England injuries - here we go again
For as long as I can remember, when England come up against good Australian sides, key players break down with countless injuries. I see Giles has done just this and Australia aren't even ...

Why are we so nice to the Aussies?
Just gazing at the itinerary for the Australian tour to England. I see they start with a nice cosy trip to Leicester and Taunton - I bet they get to play Leicester and somerset 2nds. ...

Is the Sinhala Buddhist Nation forcing another war?
Is the Sinhala Nation forcing another war on Tamils? http://www.ltteps.org/?view=710&folder=2 Lead news in the 'Liberation Tigers' the official organ of the LTTE April-May 2005

most runs before taking 100th wicket in ODI
Chris Gayle took his 100th wicket in ODI today having scored over 4000 runs. It would be interesting to see how many runs players like Viv Richards, Jayasuria and Hooper had before completin...

WI Pace quartet playing together
Can I have a list of tests that Marshall, Roberts, Holding, Garner played together?

Players abused Wright - Gavaskar
Who else but the greedy, selfish, arrogant bastard Ganduly who did not attend the farewell dinner to Wright in Delhi. Wright flew to kolkata after the dinner and met greedy, selfish arrogan...

The New Rubber Man...
Look at the insane thing Shoaib's arm is doing.....looks downright broken... http://s39.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1IP1YN2TN9PPG1XGN2GSMQX04H ouchhhhh! Shariq ...

Players abused Wright - Gavaskar
http://web.mid-day.com/sports/national/2005/may/109943.htm (Mumbai media link) Interesting, who could the players be?

New cricket forums
Hi! I can see intelligent discussion on the great sport here...if you want to, you can also join the forums : http://www.cricket.invisionplus.net . Its a place for likeminded cricket f...

WI pitches
http://content.cricinfo.com/westindies/content/story/209762.html seems like the articles about Indian pitches in the past 10 years

Nice work by Pakistan team to win the WI ODI series
Pakistan has now won 6 consecutive ODIs. They are still short of their all time best of 10 victories in a row. For now, I just hope that Pakistan can win the series 3-0 and then start the

English Cricket 1945 Britain in Pictures FA
English Cricket by Neville Cardus 1945 Dustwrapper a little rubbed,original owners ink inscription,otherwise in VGC >From the beautifully illustrated Britain in Pictures Series by the

UATCV2: WI v Pak, T2, 3-7 Jun, Jamacia - Entries
Yes, I'll update the table soon.

UATCV2: WI v Pak, T1, 26-30 May, Barbados - Entries
Yes, I'll update the table soon.

UATCV2: Ing v Bangles, 3-7 Jun, Riverside(?) - Entries
Yes, I'll update the table soon.

UATCV2: Ing v Bangles, T1, 26-30 May, Lords - Entries
Yes, I'll update the table soon.

Greedy Ganduly and Dalmiya reins supreme in Indian cricket
Ganduly got exactly what he wanted from the beginning ie chappell as coach which proves greedy, selfish ganduly and his fellow mentor dalmiya still control Indian cricket like their personal feifdom. ...

Red for Windies...or for that matter the Dutch.

Hey Dumbfuck!
Your Greg 'uninterested in the coaching India' Chappell is the coach now, go drink your piss now.. uff....

Q: How long before Agarkar fans trash Chappell?
A: First game India plays without Agarkar.

Indian HOCKEY Team should get Rick Charlesworth now
I hope that better sense prevails in Indian Hockey too and they should get Rick Charlesworth, the best hockey coach in the world. BTW, Ric played cricket as a young school boy and pla...

HHTC WI v P T1 selections

HHTC EvB T1 selections

Bangalorean chosen to take Indian cricket forward
http://in.rediff.com/cricket/2005/may/20terms.htm [About Greg Chappell] "He will be based in Bangalore, where the National Cricket Academy is located, it was agreed after a...

Isn't this site a bogus site? I mean they're offering cricket for a pound and all that. It seems to be a load of crap more than anything else. Even the thread thats been posted earlier tha...

Watch WI V PAK Online
join www.sportingstreams.com if you want to watch the WI/PAk series online. All you need is broadband! the quality of the streams are excellent , all over 200kbps! i watched the first odi be...

Chappel's renumeration
HI, Hindustan Times has a few articles on the appointment. http://www.htcricket.com/htcricket/14_1369961.htm == The world's richest cricket body, Board of C...

Is CricInfo fixing matches?
The headline on CI today shouts "match-fixing". The body of the story only talks about Indian guys getting arrested for taking bets. Is CI implying that taking bets means match-fixing?

Cricket Meri Jaan Straight From Hindustan
http://s42.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=05QEU7BU0VQG62PNKZ4WYAQV4B This link will expire in 7 days.... Shariq

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