ICC clears Harbhajan bowling action
ICC clears Harbhajan bowling action NDTV Correspondent Sunday, May 29, 2005 (New Delhi): The International Cricket Council (ICC) has cleared the bowling action of ...

Lets stop the farce
When are the icc going to admit that the likes of Zimbabwe and Bangladesh are not test playing nations. South Africa pulverized Zimbabwe and England did the same to Bangladesh. This is not...

Bedi on how he exorcised Kaps' ghost
frm writing http://www.deccan.com/Sports/Sports.asp#Mountain%20or%20molehill?%20Never%20ask%20an%20Indian

The enormity of the human rights violations- Eliminate All Circumstances Aiding Resumption of War
The enormity of the human rights violations ... Eliminate All Circumstances Aiding Resumption of War NORTH EAST SECRETARIAT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS The sudden appearance of a...

HHTC WIvP T1 D3 close
Player scores: Gayle (55) 28 Butt (27) Smith (39) 44 Hameed (43) 7 ...

What happened to Pakistan? - 16/3
Pakistan 16/3 They are playing like an Old Indian Team.....

Chanderpaul a 10 test Bradman
In the last 10 tests he has: 1233 runs, average 102.75 Q to Aslam and others - How many batsmen have a a 100+ average in a 10 test stretch? Wonderful to see Chanders re...

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HHTC EvB T1 result
Khaled Mashud's knockabout this morning ensured that there was one Bangladeshi with a plus score. Player scores: Trescothick (224) 177 Javed (47) ...

Motor mouthed Kaif...
http://www.putfile.com/media.php?n=frustrating-yoyo And that decision by Bucknor looked "good" :-)

why Faisal Sharif was FIRED from rediff
Because ALLAH FUCKED a MILLION UGLY STINKING BLACK PIGS in the arabian desert and then let the BLACK PIGS EJACULATE on ALLAHs fuck face. Because CiLs and Anonymous mullahs moms STUFFED STIN...

Was Kapil really a hero?
Talking about this match. http://www.cricinfo.com/db/ARCHIVE/1990/IND_IN_ENG/IND_ENG_T1_26-31JUL1990.html If India hadn't avoided the follow-on, we could then exploited Engl...

Pakistan Batting Collapse - First Test
I wasn't altogether surprised to see the Pak batting collapse today. First of all, let us consider the selection blunders. Inzimam is not playing. Yousuf Y...

HHTC WIvP T1 D2 close
Player scores: Gayle (54) 27 Butt (27) Afridi (60) 21 Smith (39) Hameed (32) 5 Sarwan ...

HHTC EvB T1 D2 close
Player scores: Trescothick (214) 167 Javed (47) Strauss (79) 68 Nafees (11) Vaughan (170) 151 ...

Discrepancies in WICB CEO's Story
+++++=== ......on paper, it seems that the deal offered by Cable & Wireless was better than the one eventually accepted from Digicel. Now remember, Digicel said they would sponso...

Should WI enforce follow on ?
The great follow on debate continues... I would say in this case WI should not enforce only b'coz the WI batting performances in recent times . They are capable of anything . ...

English Declaration
Should Vaughan allowed Bell to try for his 100? He was going at a good pace, about 70 and was 35 runs off the mark, that is at the rate he has going another 50 balls. It would have been a co...

Stupid move ( Colossal blunder) by Vaughan
Declaring even before the end of second day, when everyone knows that the 3rd day of the test match is the easiest to bat. Now all bangladesh needs to do is to pile on about 650+ runs in the...

Liverpool Win and Ashes
On tuesday if your were asked the following question what would have been your answer. ------------------------------ Of the following which is most likely to happen ...

Tiered System For Test Matches Needed...
With Zimbabwe and Bangladesh continuing to just be god awful it is time to "relegate" them into a separate category and throw the likes of Kenya, Scortland and UAE in the mix. They will have...

Guardian commentary
http://sport.guardian.co.uk/cricket/story/0,10069,1493957,00.html 98th over: England 473-3 (Bell 38, Thorpe 20) Bell works Anwar off his pads through midwicket for four to take his Te...

Benaud's 2 favourite things
Talking about Channel 4's gizmos, he doesn't mention Hawkeye, but talks about the red zone and snickometer. -- Cheers, ymt.

Harmison and 9 slips
Does anyone know where I can find a photo of Harmison (I think) bowling with 9 slips? I remember seeing a photo once, taken from behind the batsman towards the boundary at the back. ...

MS Nichols
This chap : http://hcs.cricketarchive.co.uk/Archive/Players/0/530/530.html What really is his first name ? Half the sources call him Morris Nichols, the other half calls him...

HHTC WIvP T1 D1 close
Player scores: Butt (5) 1 Gayle (4) Smith (19) 39 Afridi (-20) Sarwan (6) 6 Younis (0...

EvB T1 D1
It has to be said that it was something of a let-down. Despite advance publicity about the likely improvments in strength from the Bngladeshis, today was a pretty poor show. The only period ...

All-time South African Test team
Barry Richards (no arments here, besides that he only played 4 Tests) Eddie Barlow (for the fighting spirit he introduced) Dudley Nourse (one for the old skool) Graeme Po...

This year for Lara
3 and a half matches 523 runs so far with 3 centuries @87 runs per innings. Astounding!! Cheers Chacko

What is the result if a batsman is unavailable?
http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/cricket/counties/4475781.stm Apparently in a County Championship game against Yorkshire recently Marcus Trescothick left to attend the birth of his chil...

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