30 Apr 2008 04:27:14
Golf Club Selection - 3 Golf Club Selection Tips To Help You Improve

Golf club selection and being aware of which golf club to use in
different situations is the key to lowering your golf score quickly...
The golf club you need to master to make this happen for you are the
driver, the wedge and the putter.
The best opportunity you have from cutting strokes off your golf game
is by using the golf club mentioned above correctly.
Using these golf clubs correctly will improve your golf game by as
much as 5 strokes per round. In this article I'm going to concentrate
on wedges...
The first thing you should master is knowing which golf club wedge to
hit in different situations. Once you've chosen the right golf club
you have a much higher chance of pulling off the intended shot.
Hitting a wedge is not difficult, however, hitting one with from say,
30-50 yards away from the green with complete confidence is a skill
you need to master.
If you play any amount of golf on a regular basises you know that you
can face this situation two or three times in a round. So, hitting a
good golf club wedge into the green and leaving you a short putt is
essential for a low score....