Harmison finds an echo of Ambrose
Mike Selvey feels that Harmison is the new Ambrose - only faster. Also interestingly, he feels that Harmison may be the quickest bowler that England may ever have possessed. -----------...

Ted Dexter : When youth has flown
September 1991 When youth has flown Ted Dexter on the unwinnable war against Anno Domini +++++++= used to bowl my own brand of fast-medium. In 1957 I played for...

Teams blast Darwin pitch
Teams blast Darwin pitch The Australian and Sri Lankan cricket teams blasted the state of the drop-in pitch at Marrara Oval after Australia wrapped up a 149-run first Test victory...

Muralitharan seeks to rebuild his reputation in deepest Hertfordshire
Very interesting article. http://sport.independent.co.uk/cricket/story.jsp?story=537570 By David Llewellyn 03 July 2004 This week Murali turned up at Shenley Cric...

Wombat's HHTC - Aus v SL - 2nd Test Selections
The 2nd Test will start on Friday 9th July. Please use this thread to post your selections. After the 1st Test, the current standings are: anil k goel 532 Andr...

Wombat's HHTC - Aus v SL - End of Match
AUSTRALIA (2nd innings) Langer 10 Hayden 2 Elliott 0 Martyn 67 Lehmann 51 Katich 15 Gilchrist 130 Warne -46 ...

Clang #2 in this Test
6/141. Stumping missed. A straight one off SKW which didn't touch anything of the batsman's. alvey "Looks like one of those instances where the keeper exp...

Taufeeq Umar's Problems
I think the problem is that Taufeeq's game has fallen BADLY as a result of his desire to play ODIs for Pakistan and consequent attempts to adjust his game appropriately. Affected by this are...

great job, john howard! you've robbed your public...
of a great series. one team is playing without arguably the greatest bowler ever (certainly statistically speaking). although it is clear australia is going to win, one wonders wh...

Can somebody tell Dada, abt the Aussies?
++++++ "There is still five-six months to go for the team to play a Test match. Presently the team will play in the one-dayers. After seeing the form of the players in the one-day...

When was the last time a team bowled Aus out twice in under 2 days?

Why is Sky Sports not showing the cricket?!
What the heck is going on?! We've had full coverage of SL vs Aus for the last two days and now they decide to leave the third day out! What's going on?!

Question re maidens for Aslam
What is the most number of maidens a bowler has bowled in an innings before being scored off? At present McGrath has five Colin Kynoch

Ball swings after pitching ?????
6.3 McGrath to Atapattu, no run, beautiful delivery, pitches on off and swings in a long way, beats him between bat and pad ---------------------- Is it just me or does anybody el...

Can Aussies whinge about pitches?
At the beginning of the SL vs Aus series in SL, Ponting had a huge whinge about the pitches in SL. But all three test matches went on to the 5th day; and the pitches were pretty good to bat ...

Sri Lanka to try Twenty20 cricket
Sixteen-club tournament planned for late August Sri Lanka to try Twenty20 cricket Charlie Austin July 2, 2004 Sri Lanka are the latest country to announce that they will be j...

Australia failing to make 250
When was the last time that the Australians failed to make 250 in either innings of a test match?

Most Tests for each side before first declaration
In answer to an email question, here are the numbers of matches for each side from their Test debuts to first declaration. Declarations were not allowed till 1889. ENGLAND: 7...

SL batsmen is about to waste another fine bowling effort by their bowlers
I suppose this one will end in less than 3 days. Just like the last previous three SL-AUS encounters, SL's much vaunted batting lineup is about to fold again like a pack of cards.

Wombat's HHTC - Aus v SL - End of Day 2
AUSTRALIA (2nd innings) Langer 10 Hayden 2 Elliott 0 Martyn 7 Lehmann 51 Katich 15 Gilchrist 80 Warne 1 ...

Best match bowling by a Sri Lankan on debut
Here is a list of Sri Lankan bowlers who took at least 5 wickets in their debut Test match. 7/85 (5/44 & 2/41) AK Kuruppuarachchi v Pak Colombo(CCC) 1985-86 6/92 (2/50 ...

Wombat's HHTC - Aus v SL - End of 1st innings
AUSTRALIA Langer 40 Hayden 47 Elliott 11 Martyn 47 Lehmann 57 Katich 9 Gilchrist 30 Warne 144 Gillespie...

Murali 'hasn't ruled out' later tours
Murali 'hasn't ruled out' later tours The manager of the Sri Lankan Test team says Australian cricket crowds have not seen the last of spin wizard Muttiah Muralitharan.

Bad week for English sport
It certainly has been - but try telling that to Steve Harmison. The bloke is just awesome at the moment.

Reliable method for predicting NatsPiss series winner
SP Fleming: captain in 160 odos, won toss 75 times (46.88%) BC Lara: captain in 71 odos, won toss 32 times (45.07%) MP Vaughan: captain in 21 odos, won toss 9 times (42.86%) <...

Dodgy pitches, dodgy officials, dodgy actions:
some interesting comments at: http://www.crikey.com.au/columnists/2004/07/02-0005.html -- Conehead

Gilchrist innings, was it a gem?
On scorecard it certainly is, what r the thoughts of people who watched it, chancy innings or a brilliant controlled counterattack ? Did the bowlers get tired and not much steam by the...

What a terrible decision.
Poor Katich. I thought "Oh my god they are having a lend of themselves" when they appealed. My jaw is still sore from hitting the ground after it was given out.

Live Audio
Any live audio coverage of the Aust - Sri Lanka test on the net? TIA pw

Darwin Ground/Pitch needs to evolve
Evolution is the key to the success of this test venue. IMHO.

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