HHTC IvSA T1 result
Player scores: Sehwag (164) 80 Smith (84) Hall (290) 184 Gambhir (106) Dravid (64) 49 van Jaarsveld (15) Kallis (65) 116 Tendulkar (-51) Gangul...

Murali eyes January return
Australian surgeon to check on shoulder Murali eyes January return Charlie Austin November 23, 2004 Muttiah Muralitharan flew to Australia late on Monday ni...

Cope blast as rule change spins Muralitharan's way
I don't agree with everything he says but his powerful insight as to how he felt to be victimised and targeted as a chucker is very interesting indeed. Its a real pity that his self empathy ...

Cricket's amusing moments
Cricket's amusing moments by A. C. de Silva http://www.sundayobserver.lk/2004/11/21/fea15.html Cricket at times can be dull and dreary, especially when runs are not flo...

Murali guard your tongue!
Stuff the inevitable dumb rsc anti Murali flames, this is an excellent article. Sensible writing for a change. Crapdock could learn a thing or two here about saying things as they...

Ind v RSA, T1, Nov 2004
Is this the dullest Test this century? It gets my vote. alvey in briz, wondering if Gangs is kicking himself for appealing against the suspension.

Ian Chappel Sacked ?
Ian Chappel has been stood down from the commentary box for the Adelaide Test and apparently he is not very happy about it. Chappeli was Big Kez's right hand man in the "rebel" World Series...

India all out - SA have 1st innings lead
Which doesn't mean that much early in D5, but it seems to me that SA are doing better than expected here. Starting round about mid-D4 their bowling has tightened up and they haven...

India allout
Conceding a lead on the 1st inning of 44. Phil.

What to do when rain affects ground condtions
Namibia folks have the answer ++++++ ..Initially a helicopter was brought in to dry a saturated 60-square-yard area of grass at extra cover. But when it became apparent this ...

British media stumped by Zimbabwe
Tuesday, November 23, 2004 Posted: 1833 GMT (0233 HKT) WINDHOEK, Namibia (Reuters) -- Zimbabwe's government has turned down applications by British media organization...

Cozier: Still no deal
+++++ SIX days before the three-week training camp in preparation for the forthcoming tour of Australia, the impasse between the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) and the West Indies Pla...

Steve Smith the Aussie ex-opener
How was Steve Smith in Shield cricket? I used to think he was a good one-day player, had some good ODIs in mid 80s. Unlucky all his Tests came in the Caribbean. But how was his batting reall...

Bucknor doesnt like Wankers
+++++++ The issue of batsmen walking puts additional pressure on umpires, given that some players act less out of conscience and more for future benefit, according to the most experienc...

Middlesex recruitment policy
Middx have signed Alan Richardson from Warwickshire, moving coach Emburey to say "We are delighted to have beaten off stiff opposition to capture Alan." One can see why Emburey is so p...

Large 1st inn totals in a loss by an innings
Here is a list of Test matches in which a side scored 350 or more runs in the first innings and still lost the match by an innings. Batting first: Eng (405 & 251) v Aus (695) ...

Headline seen in NZ Herald
"Bucknor wants help" Andrew

Indian Squad to Bangladesh
Should it be experimental ? I would prefer holidays for the seniors.. My team would be from Sehwag (capt) G Gambhir W Jaffer D Jaadhav D Mongia Venugopal...

Here are all first wicket partnerships (P) of 150 or more runs achieved when responding to a total of 500. The side batting second is listed first. The opening batsmen are given in the secon...

Highest 10th wkt p'ship from all positions
Here are the highest partnerships for the 10th wicket involving players from each batting position. Number 11s are listed second. Opener: 94 SM Gavaskar/NS Yadav Ind v A...

SRW: willing to coach India
++++ "If at all an offer comes from Indian side, it would all depend on the situation and conditions thereof. If the terms and conditions are suitable to me, I might accept it." <...

Akram: ICC is being stupid
++++ .."ICC is being stupid. It's a stupid theory. It (flexion) can't be 11 degrees or 15 degrees. There seems to be no brains there," ... Either you chuck or you don't," he said...

I don't understand
Sometimes --- actually a lot of times -- I question Ganguly... Why did he and the others play as though this was the third day with a lot of overs left... look at Sehwag - they should ...

Mosts before 1st Test 50
A. Most Test matches before scoring the first 50: 101 GD McGrath (Aus) 63 M Muralitharan (SL) 58 JN Gillespie (Aus) 46 BS Bedi (Ind) 44 GAR Lock (Eng) 33 ...

Its a stupid draw
I hate RSA - just because they can't win they draw it out for 2 days making a measly 501 -- - just some good batting practice for india. I hope the second test is a bowler's para...

Ind v Bangladesh
Ahoy there, some help needed can anyone tell me what would happen on the ICC Test Table if Bangladesh draws the series against India, or even, wins? (besides all hell breaking los...

Large contribution by the lower half in a Test innings
A. Test matches in which the lower half of the batting order contributed 350 or more runs in an innings: Runs Total 474 87-5 561 Pak v NZ Lahore 1955-56 ...

200 & 100 p'ships in lower order in a Test innings
Here is a list of Test matches in which separate partnerships of 200 and 100 runs were achieved by the lower order (after 5 wickets were down) in the same innings. Eng v Aus The ...

HHTC I v SA T1 D4 close
Player scores: Sehwag (164) 127 Smith (37) Hall (218) 122 Gambhir (96) Dravid (62) 60 van Jaarsveld (2) Kallis (37) 70 Tendulkar (-33) Ganguly ...

T awful strikes again
Gives Sehwag out, ball drifting down the leg, with the reverse swing.... comms as well this time called it correctly (which basically means they agreed with me ofcourse..! ) ...

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