7 Habits of Successful Cricket Boards
By Saleem Altaf. Here are his recommendations for PCB 1. Hire someone to write a constitution because I don't know anyone who can even read. 2. Stop trying to rehash other c...

7 Things Ian has Asked ICC to Investigate
7. SL not playing some players against Australia in a Super Eights match 6. Robert Mugabe 5. Gilchrist for the squash ball in his hand. 4. Woolmer's murder 3. Greg's Lack of S...

First Hinglish Love Story on the Net
First Hinglish Love Story on the Net The story about a young girl named Nargis http://www.my-nargis.blogspot.com

highest score and folow on
1. What is the highest first innings score by a team that followed on in a first class match? 2. What is the highest second innings score after a follow on in a first class match? ...

India borrowing NZ training methods...
...by trying to get as many players as they can injured before a series begins. Yesterday, it was Tendulkar rolling an ankle while facing up to Sreesanth, today RP Singh hits Drav...

Follow-on scores
In the Derby v Somerset match which which will probably finish in a draw today, Somerset scored 530 all out in their first innings but still had to follow-on. Could Mr Lawrence (o...

15% of Squash allowed
Tests have been done an Gilchrists batting and it was found that his ball was under 15% and thus legal.

Clang cheating
If Clang cheated, I for one, would be very happy. What goes around comes around. This would be poetic justice for all the teams who have lost any match against Sri Lanka since Murili st...

Rahul Dravid felled by a RP Singh bouncer.

Squashing glory
It had been a frustrating tournament for him, as he admitted later. Half-centuries against the Netherlands and Bangladesh boosted his run tally to 304 runs, but there was no doubt that it wa...

BROWN GODs show their fighting spirit
http://us.rediff.com/cricket/2007/may/04bcci.htm If they had similar commitment to the team's cause they might have been super 8s.

Legality of Gilchrist's innings questioned
I am not an expert in cricket law. But having a squash ball inside a batting glove appears illegal to me... Ananda http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,21671078-2,00.html

English cricket bloopers
http://youtube.com/watch?v=w3GLTh1TK3s >From a bbc board.

Who will captain England at Lord's?
Since Stuart Clark has helpfully resolved the question of which of Bell, Collingwood, Cook or Strauss should make way for Vaughan by taking Vaughan out of the picture, we now have the questi...

Cricket GAME- Hit the WILDEST 6!!!!
http://slam.criki.com whoo hooo i hit 188 mts...good enuf to be in any cricket team

BROWN GODs peeing in pants already
Shaun Tait and Brett Lee could form an intimidating new-ball partnership http://content-usa.cricinfo.com/australia/content/current/story/293217.html If someone can't tackle ...

RFD: remove rec.sport.cricket.info moderated (LAST CALL FOR COMMENTS)
REQUEST FOR DISCUSSION (RFD) remove rec.sport.cricket.info This is a formal Request For Discussion (RFD) to remove the moderated newsgro...

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Classic scorecard entries #5632
SK Warne c McGrath b Gillespie 10 >From Hants v Yorks today. Cheers, Mike

Pitch made 1/2 grass,1/2 dusty turner??
I wonder how long before someone comes up with the idea of a pitch which is one half like the old WACA pitch and half like the old Madras square turner. It will give nightmares ...

Two Gems of Wisdom from John Wright on the Indian Team
FITNESS "In case the players think I'm being unusually kind to them, one of the other ideas I had on a wish list was to institute a system of a minimum standard of fitness for Ind...

gilchrist using a squash ball - was it legal?

Well the WC is over and its time to move on
Well I enjoyed this World Cup more then others due to the likes on Benny and Co. Well its time to put them back in the killfile where they belong. Dont worry Benjamin come the ...

Red meat makes way for boiled eggs as India prepares for Bangladesh tour
A little over-reaction on India's part don't you think? I mean let's be honest - India, most likely, will nothing short of dominate Bangladesh in both the series. Yet the media continues to...

WC closing ceremony cost over $770,000
Apparently, the government of Barbados paid about US $770,000 for the World Cup closing ceremony. http://content-usa.cricinfo.com/wc2007/content/current/story/293038.html Ca...

Green and won't bear it
Another day, another ICC fiasco. The final clearly showed that the whole group of umpiring officials didn't know even the basic rules. Absolutely amazing since they are sup...

Fit for f-c crcket?
If enough wickets fall in a day, the pitch inspectors are automatically despatched with a view to deciding whether or not a county should have points docked for preparing a wicket which is n...

Surrey prospect Benning eyes big break
I know nothing at all about James Benning, but from this one article I read at BBC Sport and his pulverizing ton last weekend against Gloucestershire, my interest is piqued. Anyone got any <...

WICB ready to fight WIPA on eve of England tour
This is all so disappointing. I'd have thought that this would have been sorted before, or at least during, the CWC. I was (am still) very much looking forward to England vs Windies *test* <...

The new league - proposed format
24 teams Andhra, Australia, Bangladesh, Delhi, England, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, MP, NZ, Northeast, Orissa, Pakistan, Punjab, Rajasthan, RSA, SL, Tamil Nadu, UP, West Be...

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