Maybe If tiger------
had entered the U.S. Bank Championship, he would at least have had a chance to come in somewhere in the top ten or so. (Sort of like his only win--his competition wouldn't have been so ...

"Stupid hole daddy"
"That last hole was really stupid, daddy. Stupid." Maltbie says "You don't look nervous at all" I thought Jacque Hamilton was beyond nervous...truly horrified. Perhap...

Free Golf Related Software for Palm M100?
Looking for free Golf related software that will work on my M100 running 3.5.2 OS. Scoring, Games, etc. Thanks, Jack Barrett My Web Site: http://windsurf_2.tripod....

Alistair Caduggan
Alistair Caduggan: Has anyone tried to swing with this guy? As you thrust up and down does he banish that frown? Or is he a joke that's not worth a poke? ...

why do people quote a 5i

Broken shaft in Titleist 975 - OK to not drill out completely?
I have a 975L-FE with a Grafalloy Blue waiting to go in. The YS-6 is just a little too soft for my taste. I gave that monstrous bore-through a mighty go with the heat gun and ...

Hamilton is no Curtis
Hamilton's victory was not a fluke like Ben Cutis' last year. Hamilton is an accomplished player who knows how to win. All that experience of winning on the Japanese tour must have been good...

Faldo Did a Nice Job
I htought Nick Faldo did a nice jobin the announcing booth today. His commentary was intelligent and informing for example about the kind of shot someone might be trying to hit. As opposed t...

Tiger's real slump... has to do with his non-contention in the last 9 majors, not his lack of winning them. Remember Jack from 1967-1970 during...

You Da Chap?
A few times this Open I heard that moronic "get in the hole" scream from a single fan. I sincerely hope that it was just a drunk American visiting the UK, and that the rest of the world isn'...

The shoulders and choking
Was talking to a friend of mine about choking on the golf course, and he said that what he does is focus on relaxing the shoulders before every shot. Aside from brushing aside negative...

Barbro Holmgren's Daughter - Nigger-fucking Whore
Have you ever noticed how many beautiful women are in Sweden? A country with many beautiful women and many ugly men does not exist. The men are the other half of the formula for creating b...

I am glad Todd Hamilton won
Ever since Ernie Els cheated at the 2004 Masters, I cheer for anyone competing against him for major prizes. JB

Chest pains
I missed a couple's tournament Friday. I had a pain below my sternum the last couple of weeks. I was able to run normally, I ran 1 miles 3 times, and played a couple of rounds of gol...

Did Els choke?
It certainly appeared that way. His first putt on 18 in regulation never had a chance of going in - missed it on the amateur side. Then he does it again in the playoff!!!

Pic of my fiancee Elin meeting my grandmother

PGA Championship....
I'm picking Phil with Tiger coming in 2nd.

The Open Championship is the oldest major...
I hope this silences all the fucking moron trolls who know NOTHING about golf history.

NEED ADVICE!!! Just beginning golf...
Hey all. I need some tips and advice... I'm a 6'6" 22 year old from Virginia. I matured to the point of no longer having many of the childish hobbies that I once had, and am searchin...

NEED ADVICE!!! Just beginning golf...
Hey all. I need some tips and advice... I'm a 6'6" 22 year old from Virginia. I matured to the point of no longer having many of the childish hobbies that I once had, and am searchin...

perfect club, anyone use this?
I saw a commercial for "the perfect club" it's a club that supposed to replace your long irons (3 and 4) as well as your 3 wood. was just wondering if anyone in here has used this before and...

Wrong Hamilton wins Open
Hey Rob, any relation? Didn't think so.

The question is ...Will Tiger ever win
again ?? Doesnt look like it now ....

Timing is Everything
I've been thinking about building one the new Quick Strike II heads from Golfsmith. So Friday I made the call and placed the order--it was shipped the same day. Saturday I go to...

see now that was good golf
i never watch golf on tv, i hate the fact that you go from one guy putting on 16 to someone driving on 18, to someone else driving on 15, to someone else chipping on 16 to someone else putti...

It's the British Open Champion, not the unqualified Champion
Although the British Open is the oldest of the Championships, labeling the winner the (unqualified) Champion seems a bit arrogant, doesn't it? When did the British Open become recognized as...

How much money did Phil win?

Ther oughta be a law against this
I taped 5 hours of the british open this morn and planned on watching it this evening. Then i went to the google News page (not the sports page, mind you) and there they said - Hamilton, E...

Hamilton wins Open....

Ernie nails putt to win the Open!!!!

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