Where is AB de Villiers?
Why was AB not selected for yesterday's and today's matches? JVZ

Warks player in Drug test
http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/cricket/counties/warwickshire/4525003.stm Wonder who this could be. It would be inredibly stupid if it's Ian Bell. Unlikely to be Nick Knight (far to...

Final Four
Mohinder Amarnath, Sandip Patil, Greg Chappell, Tom Moody I am thinking Amarnath would win

Bizarre batting records
Bizarre batting records by A.C. de Silva Batting is the brightest part of the game of cricket and the present day has been fortunate, as the game has some outstanding personalitie...

Bombay media pimps for Munaf
http://cricket.indiatimes.com/quickies/1102058.cms Not unlike what the QCCC accuses the Sydney media of doing for Golden Buttocks. Cheers, Shishir

Webcast of WI SA
Is there a video/audio webast of the series anywhere?

New cricket site
Please visit the following website.. http://cricket.mostvaluablenetwork.com I've just started writing there..I'd be happy if you guys can pay the site a visit.. T...

ICC misguided in its leniency
The punishment handed out to Wavell Hinds over his assault on Graeme Smith is puzzling. Hinds is a problem player, his attitude is horrific. Conduct of this sort can't be let off with a matc...

Cambridge-Oxford Varsity Match
Does anyone have any details about this year's Varsity Match between Oxford and Cambridge (either the Test or the limited-overs)? Cheers, DT (Light Blue!)

India's second tour to Pakistan in 3 years
http://content.cricinfo.com/pakistan/content/story/208804.html What is wrong with BCCI and PCB? -A

India to tour Pak again in 3 years!!
http://content.cricinfo.com/pakistan/content/story/208804.html What is wrong with BCCI and PCB? -A

Sivaram has been exposing the Sri Lankan government's duplicity in dealing with the peace process
Sivaram has been exposing the Sri Lankan government's duplicity in dealing with the peace process They can take Sivaram away from us but can they extinguish the fire of Tami...

Most Tests before first bowl
Here is a list of players who appeared in at least 35 Test matches before bowling for the first time. 84th MV Boucher SAf v WI St Joh's 2004-05 70th HH Gibbs SAf...

Sheffield Shield movements
It seems that Elliot is to go to South Australia, while Brad Hodge and Jonathon Moss are heading north to NSW. What chances NSW next season? FRAN

World ODI team from each decade.
There was a previous thread listing all time world ODI teams. Selecting a team can be an extremely taxing task. I've chosen a team from each decade. I hope this encourages good healthy discu...

Jermaine Lawson gets 4/39 against South Africa
Just heard that in the warm up game between Jamaica and South Africa, Jermaine Lawson took 4/39 off 10 overs as SAF were bowled out for 245. >From what I understand, Dippenaar and B...

AQB Test Ratings (5 May2005)
The AQB International Cricket (Test) ratings have been updated to 5 May 2005. With the final test, in St. John's, drawn, South Africa completed their 2-0 test series win over the...

Ridley Jacobs on Brian Lara
http://www.heraldsun.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,5478,15182530%255E11088,00.html Not very flattering to Lara as captain.

Subject: Looking for more information.
Hi I am interested in more information. Where is the best spot? You can email me at any of the following addresses: Thanks, Sam masontss48@sam...

Best innings you've never seen
Note: you must have missed seeing the innings live at the ground. Anyone can merely miss a masterpiece on the telly. Mine: Greg Chappell scoring a hundred runs before lunch on th...

Averages for last 10 Tests
Here are all the batsmen who have averaged 60+ over their last 10 matches. Some are unlikely to play again. I NO R HS A DG Bradman ...

indian coach pick for everyrone
since i have ton of time on my hand these week thought i would ask rscer who would they pick for indian coach and y. thanx kam

Lord's Tsunami Appeal Match
Teams: MCC CH Gayle SP Fleming RR Sarwan *SR Tendulkar JH Kallis A Flower +KC Sangakkara SM Pollock A Kumble M Muralitharan Shoa...

Looking for Cricket Players: Maryland/DC/Virginia
Hello, If you are interested in playing serious cricket this year (2005)in Maryland/DC/Virginia area, please contact me at 301-879-9622. I play for Damascus Cricket Club and...

WI v SA - more tedious trivia
317 CH Gayle - career highest Test score (prev 204) - career highest f-c score (259) Triple centuries in West Indies BC Lara ...

High % of Test series run total from one innings
Here is a list of batsmen who obtained 85% of their runs in a Test from one innings (Qualifications - batted in at least 5 innings AND totaled at least 100 runs in the series) ...

Tendulkar at the Spanish Grand Prix
Aparantly Sachin Tendulkar is making a visit to the Spanish Grand Prix (wwwgplasource.com) is there a chance he could take up motor racing?

Herman's Test Ratings after the test in St.John's
Herman's Test Ratings after the test in St.John's 2005-05-03 batting bowling rating matches prev Australia 43,52 26,64 338 (1) 19,6 336 (1) South Africa 40,99 35,13 117 (2) 18,7 11...

Not enforcing the follow-on
No. Not really. I've had quite enough of that nonsense for now. I want to complain about the pitches in West Indies. Antigua was merely the worst pitch the series was played on: the re...

Did he train at the Sourav batting Academy?
1.1 Iftikhar Anjum to Ramesh, no run, a big appeal and that was out as ball was heading into the middle stump but Asoka de Silva thought otherwise 1.2 Iftikhar Anjum to Ramesh, no...

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