Paul Terry (Hampshire) 1994 benefit match
Hi everyone, Apparently back in 1994 there was a Benefit match for Paul Terry of Hampshire in a little village called Owslebury. David Gower and Robin Smith took part. Is there a ...

Poor old Jimmy Nicholl
Who remembers Jimmy Nicholl now? Does Gary Pratt, who couldn't get a run for Durham, have a poster of Jimmy up anywhere? Will Gary ever be selected for England? Fran <...

Non-Test Aussies playing well ...
Stuart Law ... second century in 2 matches for Lancs, on a pitch rated as dodgy. Damien Wright .. four wickets Andy Bichel 3 for Hampshire over Warwickshire Watson 203 ... fo...

Is this Match Fixer Muralitharan??????????????
Bar girl loses Rs 1.5 cr in cricket bet By: Nishant A Bhuse September 5, 2005 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crorepati bar d...

Breaking News: Poms Latest Dirty Trick
Alvey Associated Press: A large flatbed truck was seen entering the cricket ground at Chelmsford minutes after the Australian team had left the ground following the completion of ...

Book shops in London (Cricket books)
Since I will be in London next week, can someone recommend some book shops, where I can buy cricket related books (new and old) as well as DVDs. Also does some one know of second-hand...

Katich as a medium pace seamer?
According to a CricInfo article, Steve Waugh suggested a big shock by requesting Katich, the occasional wrist spinner, as medium-paced back-up. In his view, "....the dilemma with four is whe...

Wickets in consecutive overs
In their last ODI encounter, Sri Lanka got Bangladesh wickets in the 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th overs. Is it the longest run of consecutive wicket-taking overs in ODI? How ab...

Hayden hits top form
Hayden gets a big hundred in the tour match against Essex. Alleged to be in poor form in the Ashes series(although has been smashing county bowlers at every opportunity in the tou...

Yuvraj runs away
Just kidding. I am actually impressed with the way Yuvraj and Dhoni paced their innings, even if the opposition is not exactly world class. Dhoni's runs came through a lot of singles - this ...

who is this on rsc,commenting??
'40.1 Blignaut to Yuvraj Singh, two runs, drifting down the leg side and that's a dangerous thing to do with the fine leg inside the circle, Yuvraj works it away fine and a c...

Great Indian Run Machine back on track
I was almost worried after the last match against NZ. All is well now. Go Kaif, Sehwag, Dravid! Show ZIM who's boss!! Of course, after this match Chappell will say that he has no conce...

Reporting the inclusion of Anderson and Collingwood in the Oval XIII, a CricInfo article said: Hampshire's Chris Tremlett misses out on a squad place, despite being made in the 12...

Matt the Bat
In the tour first class matches (not test) ML Hayden c New b Maunders 75 (68 balls) ML Hayden c Peters b Mason 79 (97 ...

Anderson and Collingwood back in the Test team
Anderson and Collingwood have been named in a 13-man England squad for the final Ashes Test at The Oval. Tremmlete OUT. Bell retained.

Owing to the fact that I shall be away somewhat inconveniently between the First and Second Tests of both series, I shall not be running a tipping competition on either the ZvI or SLvB serie...

FLASH ! Muralidharan now into MATCH FIXING.......?
This is a clipping from the much respected indian website in today's edition of a leading Sri Lankan spinner involved in match fixing and money laundering etc.., this will b...

Buchanan in denail
"Coach John Buchanan remained pleased with the efforts his bowlers showed, however. "

Chappelli bags SRW
One evening last week Nein's flagshit "current affairs" show (I can't recall its name) did Ian Michael Chappell A Good Turn by giving him a chance to plug his latest book. One of...

Alistair Campbell
What is Alistair Campbell, former captain of Zimbabwe, up to these days?

Alastair Cook - the next sensation from Eng?
Tour Match: Essex v Australia Essex 1st Innings W I Jefferson b M S Kasprowicz 64 A N Cook not out 200 232 30 1 R S Bopara not out 110 191 13 2 ...

2005 Invincibles brush Essex aside
Essex 1st innings R M B 4 6 WI Jefferson b Kasprowicz 64 102 73 10 1 AN Cook ...

Simon Hughes saying that Nick Pothas wears different coloured underpants depending on what he's doing in the game. Benaud: And if he's facing a bowler of Tyson's pace, he might wear ...

McGarth the smiling, charismatic assassin
If Mcgarth plays in the deciding test he needs to be 100% fit AND backed up by the other bowlers. neither of these are likely to happen.Can the Aussies compete? Maybe but unlikely. ...

SRT's silent gesture
Q. Have you met Sachin Tend Ulkar? SANIA MIRZA: Yes, he actually gifted me a car. Q. A car? SANIA MIRZA: Yeah, after I won the junior Wimbledon doubles. Sania Mirza wil...

"selfish" kaif wins game for india!
I hope kaif's match-winning knock will stop ppl from calling him selfish, at least for a while. Though this win won't help IND in any way for the final.The difference will be Shane Bon...

Dismissals by Subs
CricInfo did an article on dismissals by substitute fielders. According to this article, in all Tests since Sept...

[OT] Hilarious Website...
The guy is kinda like Australians were sometime back Cheers! -- Vig

McGrath expected to be fit for the decider
From the BBC Australia received a boost ahead of the fifth Test at The Oval after Glenn McGrath trained without any ill-effects from his elbow injury. The problem kept the 35-year...

(OT) Sania Mirza in 4th Round I am convinced she has taken performance enhancing durgs cheers lt

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