Jaggu da: 'Pakistan is a peaceful place to play cricket'
brief interview at http://sify.com/sports/cricket/fullstory.php?id=13412937 and Gangs says India will have a Indian bowling coach for this tour also talks abt losing...

Indians prone to negative cricket: Latif
Rashid Latif, former Pakistani captain, tries some "mental-disintegration" techniques on the Indians before the tour. Just check out this article. ---------------------------...

133 runs in the last 11 overs @ 12.09/over
Not bad but Dhawan got out for 146.

Hey Larry, how's the India-SL U19 WC match coming along?
It's a do or die match for both sides.

Dhawan scores third century of the tournament
Having scored three centuries in the U-19 World Cup he is clearly the batsmen of the tournament . Wonder if he can find a place in the Delhi team with Chopra, Gambhir and Sehwag already the...

Throw, throw, throw the ball, gently down the seam, Murali, Murali, Murali, Murali chucks it like a dream, Throw, throw, throw the ball Gently through the air.

John Wright on Miandad, gully corners and whorehouses
"We (in India) have a Miandad on every "gully corner" and every whorehouse." Wonder what provoked that!

NOOOOO! Cann cricket has gone offline! :-(

Finally Sunshine shows some hope
Slinky Minky, all is not lost on ur man, he was extremely ungracious when WI won a solitary match, and now seems to have come to his senses in the bitterly cold condtions of New Zeala...

A refreshing view of Aussie cricketers
I, for one, am sick of Aussie cricketers being branded as probably the only team in world cricket who indulges in less-than-favourable behaviour. No matter how much is said to help their c...

For a successful negotiation, it is necessary for Tamils to express their opinion clearly about their aspirations in this election.
Tamil Aspirations and Traitors ======================= published February 24, 2004 The recent editorial in the Tamil Guardian on 'Expressing Tamil Aspirations' at the...

Omar Kureishi : Pak board should have released itinerary ahead of BCCI
Pak board should have released itinerary ahead of BCCI - By Omar Kureishi What was the proper protocol? Pakistan being the host, should it not have announced the tour itine...

Miandad: goron ko cheekne se bhi dar lagta hai...!
More from the sunny Lahori at http://telegraphindia.com/1040226/asp/sports/story_2938779.asp And The Dawn rpts == "The BCCI has been very candid in tellin...

Rat story
Had to love that "runner" story about Ratatunga asking for a runner at the SCG. When asked the problem he said " very very sore all over" Ban runners

PRASANNA: Goodwill factor robbed us of edge in 1978-9
The Indian Express which has really revamped its sports section right from Ind tour of Aus and is now carrying a nostalgia report from ex cricketers for the past few days as buildup to...

Rohit Brijnath article on India-Pakistan cricket
++++++++++ ...In Sydney, in February, Ganguly made one of his few errors of the tour. On the night the one-day finals ended, he was given an opportunity, which he did not take. He could...

Ceylon takes it up the Vaas
Congratulations Chaminda on a splendid performance consisting of perfectly legal deliveries, of immaculate line and length, against a better team last night. What a pity the same ...

SG on AGarkar' fitness
Just was scanning through Tehelka' new print paper- 4th Issue of Tehelka - The People' paper http://www.tehelka.com/home/20040221/default.asp ) by Ashish Shukla ...

Question to DISH owners..
I'm planning on getting a new package from DISH. Is there any advantage to buying a DISH vs. renting -- at least with the offer they had a few weeks ago, you could buy a DVR for "free"...

Gilchrist MUST be the worst behaved cricketer around!!!
3 reprimands for dissent in 3 years. Two of them fines. Doesnt that must make him one of the worst behaved cricketers around!!!

Aussies angered by Gilchrist walking!!
After leaving the playing surface at St George's Park in Port Elizabeth, several Australian players refused to talk to Gilchrist - angered that their teammate's act of conscience had placed ...

Lankan Batsmen and Murali
Except for a few occasions, Sri Lankan batsmen had hard time picking up the gaps in the field. Most of the shots were hit directly to the fielders. Unlike the stats suggest, I do...

Warne's New Trick
This article is from yahoo.com.au. But, I wonder why Murali would be surprised about Warne's new delivery. I don't think Murali ever tried to read any ball! Vicky: <...

Part-Aborigine Symonds shining for Australia
Not only do the Aussies owe their country to the Aborigines, they also owe some of their cricketing success to them. Part-aboriginal Symonds has been a major factor in their recent successe...

Hey Dungford (TM), any news on Bond?
Is this the end of Bond? Is he destined to be a commentator for the rest of his life? Or is there a chance he'll play cricket again? Cheers Crapats (TM)

dechucka writes press releases for Sri Lanka Cricket
"Match referee's Decision Sri Lanka Cricket - February 24, 2004 Sri Lanka Cricket inform that the investigations by Match referee Mike Proctor on Adam Gilchrist and Andrew Symond ...

Pakistan-India Series on Dishnet
http://www.dishnetwork.com/content/programming/ppv/sports_events/cricket/india_vs_pakistan/index.shtml All inclusive 199.95 Only ODIs 179.95 Seems a tad steep eh? ...

The Bevan Myth - Update
I wrote: >- where Bevan's contribution to the chase was minimal (DNB or scored > less than 20), Australia achieved the win in 46 out of 59 chases, a very > healthy 78%, m...

State Championship R8 D1
Final round of qualifying matches. Teams which can still reach the final are: Wellington 23 Canterbury 22 Otago 19 Auckland 15 (six points for winning outrig...

I chucked for 30 years, admits Ramadhin
I found this article which was published in March 1999, recently Few question to be asked about the effectiveness of Law 24, code 1948-1980 (1) Was the previous law effective eno...

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