tickets. We picked up 2 for the i...

Travel bags
I have an old upright hard-shell travel bag and I was thinking of getting a new one. Of course the #1 goal is to protect the Mizunos. How are the soft-shell bags? Please share any good or ...

Will Tiger win more than 18 majors?
I have this $100 bet with a friend of mine that Tiger will win more than Jack's record of 18 professional majors. It's not a sure thing. There could be injuries, death, whatever. But at his ...

Llllarry T-Shirts
I've frozen Larry Whitacker's swing at the top and I'm making t-shirts. If you would like one please email me. $25 Ha

Do I need wedges?
Of course I know people will say I need wedges, but truthfully there are very few shots on any course I play where my 6, 8 or 9 iron are not enough for me. I'm about an 18 handica...

Swing Jacket
https://www.swingjacket.com/index.htm I ordered a lefty version almost 5 years ago--and just got it. This is undoubtedly the best golf swing training device ever conceived-...

Michelle's #2 Again...
By nearly three points. 1 Annika Sorenstam Sweden 17.60 2 Michelle Wie United States 11.97 3 Paula Creamer United States 9.16 4 Yuri Fudoh Japan 7.36 5 Lorena Ocho...

Odds to win the Masters .. ooops Do the folks at August allow wagering :)
PUT UP 100 to win the Amount indicated 7:00:42 PM ODDS TO WIN THE 2006 US MASTERS 1 TIGER WOODS 180 2 PHIL MICKELSON 650 3 VIJAY ...

iMovie Swing video settings question
I have finally gotten my act together to video my swing and am looking or suggestions for what settings to use when saving a movie from iMovie. I have four clips of my swing with ...

Illegal drivers at Augusta
No way guys can be hitting the ball that far.

New Golfer with Club questions...
I am a new Golfer (played 9 holes and been to the driving range a few times.) and To make a long story short, a guy who owed me some money gave some golf clubs for payment. It is a Knight ...

LPGA post round interviews
Lorena Ochoa: "Ehhhhh." Michelle Wie: "That was AWESOME!!!!" Natalie Gulbis: "Daddy, can I drive the Viper again?" Karrie Webb: "un-typeable SCREEEECHING!!!!!!!" ...

Tom Delay to play golf
We're gonna miss "The Hammer" here in Houston. He was the perfect balance to Sheila Jackson Lee. This could throw the planets way out of wack. Delay was going to fight the money laund...

Titleist Drivers (975j) question and yonex 3-wood.
I currently use a 975D and I've heard good things about the 975J drivers, I can't afford a new one and don't like the look of the big bucket ones. So what's the difference between the 975...

Satellite view of Augusta National
If anyone is interested I just posted a Sattelite view of Augusta National http://www.bunkershot.com/b/map_menu.cfm Thanks.......Rob

Clubs for high handicap players
On Tue, 4 Apr 2006 09:08:19 -0500, "thrift" <thriftyis AT#*#*#*#*# sasktel.net> wrote: >What are those much better choices? I am that higher handicapper (lots of >roo...

High expectations
OK. So I played golf this weekend with 4 others I did not know. It was slow, we were a 4some and a single came up on us and we played as 5 keeping up with the group in front of us. I play...

Top 10 best bets to win the Masters
What do you think? Any good dark horses? Poolie here and hoping for some good tips/picks.

1996 to 2006 - How the Golf World Changed
In 1996 Greg norman imploded and Nick Faldo won the Masters. In retrospective that marked the end of the Norman Faldo (and maybe Price) era of hte previous decade. In 1997 Tiger won the Mast...

Majors are the toughest to win, but they're also the easiest to win,
The above subject is a quote by Jack in: http://www.golfweb.com/tournaments/masters/story/9355077 "Majors are the toughest to win, but they're also the easiest to win," Nic...

I don't believe this could happen.......
Golfer Accused Of Attacking Man With Club POSTED: 12:21 am EST March 31, 2006 UPDATED: 12:18 pm EST March 31, 2006 A man in Seminole County, Fla., was arrested on a golf cou...

Who taught natalie to swing like that??
Is she self-taught or what?. I've heard of chasing the ball down the line, but that looks weird. PS - i'm not tool thrilled with her looks either. A girl can be too buxom. <...

4 New Swing Video's
Shot 4 more video's of my swing this past Friday. We tried taking them at 3/4 angle. 0091 and 0092 are with the driver. 0093 and 0094 are an 8I. What I need help with is ...

LPGA Rolex Ranking
Will someone please tell me why a Japanese unknown by the name of Yuri Fudoh is ranked #4? Why are there so many japanese unknowns in the top 30? Is the Japan LPGA really that goo...

Question for Tex
I am a homosexual. I am still in the closet. What advice could you offer me? I want to "come out". Thanks Bruce

Practice device
Hey gang, I saw a practice device in a local store today. (All-in-one store, not golf only) Tub for holding about 3 dozen balls, small 'grass' hitting surface with rubb...

New golf networking site: www.thegolfspace.com
The Golf Space, located at http://www.thegolfspace.com is a "networking" site geared toward golf. Networking in this sense refers to the connection of friends, businesses and business a...

Kraft Nabisco Championship Pictures
Kraft Nabisco Championship Pictures are up for everyone to see. http://www.golfdiscussions.com/yabbse/index.php?topic=7569.html Be sure to check the links to Eatgolfs pictures

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