If Flintoff was shot at(according to him), I dont think
this was a trivial issue if at all that happened. The reports said that Naseer and others in the management team asked him to underplay the issue ?? Lol...this is funny. If a cric...

Murali vs Warne: interesting stat
An old and controversial thread, but these numbers are striking. Thought it might be interesting to review after the recent Ashes series: Warne has taken 260 of his 623 wickets in Oz ...

CI reports. Suspense shrouds Indian board elections
Contest yet to be confirmed http://content-ind.cricinfo.com/ci/content/story/219776.html The movers and shakers http://content-ind.cricinfo.com/india/content/story/219788.html

Crickets negative image in not test playing countries
Read this article by this fuck head reported from Israel. http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/625935.html his name is Ronen Dorfan and his email address is rdorfan@haaretz.co.il <...

Big dirty secret of cricket
Hi there, As most of you have probably already observed, there is a big dirty secret that really ruins test cricket. This is that even though they love giving you stats about pr...

What are they throwing?
Are Blignaut & Mwayenga throwing bombs at Dravid? Or is Dravid is just displaying his sublime concentration? Dravid 71 off 175 now. Ganguly was also 71 off 175 in the last m...

Team man Dravid
Ganguly was 66 off 165 balls in the last match. Dravid is now 66 off 155 balls now. Where can you find a vice-captain like this who is doing this solely to make the captain look g...

Gambhir following Chetan Chauhan ?
Though Gambhir has one hundred(against Bangaldesh), two high 90's for him already, and the way he got out was because he wasnt restless and wanted to get to three figures.

Future of Australian Cricket
Here's some stats. One guy was dropped and the other is the future of Australian cricket. last10matches 428 91 30.57 0 2 last15matches 792 141 36.00 1 4

Habitual Basher
7.6 Malingerer to Javed Omar, one run, short in length, on leg stump, defended to leg side for a quick single 7.6 Malingerer to Habitual Basher, (noball) one run, full ball, ou...

Whew! India home record will remain intact against England!
http://content-usa.cricinfo.com/england/content/story/219755.html No way Flintoff is making the trip. Maybe Harmison will claim the Delhi monkeys molested him and drop out also. Maybe ...

Indian Test team-dream X1
All time India Test X1. Gavaskar Sehwag Dravid Tendulkar Viswanath Azharuddin Kapil Dev(c) Engineer (wk) Kumble Srinath Bedi

Badgers sighted in Carlisle
Here - courtesy of the Carlisle News & Star - is the hot news of the day: +++++++ Badger fever touches the tips thanks to hero KP Published on 20/09/2005 By Staff Reporter

For anyone suffering Post-Ashes Withdrawal Syndrome
+++++++ Lords hotel caters for cricket addicts (20 September 2005 12:12) Dorset Square hotel in London has launched a Cricket Withdrawal programme to help Ashes fans cope wit...

Trivia - First Iinnings lead on the first day
I am sure Aslam must have done this before. Looking for the complete list of Test matches where the team bowling first secured the first innings on the first day. The rercen...

New Captain for India?
IF Ganguly is sacked after the current Zimbabwe series (its unlikely that he will step down), who do you think should lead India to World Cup 2007 and beyond? My vote goes to SRT....

What's the highest single-day / first-day Test innings score?
SL's effort today v Bangles must be right up there. What was the total scored when the Don scored 300 in a day? - Chan

Gambhir unlike Pathan looks solid to me under different conditions
The only bad match he has had was the match against Australia in Mumbai, but then playing your first match against Australia on a high and then that too on a pitch like the one in Mumbai isn...

SRT chimes in ...
http://content-usa.cricinfo.com/india/content/story/219748.html Looks like this is not over yet.

Pathan vs Minnows
Pathan vs Minnows: 32 for 384, Avg = 12.00 Pathan vs Grownups: 29 for 1275, Avg = 43.95 Why are we beating up Ganguly? DB.

Chappell & Dravid
Chappell asked Dravid to step down as vice-captain today. That's why Dravid has a SR of 48 today against the weakest team in the world. Not that there is any hurry.

Another cricinfo gem
21.5 Mwayenga to Dravid, (noball) FOUR, overpitched and on te pads, Mwayenga trying to be a bit too cute there aiming for the yorker at his pace, flicked easily through squ...

SL recover!!
SL have recovered from a very funny 4 - 48 to be 7 - 448 at stumps on the first day against the Bangles. (And all the accusers of match fixing betting on test cricket went warming their t...

The Midlands dodger
36.5 Pathan to Coventry, FOUR, full and down the leg side, swinging a bit, weasily helped along backward of square for a boundary Andrew

Hayden survives?
PISS HIM OFF. Cookbook writing FAGGOT.

A good start by Australian selectors
The players should not think they are untouchables (this word has multiple meanings, right?). Just before his 100th Test, Jayasuriya said, 'the fear of being dropped' brought the best out o...

Bangladeshi players
Alok Kapali showed promise... even few thought he would make a good all-rounder. He faded away. I thought Rajin Saleh was going to be a great bat some time soon. He even captai...

Murali's Double....
Murali's Test run aggregate is 999. As it appears, Sri Lanka may have to bat twice in this Test. Probably Murali's 1000th Test run is one the way at P Saravanamuthu Stadium. Vic...

Axes out for team to play World XI
Martyn, Gillespie, Kasper get Test axe September 20, 2005 - 1:25PM Damien Martyn, Jason Gillespie and Michael Kasprowicz have been dropped from the Australian Test Team for ...

England without Jones and Flintoff and Australia without McGrath and Warne
Some comments have been made as to how England would fare if Flintoff or Jones (or both) were missing, as opposed to how Australia have fared when Warne or McGrath are missing. I'...

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