Of Kiwis and Sheep...
Because we've gone so long without such a combination. If you want to make money out of sheep, you don't rip their hides of all in one go. Someone should really mention this to Langer...

Gilly in new walking shock
[AS: Ripped from The Bladder] Gilly in new walking shock The controversy over Adam Gilchrist’s walking crusade deepened today when the Australian wicketkeeper appeale...

Drop Martyn!
How many more chances will this guy get? Time to bring Hodge or someone else in. :-) ---------------------------------------------- 72.6 Wiseman to Martyn, OUT: caugh...

Who belives Sinhala bastered???
"linus" <laviniam@sprint.ca> wrote in message news:SHTsc.1758$_L5.6807@newscontent-01.sprint.ca... >> So do you support the Sinhala only act of 1956 and the Official languag...

Larryarse - Kari vasica kuthica putha
"Larry de Silva" <larrydesilva@ozemail.com.au> wrote in message news:<NL_od.388$km5.6991@nnrp1.ozemail.com.au>... > It is extremely bloody hypocritical for a unrepentant path...

Hayden taunts the Kiwis
http://foxsports.news.com.au/story/0,8659,11501159-23212,00.html +++= Kiwis need some speed By Richard Earle November 26, 2004 MATTHEW HAYDEN has dared New Z...

Hayden is a one-paced plodder
Play some shots, man! Andrew

australia new zealand audio
any online audio available? eg a feed of the ABC broadcast? Thx in advance, my Canadian friend is most depressed at the moment :)

Aus A?
James Sutherland is quoted as saying that Australia A could be considered if the West Indies pull out. If Bing has to bowl at Hayden and Gilchrist he'll never get back into the Aussie team....

Brett Lee: Give him a bowl SOMEWHERE
Poor bloke. I agree he doesn't deserve a spot in the Test side at the moment, but the poor bloke hasn't bowled in a match for ages! If Cricket Australia knew he was going to be 12th ma...

Delhi Boys, Chopra and Jadeja
Seems Chopra's battlie continues for runs. Has Chopra gone for good to join Gandhis and Rameshes of the recent past? Did anyone look at Jadeja's performance in the recent matches?

A Tale of two cities
In Adelaide, at 6.30am local time today the temperature is 27 degrees celsius (81 fahrenheit), and expected to reach a high of 33. Not extremely hot by local standards; much the same is exp...

Re: HHTC AvNZ T2 selections
> Gillespie, Vettori, McGrath, Styris, Hayden. Change to: Gillespie, Martin, Martyn, Styris, Hayden -anil

Mike Haysman - Kanpur on a shoe string budget
http://www.supercricket.co.za/default.asp?id=3371&des=sportstalk A week in the city of Kanpur seems like a month! Depending on which guide book you read, this is either the most...

Sehwag stepping into Tendulkar's shoes
Kunal Pradhan profiles Virendra Sehwag and feels that on current evidence he may be well on his way to match Sachin Tendulkar's record. More in the article below. ----------------------...

Sri Lanka board cautions Murali over comments
For all those SL hating wankers on rsc who said that SL cricket wont act against Murali, go shove your heads up each others smelly arses and form a circle. You make a great circus act..........

Ponting: How to prevent 'chucking'
+++ How to prevent 'chucking' By Australian captain Ricky Ponting November 25, 2004 IN this ever more demanding age of modern, professional cricket, the realities and ad...

Holmans vindicated (also keeping to Warne and Akram)
Last nights guest speaker at the Cricket Society of SA was former Gauteng and now Hampshire 'keeper Nick Pothas. One of the themes he talked about was the respective strengths of ...

Qn for Aslam: Innings/Test ratio
Couldn't find if this has been given before. What are the lowest/highest ratios of Innings to Tests played? McGrath must be pretty low at 114:101. Criteria of 20 and 50 tests ...

Another dumb newbie question
I gather that the run rate in test matches is generally lower than in ODI's because the batsman plays more safely - or perhaps, it's more accurate to say less aggressively - in order to pres...

HHTC AvNZ T2 selections
Your T1 selections will be carried forward unless you decide to change them. Martyn, Sinclair, Warne, Vettori, Hayden Cheers, Mike

does anyone know any sites that teach you how to play cricket?
I am interested in knowing the rules to play cricket. I would like to visit some sites that explain this in a simple understandable way.

Never let cricket get in the way of a sponsorship contract ...
Sounds like a typical balls-up. Can someone please explain to me how and why the WICB failed to cover the inevitable contractual clashes when seeking a new sponsorship deal? Or indeed, why...

IvSATC: T2 Selections
Please post your T2 selections in this thread. The usual time limit of T2 toss applies. If you do not request a change, your team will be carried over from T2. As for me, I will p...

IvSATC: T1 standings
An awkward test for the TC with the second innings being completed only on Day 4: which meant that there was only one update during the course of the test. Here are the standings ...

Cricket in the Ottoman Empire
OTTOMAN SULTANS XI Now that the need to bring the arrogant Aussies to their knees is paramount, the Ottoman Empire has been re-elected to the International Cricket Congress. ...

England cancel flight to Zimbabwe
I think, it is time to give a strong signal to Zimbabwe authorities that the cricketing community will not tolerate the offensive attitude displayed by them. Though cricket is only a game an...

Why the grumbling (I v SA T1)
Who cares about the result when we had two classic knocks from Kallis? 37 from 108 balls in the first knock was remarkable even by his standards, but it turned out to be a mere appetiser for...

Covering all the angles
A bloody brilliant piece. A tad long but well worth the read. Laz ---------------------------------- Covering all the angles 20 November 2004 http://www.stuf...

Herman's Test Ratings after the tests in Brisbane and Kanpur
Herman's Test Ratings after the tests in Brisbane and Kanpur 2004-11-24 batting bowling rating matches prev Australia 41,15 27,49 273 (1) 14,4 258 (1) South Africa 42,71 34,76 159 ...

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