28 Apr 2006 05:37:40
Maximize Your Golf Potential

You have certain physical capabilities. If your pro tells you to make a
90 degree shoulder turn and you can't... what does he tell you next?
I can tell you it's to make some kind of "compensation" in your swing
to make that shoulder turn. The result is less power, more miss-hits
and an even MORE complicated swing... that you can't repeat. The
All you needed to do was a simple stretch or strength movement to solve
that particular problem.It's that easy!
That's the way your golf improvement approach should be. Simple. Easy.
With quick results.
No more "band aid" swing adjustments that don't last. Just simple tips
and techniques you can apply immediately and see results!

28 Apr 2006 05:52:58
Re: Maximize Your Golf Potential

Another Spam-o-lot BS.


Getting even isn't good enough.