When do/did the Ashes change hands
I'm getting rather sick of commentators and articles in the press saying things like "England will hold the Ashes for the first time since 1987" because, as eny fule kno, England retaind the...

Just a thought
I was idly wondering late last night whether it was worth Australia just declaring overnight and trying to get England out quickly -- on the theory that England would take light eagerly if o...

All these 'Danger' and ' Physical Danger'
The 'experts' on Australian TV keep complaining about the umpires decision to offer light the England. One goes to say, "umpires are given too much of power and their ego, in time...

Michael Vaughan...u wanker
People say he might be a good captain but he is a pure wanker as a person. He could not get off that ground even quicker. Even the English commentators thought it was unfair. How can it...

Remarkable SKW stat: (Aslam?)
In this series Warne has dismissed an opening bat 10 times. (One left too)

Flintoff spell
18-4-38-5 -- Cheers, ymt.

Harmi, the opening bowler
When Harmison got Langer, I was wondering who all were his other wickets were. I found during my quick review that Langer was Harmison's first 'opening batsman' to fall! It was interesting...

Now another one's gone
This is some rip-roaring bowling. The only fly in the ointment is going to be that Glenn McGrath is going to love bowling in these conditions.

Are England going to get a first innings lead?
Jesus wept, what's going on? Loving it though............

So clever
Tony Grieg just stated that the crowd are on their feet every time something like that happens. If you want to know what that thing is, its when a wicket falls. What great participation by...

If I were to give Vaughan a tip
At 362 for 7, I would sugget him to instruct his bowlers to deliver shoter deliveries to target the batsmen at chest level. This way, there would be no chance to score runs - there would be...

England over rate
Two hour morning session: 22.3 overs bowled. Had Gilchrist not been dismissed off the first ball of the final over, it would have been completed but not time for another, bringing the ...

Aus messing up things @ Oval
AUS have only themselves to blame, now that they are 356/6 at lunch, still 17 shy of ENG's 373. The last wckt to fall in the 1st session was that of Gilchrist who fell to a ball swinging ...

English weather - the 13th man
And probably going to wind up man of the test. Still, the Aussies have no one to blame but themselves leaving it to the last test.

Totally OT: ISP Q for London poms.
There's a .au site where you can go to discover all the available internet plans, prices etc etc for your location. (www.whirlpool.net.au if anyone in Oz has been living in a cave for the la...

Wont be around for the gloating
The motorbike ( BMW R1150R )is ready and sometime next week will be off for 6 weeks following the yellow brick road.

Umpires stuff it again
Ponting not out when he nicked it Martyn not out after he snicked it to the keeper Is this a case of its raining and doesnt matter so lets give some decisions ...

Warne in the slips...
The way he stands up and fold his arms is just priceless....

Rules Question
Is the batsman out when a bowled ball removes middle stump but the bails remain in place, leaning against each other and held up by the off and leg stumps?

Calling Aslam: Can you do rain stats?
In another thread far, far away, I was wondering which country had the honour of having most time lost by rain. I seriously doubt that you'd have a table/value for 'Type of Delay', but can y...

Oz tactics for D4
All based on no significant time lost. Optimum: Go at it like Warnie with a new phone and declare 275 in front with 30 minutes to bowl at Eng on D4. Modal: All out around te...

XI of the Series
This is an early offering for a standard end-of-series topic, but I doubt very much that my voting will change even if Hayden goes on to score 400 here. My XI of the Series: ...

so Hayden, you still THINK Tendulkar plays for his 100's....you have
lost steam in 60 odd matches...it took Tendulkar more than 100-110 matches to change his natural game... and yeah, dont tell us that you were not playing for your 100....your more...

In a bathtub of rose petals
http://www.apunkachoice.com/scoop/bollywood/20050907-0.html Shahrukh follows the proud tradition of Leela Chitnis Zeenat Madhuri Aishwarya Sridevi Madhubala

The Gilchrist Factor
A sustained and exciting innings by Gilchrist could do much overcome the loss of time due to rain delays. Ivan the hopeful

What is it about style on the field?
Why do some players wear googles on the field.Giles even bowls wearing it. A.strauss was wearing goggles when he misdujged a catch at point.Why doesn't Giles learn from that? Maybe he would...

Guardian obo observation
The nervous 390s A cracking spot from Tim de Lisle, who notes that, rather bizarrely, four batsmen have fallen with their series aggregates in the 390s - Trescothick (398), Flintoff (394),...

Murali Kartick>>tortured Ind,now playing well for county
He is really one of those who is not a lover of his own country surely. One who hasn't played well for his own team should not do it for any other. http://content-ind.cricinfo.com/db/...

How good is Hussey?
I was watching him in the latest Natwest series.He looked pretty good. He has scored 387 from 15 games with an avg of 129.

What will happen in this test now?
I know it is not that difficult to say that it will be a draw. But both teams can still win from here. What if ENG get some quick wckts. & bowl AUS out for say 280-300. The...

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