probably a stupid one- as the nz v sa game was postponed.. is there another toss tomorrow? -- "I Ask Myself Why I'm So Hateful Perhaps It's Just Part Of My...

Ashtrayful unlucky?
From The Daily Star ("Committed to PEOPLE'S RIGHT TO KNOW" - note spelling correction): "Bangladesh replied with 331, Mohammad Ashraful making a polished 98. Ashraful was unfortun...

Any updates on Dunedin ODI?
G'day; Cricinfo have been helpful enough to say "err... the start has been delayed", but haven't updated that for quite a while (since just before 2pm NZDT, as far as I can tell). ...

To Aditya Basrur, a response to some of
the cheap shots that you have been taking at me seemed to enjoy a lot if I have a spelling mistake in my post or missing a space in between words( as though you think it requi...

Cricket Videos
does anyone know where i can download video clips of cricket?

A fine gesture that will strengthen the game
Parts of an excellent article on this matter. Laz ------------------------------------------------------------- The Symonds-recall incident A fine gesture that wi...

I Chucknspin should be banned from playing the game
Gutless bloody umpire just stands there and lets the little chucker chuck! ;-)

So , you know your cricket?
Discussions from long-past records is indeed a great fun, and I would love to see more of it on RSC, now that we need to give the "slur & racist remarks" some rest! So , you know your c...

How many posters supported Larry on the Ruchira Perrera issue?

NZ v RSA 4th odo: Brass Monkeys
Graeme Smith has won the toss for the fourth time in the series; South Africa will field first. A freezing cold southerly wind is blowing. Michael Mason replaces Tuffey for NZ; Rudolph...

100 & 200 in f-c match
Matthew Horne's match double of 118 & 209* for Auckland v Northern Districts in the just-completed round of State Championship matches set me to wondering how often the match double of centu...

Gilchrist, Symonds on dissent charges
I watched the incident a couple more times last night concentrating on Symonds and Gilchrest's reactions and IMHO it didn't look good. They may well be found guilty of this as they should an...

One run wins in ODIs
Here are all instances of one run victories in Limited-over Internationals: NZ (198-8) bt Pak (197-9) Sialkot Oct 16, 1976 NZ (220-8) bt Aus (219-7) Sydney Jan ...

Zaheer still unfit
It is looking more and more like Zaheer might miss the Pak tour. He was supposed to be fit to play in the Duleep game, but pulled out. Today he has made a statement that there is a que...

Lowest/highest scores at the fall of each wkt
A. Highest scores at the fall of each wicket in Test cricket: 1st 413 Ind (537-3d) v NZ Madras 1955-56 2nd 615 SL (962-6d) v Ind Colombo(RPS) 1997-98 3rd 615 ...

any posters from Zimbabwe or Bangladesh?
Hi there, Just wanted to hear from you guys.... it seems that all people talk about on this NG is Australia and India, or chucking, all three topics are incredibly boring, if you ...

All this talk about "Attapattu" not
doing anything special and that the Sri Lankan team KNEW he was not out, yet they were happy early on when he given examples of Rodney Marsh from the 1977 test...well here is so...

HHTC COTT T1 result
Yet more changes as Baisya comes in ahead of Rafique and upsets the pairings again. So, we now have player scores as follows: Ebrahim (96) -8 Gripper (11) ...

Thanks God, Mr. "I am the one with the MOST sportsman spirit" Gilchrist
finally gets a good one... Most likely, nothing will happen. but at least the ICC took the corrent step. I thi...

Captains dismissed for a pair
Here is a list of players who have been dismissed for a 'pair' in a Test match while captaining their sides. J Darling Aus v Eng Sheffield 1902 LJ Tancred SAf ...

Help with Chucknmspinn.....
Have spent (too long) playing this silly flash game.... is it possible to play Chucknmspinn :)

Flashback- Sidhu:The captain dropped me, that f***er."
Lores from the past +++++++++ ....So, what exactly was the final straw that made the Sikh—'Patiala's coolest one', as close friend Bunny Chahal calls him—do something unprece...

Procter says call them back if wrongly given out.
He also commended Atapattu for his sportsmanship over the incident. "I haven't seen (a batsman called back for an lbw) before but I have always wondered why, particularly for a bat-pad...

Hi. my name is Noor could you tell me what happend to S. Gangually in 1999 when he got hit by S. Akhtar's ball. Did Gangually get fractured ribs or not. What is going on with India and ...

Recall threatens to undermine the umpires
Recall threatens to undermine the umpires By Peter Roebuck February 24, 2004 Andrew Symonds' recall to the batting crease against Sri Lanka in Dambulla has sent cricketing to...

Tell me I've been dreaming - Gilly
Tell me I've been dreaming By Adam Gilchrist February 24, 2004 It's been an interesting few days to say the least and with our one-day series against Sri Lanka now locked at ...

Roebuck: Recall threatens to undermine the umpires
+++++++ ..In fact, Symonds' reprieve sets a precedent that is bound to undermine the authority of the umpire and the game itself. Logically the next step is that every decis...

Ram Guha: Those Little Gladiators (old article on Indo-Pak)
Those Little Gladiators From genteel sport to jingoist war-game--Indo-Pak cricket alters the rules RAMACHANDRA GUHA ++++++++++ India versus Pakistan, Ba...

Gilchrist and Symonds to face a disciplinary inquiry
+++ ..... Proctor said Gilchrist and Symonds face code-of-conduct level I charges, showing dissent, by protesting against an umpire's verdict. Frm http://fo...

How many of you...
...appreciate Marvan's gesture of gracefully accepting the umpire's decision without dissent (unlike Gilly) and did not whinge about it in the post match conference? (Of course the fact that...

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