Herman's Test Ratings after the test in Harare
Herman's Test Ratings after the test in Harare 2004-02-23 batting bowling rating matches prev Australia 47,81 32,12 314 (1) 14,7 306 (1) South Africa 45,57 33,35 244 (2) 14,4 236 (...

Zimbabwe v Bangladesh Result: Zimbabwe won by 183 runs Series: Zimbabwe leads the 2-Test series 1-0 Umpires: NA Mallender (Eng) and DL Orchard (SA) Now watc...

What is this Big Fuss About One Umpiring Mistake.
What is this circus about one umpiring mistake. Rogue umpires like Harper, Parker , Koertzen, etc do these thing one after the other. They never get it right. When one Asian umpire got one w...

Go ya mighty Aussies!!!!!
Go Aussie Go! Thrash those pot bellied Sri Lankan wankers and chuckers. I hate the Lankan sooks. Warney, you're my GOD! Om Om Om. If Murali chucks, chuck it back at his head.

my killfile is bigger than yours
Currently 18 inches long and my amazing killfile even grows by the day!! Suck on it chuckers

Procter praise SL & Atapattu for the manner in which they accepted the decision.
For Alvey and whinging Aussie brigade, who oppose unshitting SL: read & weep. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ "I thought the way it was handled out there was...

To all the killfile gurus
Is it possible to setup a killfile in OE that will automatically supress any thread consisting exclusively of Dechucka and Higgsy with a minimum depth of posts (say 6) and consisting of refe...

Dunford Bhai!, Just what are the Kiwis up to these days?
http://thewicket.com/2004_02_06/sub_story2.asp +++++++ Just what are the Kiwis up to these days? From Trevor Chesterfield In terms of modern buzz phrases ...

PING dechucka
Hi Could you email me your email addy. Kind Regards Colin Kynoch

Quotable Quotes on THE series
+++++++ Vajpayee (Indian PM) "On Pakistan's invitation, the Indian cricketers are going there to play cricket and not for any war," Inzamamul Haq (Captain) * This ...

Stop Press: wicket falls at Eden Park
Auckland 283 & 381/4dec (Horne 209*, Barnes 134*) ND 388 & 156/1 (Horsley 75, J Marshall 71*) ND, set 277 in minimum 51 overs, requires a further 120 runs off 111 balls. Immediate...

How could Aust loose this one (ODI # 2)
Aust has much better criket facilties than SL. according to the commentators their bats are better Ausie players are btter paid. Ausie players are bigger and stronger. So how...

SL players and Bichel
Some posters on this NG have ridiculed the notion of SL players being sportsmanlike by raising the point that they appealed for Symond's wicket knowing that it was not out, and hence far fro...

The Bevan Myth - Update
Is Michael Bevan really The Man for The Chase? I say No, and the statistics continue to support me after he once again snatched defeat from the jaws of victory last night. Bevan ...

Fast bowlers in the 70's must have been bowling 100mph+
Andy Roberts on fast bowlers: "(Shoaib) Akhtar and (Brett) Lee are two genuine fast bowlers in today's game. I don't think they are as quick as those genuine quick bowlers of the ...

SL Sportsmanship, an oxymoron
Regarding the Symond's incident Then who appealed for Symonds wicket when all else but the umpire knew Symonds had clearly hit the ball? Sounds like Murili isn't the only ch...

Lynn McConnell = dechucka?
http://www.nzcricket.co.nz/display.aspx?pri=1&cid=1162 A few extracts ... 'He said the two successive sixes that Pollock hit off the third last, and the penultimate ball, we...

Review all dismissals?
Now that a precedence has been set, maybe all dismissals should be reviewed. For example: Murali bowls Ponting. Umpire checks and says "not out, that was a throw", or Murali gets Bevan LBW...

Arjuna 1 - Shane Warne 0
The old goat is in good form I see..... Shane Warne hitting at his old foe Arjuna Ranatunga: "Arjuna, he's probably slotting himself around at 150 kilos at the moment, is he? Swal...

AQB ODI Ratings (22 February 2004)
The AQB International Cricket (ODI) ratings have been updated to 22 February 2004. New Zealand have taken a 2-1 ODI series lead over South Africa, and climbed three places to 4th...

Sardesai's spike
Sardesai's batting against the West Indies in 1971 has been a mystery to me (a pleasant one). After initial promise in the early '60s and a couple of good series, it had looked as though ...

Unsung hero Vaas takes Sri Lanka Home
by Ganeesha David ++++++++ ....Controversy always adds spice; Andrew Symonds was trapped lbw by Dharmasena and umpire Peter Manual reversed the decision and called him...

Dhawan > Rayudu ( in odos) + taller?
This young fellow Dhawan seems to be better than Rayudu at least in this not-real-cricket(read odo cricket). Rayudu gets all the attention though for some reason. Of course both are youn...

HHTC COTT T1D4 close
Oh well, another TC down the drain for me. The batting order changes mean that the player scores are now as follows: Ebrahim (96) -8 Gripper (6) -43

Lowest innings total at the fall of fifth wicket
I am wondering what is the lowest innings total at the fall of fifth wicket? Bangladesh just had their fifth wicket down for 15 runs. Is this a record? Thanks in advance. Khalid ...

Dismissed for a pair in first Test as captain
Dismissed for a pair in first Test as captain: MA Taylor (Aus) Pak v Aus Karachi 28.09.1994 Rashid Latif (Pak) Pak v RSA Port Elizabeth ...

Atapattu's "Sportsmanship"
"The [Symonds lbw] decision was made and the umpires decided to call him back and they asked me whether I had a problem with that. Our guys knew it was a wrong decision and we didn't know wh...

R Mohan on Murali
++++++ ....Muralitharan's right elbow has been the subject of study of every biomechanical kind. Though most tests have cleared his bowling action, there remains so much suspicion...

The most expensive bowlers in finals
India's massacre in the VB Series finals attracted a lot of attention towards Australia's overwhelming firepower, its domination in one-dayers, and the consistent batting failures of a famou...

Shaz and Waz Show: crude, sexist, offensive and totally unnecessary
Says Gulu Ezhikiel ++++++ ....The ‘Shaz and Waz Show’ resembles a live cattle auction. The line of questioning, accompanied by leering looks and crude gestures has bee...

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